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                                SECTION VI.

                    DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENTS.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No. 251
d. 14-3-13.

43. Six posts of Deputy Superintendents have been sanctioned for
the Central Provinces. Five of these will be in charge of Veterinary work
in the five Civil Divisions of the Province and the sixth is attached to the
laboratory in the office of the Superintendent, Civil Veterinary Department.


44. The Deputy Superintendent in charge of a Civil Division will
help the Superintendent in dispensary inspection taking over the routine
part of this work and instructing District Veterinary Inspectors how to
inspect their dispensaries. His main duty will be the inspection of the
work of the subordinate staff in the field, and he may help in the training
of newly joined Veterinary Assistants. He will second the Super-
intendent's efforts to maintain administrative efficiency and to keep
technical knowledge up to the proper standard.


The Deputy Superintendent attached to the office will assist the Super-
intendent in such scientific work as may be undertaken at head-quarters
and in conducting special local investigations of a technical nature on tour.

45. Deputy Superintendents are not permitted to engage in private
practice or to charge fees; nor may they have an interest in a private
dispensary or druggist's shop.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.870
d, 4-12-13.

46. A Deputy Superintendent in charge of a Division will be provided
with the following tents:—



1 Miniature Swiss Cottage Tent 12' x 12' with bath-room and
verandah durries and verandah chicks to enclose veran-



1 Necessary Tent 4' x 4' ... ...



1 Servants' pal 12' x 12' ... ...



47.   The Deputy Superintendent in charge of a Division is a Drawing
officer and holds a permanent advance of Rs. 20 to meet contingent expen-
diture. He shall send to the Superintendent an acknowledgment for the
amount on the 1st April of each year in form bearing Comptroller's Register
No. 1-10 Acctts.

48.   Deputy Superintendents in charge of Divisions shall submit on
the 10th of each month a diary of the work done by them in the preceding

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