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Man, his daughter, tlier ; Elfpet Makhomie, relict [of] wmq" Allexander Huchcfon, tlier ; Beflie
Friece, fpous to Joliiie Gilbert, ther; Illbbell Friece, ipows to Andrew Miller, ther; Agnes Torrie,
fpows to William Yowng, tlier; Elfpet Chifohne, fpous to vniq" Makhomie, ther; Allex-
ander Elder, in Earlfeat; Janet Finlay, his fpows; Elfpet Laird, in Miltoun of Moynes ; Joime
Uobertfon, in Leathin ; Grifall Sinklar, Lis fpows ; Allexander Sheipheard, in Miltoun of Moynes ;
Janet Man, his fpous; Mariorie Dunbar, in Brightmanney ; Kyllie, in Veder Kinftray ;
Allexander Ledy, ther; Elfpet Gilbert, in Leathinbar; Agnes Brodie, in Leathin; Janet Smith, fpows
to Robert Frafer, in Arry ; Belfy Peterkin, in Torrich ; Allexander Bell, in Drunulewin, a charmer;
Iflbbel NicoU, iu Lochloy ; Beffie Young, ther ; Elfpet Falconer, fpows to James Inglis, iu Penick ;
Beflie and Margret Ilucheons, ther; Walter Ledy, ther; wer all ther that night. Johne Taylor, ray
hulband, wes then Officer; hot Johne Yowng, in ]Mebe(loune, is now Officer to my Coe[ves.]
Quhan I cam firll ther, the Divell called tliam all be thair names, on the book; and my hulhand,
than [Officer,]' called thame at the dore. And when that was done, Beflie Wilfon, in Aulderne,
fat down nixt the Divell;- [Beflie] Hay, thair, fat nixt him, on the vther fid; Janet Burnet fat
nixt hir; and Elfpet Nifliie, fpows to the faid Johne [Mathew,] fat nixt Beflie Wilfon, hir mother.
She wes the Maiden to hir motheris Coeven. All the reft fat downe [as] they to cam.'
The nixt thing, efter quhat wes done that night, the Divell lay with them all abowt. And then
for me, my hufljand prefented me, and he and Margrat Wilfon, in Aulderne, held
me vp to THE [Divell to] be baptifed: And efter I haid put my on liand to the foallis of my foot,
and the vthir hand to the [crown of] my head, and renunced my baptifme, and all betuixt my two
handis to the Divell, the Divell [marked me] in the Ihoulder, and faked out my blood with his
mowth, at that place ; he fpowted it in his hand, and [fprinkled it] on my head. He baptifed me
thairvith, in his awin nam, ' Christian.' And than immediatlie thairefter, [they all returned] each
to ther awin howflis. Within fyw dayes thairefter, lie cam to me to my hows, quhan my liul1j[and
was furth,] in the morning, at the plewgh, to fie the mark quhich he gaw me ; and he did lye with me
in the naked [bed,] and haid caniall cowpulation with me; and gaw me ane piece of money, lyk a
teftain. He was a meikle, roch, blak man, cloven footed, werie cold ; and I fand his nature within
me als cold as fpring-well-water. He promeilit to fie me again, within eight dayes, quhilk he did, and
haid carnall cowpulatioun with me again, and gaw me an vthir piece of money, lyk the firft ; bot they
both turned read,' and I got nothing for thaira. He cam again within twantie dayes, and ttilP once
in the twantie dayes, and lay with me at each tym continually.
[We] met in the place of Darnvay'' nixt that, and thair we did eat and drink, &c. Efter that, we
void ftill meit [euerie] ten, twelve, or twantie dayes continwally.
Whan we haid Great Meittingis, Walter Ledy, in Penick, my [huf]band, and Allexander Elder,
nixt to THE Divell, wer Ruleris ; and quhan ther wold be but fewar, I my felf, the deceaflit Jean
Suthirland, Beflie Hay, Beflie Wilfone, and Janet Buinet wold rule thaim. The firll thing that we
did, except the taking of meat, wes taking of tiie cornis of Drumdewan, and [then] pairted that
amongft ws. 2dly, We Ihoat neat' in plewghes. 3dly, Agnes Grant, who wes brunt on the
hill of . . . .,^ gott hyre from Elfpet !Monro, to deftroy the Lairdis of Park and Lochloy, and thair
[pofteritie.] And then I and my hulband, Elfpet Nifliie, and Beflie and Margret Wilfones, in
Aulderne, con[veened] our felwes with the Divell, in Elfpet Niflnes hows ; and then touk dowgis
flefli, and flieipis tlefli, and [baked] it werie fmall with an aix, and feithed it an haill fornoon in a pot,
among water : And than I took it owt; and the Divell, with his awin hand, did put it in a flieipis
' See IssobtU Gowdie's Confessions ; where it is stated that this worthy was Officer to a Cuven. ' She
being jMaiden to the Coven. ^ As they happened to come in ; promiscuously. '■ Red. * Uniformly j
constantly. ® The seat of the Earls of Moray. See IssobcU Gowdie's Confessions. ' Shot noU, ov
cattle, in ploughs, with elf-arrows. ^ Left blank, in the original.

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