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                                          SECTION IV.


Rev. Book
Cir., Section
IV, Serial
No. 8.

22. The Superintendent shall forward copies of reports of all serious
outbreaks of cattle diseases to the Inspecting Veterinary Officer of the
Military Division concerned.

C. P. Sectt.
Cir. letter
No. 4169,
d. 19-9-99.
(R. D.) and
letter No.
28-C, d. 22-
11-05, from
I. G., C. V. D.

23. He shall scrutinize and pass all indents for medicines, instruments
and stores of the Dispensaries in Class I and II.

24.   He shall inspect and advise upon cattle-breeding operations
carried on in estates under Court of Wards' management and Government
Cattle Farms.

25.   He shall inspect, in the course of his tours, the horses, stables and
feeding arrangements of the mounted police and pony dâk lines in the
several districts of the Provinces.

C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
2809, d. 15-7-

26.   He shall notify in the local newspapers appearance on dâk lines
of diseases which are dealt with under the Glanders and Farcy Act.

27.   He shall, when practicable, inspect slaughter-houses within Muni-
cipal limits and report on the arrangements if they are noticed to be

28.   He shall exercise control over the tour programmes of Deputy
Superintendents and District Veterinary Inspectors in order to prevent
aimless journeys being performed or the same circuit being unnecessarily


C. P. Sectt.
letter No.
200— XIII-
2-3, d. 13-5-

30.  He shall, when required to do so, examine students of the
Agricultural College at Nagpur in veterinary subjects. He will receive
a fee of Rs. 100 for every 50 students or any less number examined and
Rs. 50 for every additional 50 students or part thereof.

31.  He shall refer to the Director of Agriculture all proposals
for the deputation of Veterinary Assistants on foreign service.

32.  He shall submit, for the approval of the Director of Agriculture,
not later than the 1st April of every year, a list of candidates selected for
training as Veterinary Assistants at the Punjab Veterinary College.

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