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cian fenfer' qiilia with Cliyfua and Oenomaus brak out of tlm Fence-Scole of Lentulus, and dreffit ane
airmy of fervandis, and overcame Clodius Glaber Iiis airniy, and fpuil^eit all Campania, and overtlirew
Lentulus airmy an<I Caflius troupes, hot was defait by CralFus,) and the fearcenes of Vinatus (the
Portugall Lulitanius, qulia frome pallor become ane hunter, and ))aireftir the chiftane of ane airmy,
trublet the Romaynes, and defait thanie in Spayne, and at lenth was flayne be treafTone, procureit be
Ccppio), an<l the lealingis of the Candians or Cretes.
VII. Vnto his fchyneing and royatl Ma^'", be vntrublet liealth and incrcfe of glorie ! Bot God,
frome the heavues, perlew thefe Courtioures with blak fyre and brinillone ! I (hall, fo long as I leave,
for thair dillructioun, fchaw my felfi" Coriolanus, and iiocht Themillocles ; that is to fay, ane oppia
ennymie, and nocht ane fecreit freind.
\'III. O InglisciieI Inglifche I The moll expert and wyfefl Natioun in weir,- the terrour of the
Spaii^aird, triumparis over France and Guyene by fo long a tyme, in quhat benumbnes or droufines
ar 5e fallin ? 5^, quha in weir and battell ar intometable,^ now u' fall go doune quiklie by diHait, at
vayne appeirances of imaginarie matteris, and by the toyis of fals accufaris and delatouris, in quhome
thair is nocht fo muche fauorines or witt as in the quhyte of ane egge ! jitt all the wealth and com-
modities of ^our moft flurifcheing kingdorae, is cayreit away in boittis and crearis,* thiftieuflie, to
Scotland ; and incontinent, being helpit with 50ur awin commoditeis, thay will vtterlie tranipill vnder
fute jOur Natioun and countrie, and will cut 3our throttis with ^our awin fuorde, befoir 50 be awar I
Quhat a patient Socrates will indure theafe iniureis ! QuIia may nocht fnuff or fmell gritter fchortlie
to follow ?
IX. 3e haue gottin out of Scotland ane niofl worthie Prixce ; nocht ane thowfeand Kingis, coun-
terfute Stage-playeris, quhytted torabes !^ Thair is hingand aboue jour heidis, or lying vpone ;our
fchoulderis, ane moir hard fervitude and fchearpar captiuitie than over Nationes quhilkis ar fubdewid
and overcum by weir ! For, eftir the liomanes had overthrawin, in weir, the Syrianis and the ^^igip-
tianes, thay gave thame to be governet be thair awin cuntriemen ! Thay exactit only tribute dew
frome the vanquifched I Sail, thairfoir, thofe barbarous people poliefs and injoy the firll places, in
Courte, in Counfale, in Kirk, in Nobilitie, in Landis, offices, functiones, and giftis of Ingland ? Thair
furlie, the libertie and glorie of England is evanifched I Now, England is haillyly'' delyuerit over iil
the handis of Scottis Courtiouris, and the Judges half enterit jiair nekis vnder the joke of theiffis ! O,
the Warld is turned vp fyde doun ! We ar now overturned vnto the auld mals and chaos of confu-
fioun ! Lett fum revendge fpring out of my bones, that may chellize with fyre and fuord the Scottis
Court and her pofieflbures. Geve thankis, je Scottis Courtioures, vnto my povertie, and nocht vnto
the barrannes and penurie of my ingyne, gif I airme nocht all Ingland to cut jour throttis. Bot the
Lord preferve ever more his aivin annoynted, both weilbelouit and electit !
X. Remove this flinking pompe, pudle, and triffles of the Scottis Court, and pride of this hautie,
fekles,' and impotent commontie. Thane, fall thair be few in jour boundis that fall be beggeris, nidie,^
ragget — than, the treyis, gibbettis, and gallouflis of all the cuntiie fall nocht be laiden with the wecht
of the hangit vp carcadges !' The Scottifmen, as loch-leitches, and wormes in coirnes, drinkis out
the fap of ;our cuntrie, and foukis out jour merche,'" by inlaik quhairof fo many ar led and drawin to
thift and robberie ! Thofe Courtioures draw out gritter welthe furth of ;our bowellis, by ;our kuow-
lege," than France, Germany, and Spayne, is able to affoird ; quhilkis guidis, whan thay ar thus pullet^'
away, quhat fall J'e maifterfuU and uiedie cowmontie^' of Ingland do or vndertak, bot to caft thame
* Fencer ; gladiator. * "War; the art military, ^ Indomitable. * Boats and cnars. Crears were
a sort of vessel much in use in the Western Islands, to which they appear to have been peculiar. ^ Whited
sepulchres. ' Wholly ; entirely. ' Weakly ; feeble, &c. ' Needy. ' Carcasses. '" Sucks
out your marrow. " Without your knowledge ; secretly ; by stealth. " Perhaps, for ' pilleit ,' pillaged;
plundered. " Destitute and needy * commonalty,' or common people.

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