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' We put this water among this meall,
For long dwyning' and ill heall ;
We put it in intill the fyr,
To bum them vp both flik and ftour,
That be brunt with our will,
As any ftikill^ on an kill !'
The Divell fitton on an blak kift. Ve wer al on our kneyis, and owr haii' about our eyes, looking
on THE DivELL fledfaftlie, and owr handis lifted vp to him, faying the vordes ower. And by this the
bairnis died, &c. All this, with a great many mor terrible thingis, the faidis Witneffes and Notar
hard the faid JJIohell Confes, and moft willinglie and penetently fpeak furth of hir ovin mouth. In
witnes quhairof. We haw fubfcryuitthirprefenttis, with owr handis, day, yeir, and place, abow fett down.
Ita est Joannes In?ies, Notarius Publicus, injidem preniijjorum, rogatus et requijitus, fubfcribo.
Joannes Innes, No"""^ Publicus.
Mr Hart Fokbes, IMinister of the Gospel, at Old Earn, Attests.
W. SiJTHERLAKD of Kiiisterrie, Attestis. Hew Hay of Newtoune, Attestes.
All. Dltnbar, Schoolmaster and Clerk to the Session of Oldearne, xlttests.
George Phinkie, in Kirkmichel, Attests. Jo. Weir, in Aiildearne, Atteasts.
VIII. Confession of Janet Brea(llickl,Jpoufe of John Taylor, in Behnakeith.
• At Inshoch, the fowrteinth day of Aprill, 1662 yeiris. In prefence of Patkik Dunbar of
Benaferrie,^ Shereff principall of the Shereft'dome of Elgin and Forres ; Hew Hay of Newtowne ;
AncHBytLD Dunbar, in Meikle Penick; Archbald Dunbar, in Lochloy; Walter Chal-
MER, in Balnaferrie ; James Cowper, in Inlhoche ; Johne Weir, in Aulderne; and ane great
multitud of all fortis of vther perfones ; Witnesses to the Confessions and Declaratioun
efter fett downe, fpokin furth of the niowthe of Janet Breadheid, fpous to Johne Taylor, in
The quhilk day, in prefence of me, Joiinne Innes, Notar Publict, and Witnelfes abownamet,
vuderfubfcryuand, ''[the faid] Janet Breadheid, profefTmg repentance for hir former finnes of
Witchcraft, and that flie haid bein over long in the [famin] fervice; without any prefTuris,'' proceidit
as followis, to witt. First, I knew nothing of Witchcraft wntill I wes mari[et with] my hulband,
Johne Taylor ; andsit wes he, and Elfpet Nifliie, his mother, that entyfed me to that craft. And the
firft [thing] that we did wes, we maid fome drowgries,c of dowgs flelli and flieipis flelli, agaiull
Johne Hay, in the Mure ; and tlierby took away his comes, and killed his horfe, noat,-" Iheip, and
vther guidis ;*^ and layed it abowt his hows, to tak away his awin lyft'e; and therefter, he ihortlie died.
Onlie my mother-in-law and my hufband did this, to leame me ; and this wes my firll [leffon]
from them, &c.' When they gott me to confent to this craft; firfl, they haid me to the Kirk of
Nairne, in the nycht [tyme;] and the Divell wes in the Readeris da(k, and an book in his hand.
And at that meitting, Beffie Wilfone, in Auld[erne;] Margret Wilfone, fpows to Donald Callam,
thair; Margret Brodie, thair ; Barbara Friece, ther ; Helen Inglis, fpows to William [ ] thair;
Janet Bumet, thair; Elfpet Makbeith, thair; Elfpet Nilhie, fpows to Johne Mathew, in Aulderne;
Mariore Taylor, [fpous] to Robert Barrie, ther; Beflie Hay, ther; Archibald Man, ther; Mariorie
' Pining ; lingering sickness ; gradual wasting away. ^ .Stubble. ^ The Dunbars of Balnaferry and
Westfield were lurituhh Sheriffs of Murray. * A considerable pai't of this paper having been destroyed by mice,
the Editor has supplied the blanks from conjecture, after a careful comparison with other similar Examinations.
The words so supplied are put within brackets. ' Without the application of torture, or other ' legal compulsi-
touris ;' voluntarily. « Drugs ; enchanted charms. ' Nolt, cattle. » Farm stock; ' iesd'o/.' "A
pretty experiment, indeed, for enticing a novice to be initiated !

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