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III. FoUotvis THE These, with the Appendices ad'wnet thairto, irunjlated}
That all Scottismen audit to be throwin furthe and expellit out of the Court of England,
(excepting his gracious Ma'^'^, his fone, and few vtlieiis,) and that ])e Ixglischmen ar michtielie
blindit, deceavit, and fylet, albeit ttiay be vtherwayis ana Natioun full of eyis, and quick-fichtit, that
fufferis fo vnproffittable and pernicious a multitude and pudle of rafkallis to rage and bear dominioun
within thair entrallis and bowellis. Off quhilkis blafpiiemeis (:;e haif writtin) that 5e wald rander and
follow out tlie niaift. juft reafones, by Godis grace, at ane vther occafioun, nioir lairglie and accuratlie,
bothe by profe and verfe. Bot now -^ow put furth 50ur finger to fchaw only the fontanes, and theafe
in few number, be reflbne 56 inlaikit lafer^ and helpis to performe the famyn.
I. Sanct Jerome, Augustin, and Strabo wryttis, that Scottismen of auld war men-eitteris,
or eatteris of menis flefche ; and trewlie, (as je beleve,) for as ^^it the flefche whilk the ancient Scottis
fwallowed flikis in the jawis and teith of the Courtioures, quhairby thay ar provoikit to fuche ane
infatiable avarice and intollerable pryde.
II. JosEPHUs wryttis, in his booke againft Appion, tliat, in the tyme of Araenophis, King of jEgipt,
thair raget and rauaget vp and doun tua hundreth thowfeand lipperis in jEgipt, quha, by vnlauchfull
meanis, and by mervellous craftines and fubtillitie, emptied and pillei(F all fe fubftance and riches of
iEgipt ; wiiilk wald haif bene haillilie vndone, gif this vnliallowit men^ie* had nocht, by the wifdome
of tlie King and Nobillis, bene caffin out and expellit : Sua, peace and peace,' the King and CouN-
sall of England fall be vndone, and go doun, iff this companie or band that robbis Kingdomes and
landisbe nocht fent bak to thair wounted feattis and ilallis.
III. The feaven leane ky^ of Pharao confwmet and dflroyit the fevin fatt and weill fed ky, and 3it
war noclit fatisfeit ; and the fevin deaff and toome ' earis of corne, blafled with the Eall wind, fwal-
lowed vp the fevin big and fatt eares, and war nocht filled : Swa, thefe Courtioures, by thair begyn-
ning, and offspring, and firft eftait, being moll miferable, thay diftroy, overturnes, and confumes Ing-
lAND, ane maiil plentieful cuntrie ; and ar nocht 5it filled with fo grit and evill conqueiffit'ritches,
acquyret by the fchipwrak of fe haill Kingdome of England.
IV. Thay quha, in Jiair 5outh-heid,^ war trwbillit with famine and liunger, can nocht, quhan thay ar
cum to thair full growne aige, by no plentie, be fatiat :'° Sua, it befallis vnto thefe, quha of maiil (klender
becynning, by mad mirriement and fport of Fortoun, ar cayreid vp to the heichell top : jea, gif ]iair
war gevin vnto his maill bountiefull and liberall Maiestie ane thowfeand philofophik ilones, quhairby
the haill Oceanus micht be convertit in gold : 5itt, thefe wald nocht be filled, gif the Cantabrik or
Billiay Sea of Spayne, war gevin vnto thame to drink ; thay wald nocht fufter ane thriilie bird to drink
ane drope thairof.
V. Thav fpend more in fair gairtanes, and ribbens^' in the latchettis of thair fchooes, than fair
fatheris beflowis in fe intertenement of fair haill famelie. O qnhat tymes ar thefe ! O quhat maneris
be tliefe I O the infamy of the world and reproche of the earthe I Now fair is mony Smerde ISIagiens,
but thay vaunt thame felffis fa to be.
VI. These Scottis Courtioures (verrie few exceptit) liaif the difloyaltie or vnfaithfulnes of the
Carlhaginianis ; the menfworne aithes of the Phrygianis or Trojanes ; the luxurie of the Perfians ; the
avarice of Mydas, King of Phygia; the crewaltie of the Effedonis, ane people of Sythia ; (quhilk
people fingis at fair parentis funerallis, and drinkis in 5air (kullis, and eattis fair flefche mingled with
vther beiftis ;) the prophanitie of Epicurus ; the deceat of Synon ; mair wyld than a carian, a bettill, or
clok vnder the wingis of ane Eagle ; thay vfe tlie fpuil3ei8 ^- of Spartacus, (this Spartacus was a Thra-
' From the identical copy of the Dittay, which had been transmitted for the King's inspection, preserved among
Sir James Balfour's MS. Collections, Adv. Librai-y, Edinburgh. « Wanted leisure. ' Pillaged ; plundered.
' Train ; company ; gang. ^ So, or iu like raaner, piece-meal. ' Seven lean kine. 'Empty. ■ Ill-
gotten, or acquired. » Youth; minority; less-age. '"Satiated. " Garters and ribands. ''Spoils.

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