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[p. 17] Sum ramyis ane rokkat fra the roy
and dois ane dastart destroy
and sum pat gaitt/k ane parsonage 35
Thinks it a present for a page
and on no wayzk content is he
my lord quhill pat he callit be
Bot quhow Is he content or noc/it
dem 3c abowt in to ^owr thoc^t 40
The lerit sone off erll or lord
wpone this ruffle to remord
That wz't/z all castingzj- hes him cled
his erandw for to ryne and red
and he Is maister natiwe borne 45
and all his eldarzk him beforne
and mekle mair cubing be sic thre
hes to posseid ane Dignite
Saying his odius ignorance
Panting ane prelottzk countenance 50
Sa far abowe him set at tabell
That vont was for to muk the stabell
ane pykthank in a prelottzk clais1
wzt^ his wawill feit and virrok taift
wzt& hoppir hippis and benches narrow 55
and bausy handzk to be2 a barrow
wzt^ lut schuldem and luttard bak
quhilk natur maid to beir a pak
wzt/z gredy mynd and glaschane gane
mell hedit lyk ane mortar stane 60
fencing the feris off ane lord
and he ane struzwbell I stand ford
and euer moir as he dois ryft
and 2 nobles off bluid he dois dispyft
and helpis for to hald pame downe 65
That thay ryft neu^r to his renowne
Thair foir o prince maist honorable
be in this meter mmbabill
1 Correctedfrom plefe.
2 Sic.

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