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Historical maps

Here is a selection of some of the National Library of Scotland's historical maps used on this website. You can view more of the surrounding area and see more detail by clicking on any one of the tiles. If you'd like to see more historical maps of Scotland, visit the NLS map images website.

Dunbar map detail

Dunbar, 1682

East Lothian 1682

Grangemouth map detail

Grangemouth, 1903

John Bartholomew, Half-inch to the mile – Scotland, Sheet 8, 1903

Ardnamuchan map detail

Ardnamurchan, 1931

Bartholomew's Half inch to the mile maps of Scotland 1926-1935 Sheet 14 – Arisaig and Rum Publication date: 1931

Early map of Scotland

Scotland, 1654

Joan Blaeu, Scotia Regnum …, 1654

Dumfries map detail

Dumfries 1893

Ordnance Survey large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 Dumfries 1893

Dundee map detail

Dundee, late 16th century

Timothy Pont, Lower Angus and Perthshire east of the Tay, circa 1583-1614

Selkirkshire map detail

Selkirkshire, 1824

John Thomson, Selkirk Shire, 1824

Ardnamurchan map detail

Ardnamurchan, 1843-1882

Ordnance Survey 1st
edition Argyllshire, Sheet XV (with inset of sheet XVa) Survey date: 1872 Publication date: 1875

Ardnamurchan map detail

Ardnamurchan, 1892-1960

Ordnance Survey 2nd edition
Argyll and Bute Sheet XV.NW
Publication date: 1900 Date revised: 1897

Ardnamurchan map detail

Ardnamurchan, 1824

John Thomson's Atlas of Scotland, 1832 Northern Part of Argyll Shire. Southern Part. Top section

Melrose map detail

Melrose 1873

Ordnance Survey, One-inch to the mile, Scotland, Sheet 25,
published 1873

Melrose map detail

Melrose 1955

Ordnance Survey One-inch to the mile, 7th series, 1952-1961
Sheet 70 – Jedburgh
Publication date: 1956