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In tlie list of tlieSEAFisii, wliich constituted the chiefsupply, the Her-
ring- occupies a proniinent place, whether ina fresh or salted state, from
the West or East coast ; while, contrary to what is generally supposed,
the Red Herring, ^lleca riihea, was not unknown in those days.
Many kinds of White fish appear to be referred to, as Mulones re-
centes and Mulones dridi, terms by which the Cod seems to have been
designated ; while the other allied kinds are specified under the terms
albi pisces, Ware codlings, Podlokis, Codlinges, Merlingis, merlingis
estivales, lithis, and Leing, in addition to stockfish, speldings, and
jiisces aridi.
The Flat fish, under ihe terms turbones, Holibut, Rones, Turbot,
Bronoscopi (Uranoscopi ?), Flouuders, seem to have been liberally sup-
plied, and occasionally the Sole. No reference is made to the Skate,
unless we are to consider the fish in common use in a recent and dried
state under the term Rigadia, as of that sort.
Many other kinds of sea-fish are frequently referred to, as Sandeels,
Fundolis ; Blennies, Greenhans ; G urnards, CrwK««s ; Lump-fish,
Padils ; Angler, Murheon ; Sea-cat, Cattus marifms. The Spirling,
Conger Eel, and Lamprey, have likewise a place, while M'Jisc/ie, a
terin of frequent occurrence, is of very doubtful import.
At the head of the fresh-water fish must be placed the Salmon, as
having been extensively employed in a fresh and salted state, and as
kipper. Trouts, too, under the terms Truttis, T?-utlis torrentiu?Ji, —
laquearimi., — marini and magni, together with Eels, Perch, and Pike,
frequently find a place. The occurrence of the Pike in the list of fish
purchased in 1525, is in oppositic n to tl.e generally received opinion,

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