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                                SECTION VII.


49. A Veterinary Inspector shall exercise immediate supervision over
the work of Veterinary Assistants in his charge, under the direction of the
Superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent.

50. He shall inspect each Veterinary Dispensary once a quarter and
submit his report in the prescribed form, through the Secretary of the Local
Board and the Deputy Commissioner concerned to the Deputy Superintend-
ent who will, after perusal, forward it to the Superintendent.

51. He shall in the course of his inspection instruct the Veterinary
Assistants on the collection of blood-sucking flies, preparation of blood
smears, washing animals infested with ticks and lice, and also verify on the
spot the diagnosis and treatment by the Veterinary Assistant of the
animals brought to the Dispensary.

52. He shall, while at head-quarters attend the Dispensary at least
twice a week and assist the Veterinary Assistants in professional matters.

53. He shall summarise and tabulate all information received from
Veterinary Assistants, check their diaries and indents for medicines and
note on all correspondence before submitting it to the Deputy Superintend-
ent for transmission to the Superintendent.

54. He shall submit by the 10th of every month a diary showing the
details of work performed by him during the preceding month with his
travelling allowance bill for that month.

C. P. Sectt.
Agrl. Deptt.
letter No. 352
d. 15-7-15.

55. On receipt from the Deputy Commissioner of a report of an
outbreak of cattle epidemic, the Veterinary Inspector shall forward the
report to the Deputy Superintendent, with a note of the action taken by him
and of his need for help, if any; in cases of urgency he should communi-
cate by telegram.


56. He shall himself attend all serious outbreaks of cattle disease
and see that the treatment of the Veterinary Assistants is correct and
that proper suppressive measures are being adopted.


57. Attendance at outbreaks of cattle-disease and the organization
of measures for their suppression form a most important part of the duties
of Veterinary Inspectors, which should be given precedence over the
regular work of inspecting Veterinary Dispensaries.

58. He shall endeavour to popularise inoculation and when the
results of inoculation are found to be unsatisfactory, he shall make careful
enquiries as to the cause and report it to the Deputy Superintendent.

59. A Veterinary Inspector shall always carefully examine all bottles
containing sera or vaccine during his Dispensary inspection. He should
see that all corks are sound and that there is no flocculence or tendency
to putrefaction as far as external examination can show. Attention to the
above points is also required whenever using such materials in the field

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