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                                      SECTION V.

                        SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.

33.  The Superintendent may make all permanent and temporary
appointments in the Ministerial and Menial Establishment of his office
except that of Head Clerk. Provided that permanent appointments to
posts carrying pay of over Rs. 25 a month shall be subject to the approval
and confirmation of the Director of Agriculture, to whom they shall be
reported, as each appointment is made, in a statement showing:—

(1)  the post to which appointment is made;

(2)  the cause of the vacancy;

(3)  the name, age and birth-place of the person appointed;

(4)  his previous appointment or occupation;

(5) his educational qualifications;

(6) his relations to other persons in Government service;

(7)  any remarks or explanations of the Superintendent.

34.   The Superintendent may fill the post of Head Clerk temporarily
for a period not exceeding three months. Permanent appointments to
that post, or appointments to it for a period exceeding three months, will
be made by the Director.

35.   The Superintendent may grant any leave admissible under the
Civil Service Regulations to members of his office establishment; pro-
vided that leave may not be granted to the Head Clerk for any period in
excess of three months, without the previous sanction of the Director.

36.   The Superintendent may grant casual leave to any member of
his office staff, subject to the limit prescribed in Chief Commissioner's
Book Circular IV-20.

37.  He may suspend, punish or dismiss any members of his office
establishment whom he has power to appoint, subject to a right of appeal
to the Director of Agriculture. In awarding punishments the instructions
contained in Chief Commissioner's Book Circular IV-21 should be followed.

38. The scale of tents sanctioned for the use of the Superintendent
on tour is:—

C. C's. Book
Cir. V-6,


2 New pattern Swiss-cottage tents 12' x 12'
complete with necessary tents ...


2 Servants' pals 12' x 12' ... ...


The Superintendent is also provided with one servants' pal 12' x 12'
at Rs. 72, for the use of each Veterinary Assistant under training.

39. The Superintendent holds a permanent advance of Rs. 275
to meet the contingent expenditure of his office, of the Deputy Superin-
tendents, of the District Veterinary Inspectors and of the Veterinary

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