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that this fish was introduced in the reig-ii of Henry VIII. in 1537,
though little doubt ueed be entertained respecting the validity of its
claims to be considered as a native fish.
Aniong the naked MoUuscous animals, the Poh/pi or Cuttie-fish
frequently occupy a place. In the enunierated Shell-fish, the Ovster,
from the West and East coast, is frequently noticed. Entries likewise
appear of IMussels, Cockles, Concis, Razor-fish, Spouttii; Scallops, Pec-
tines; and the Horse-mussel, Pectine.i aquce dulcis. The Bucky and
Limpet coniplete the list.
in the Crustaceous animals, the supply appears to have been confined
to the comtnon Crab and Shrinip ; the latter, as is coramon in many
places of Scotland at present, is erroneously referred to under the name
of Pran.

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