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and to thy auld ft^rwand/j haff E
(That lang)1 hes lipinit Into the 70
[p. 18] Gif (I be)1 ane off (tha)1 my sell
Throw all regiones hes bein hard tell
Off quhilk my vrytting vitnes beris
and ^ete thy danger ay me deris
Bot efter danger cuwis grace 75
as hes bein herd in mony piece
Quod dumbar &c
[XIII. Dunbar The Petition of the
Gray Horse; S.T.S., p. 215.]
Schir lat It neu^r In toume2 betald
That I suld be ane 3owllis 3ald
Suppois I war ane aid 3ald auer3 25
schott furt^ o«r clewch to squische the cleuer
and hed the strenthis off all streneverne
I wald at 30UII be housit and staid
ftz'r lat it neu<?r In toune be tald
I am ane auld horft as 3c knaw
That eu^r In duill dois drug and draw
gryt court horft puttzk me fra pe staw
to fang the fog be firthe and fald
ftz'r lat it neu^r in toune be tald &c 35
I heff run lang furt/z in the feild
On pastozzm that ar plane and peld
I myzr^t be now tein In for eild
my bekzV ar spruzzing4 he and bald 40
ftz'r lat it neuer In toufi be tald &c
1 Faded; suppliedfrom R.
3 Altered to Jaid aver.
2 Sic, for toune.
4 Sic.

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