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poses, which the Chief Superintendent rightly lays stress on
as an essential factor in the improvement of cattle in the

The contribution of Government to the Gurgaon and
Rohtak District Boards for the working of the Hariana
Cattle-Breeding Scheme was increased from Rs. 2,000 to
Rs. 8,000 for each District Board, and whereas in pre-
vious years each District Board had to contribute
an equal amount of money from its own funds, this
condition was relaxed in the year under report to the extent
that each District Board had only to contribute half the
amount contributed by Government. Hissar District now
wishes to be included in the scheme, and this proposal has
been accepted by Government.

For the Dhanni Cattle -Breeding Scheme the Govern-
ment grant amounted to a total of Rs. 21,600 and was
shared by the District Boards of Attock, Rawalpindi, Mian-
wali and Jhelum according to the work done in these dis-
tricts. Also Rs. 1,000 were allotted by Government for
cattle prizes at fairs, etc.

Both of these cattle-breeding schemes are doing very
good work and are obtaining increasing support from the
local people. Also cattle-breeding societies are being orga-
nised with the help of the Co-operative Department.

An important innovation in the Dhanni Scheme is the
establishment at Lawa, Adhwal and Akwal (Attock District)
of three societies, the object of which is to concentrate atten-
tion on the betterment of the cow. They are drawn up on
the lines of ordinary cattle-breeding societies but contain addi-
tional clauses to prevent registered cows being used for plough
purposes and to prevent cows being attached in execution of
decrees. These societies have been formed largely through
the energy and influence of Mr. Garbett, Deputy Commis-
sioner, Attock District. It should be noted that a large
factor in the success of both of the cattle-breeding schemes
above mentioned is the keen personal interest taken in
them by Messrs. Brayne, Marsden, Garbett, Ferguson and
"Wilson, Deputy Commissioners in the districts concerned.

In the general working of the large cattle-breeding
grants there has been some improvement; but most of these

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