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leave much to be desired. Jahangirabad Farm is giving the
best results, and has some fine cattle. Now that a Live
Stock Expert has been appointed it is hoped that it will be
possible to give these grantees more attention and advice.

The small cattle-breeding grants of half to two squares
each at Shergarh also have some fine cattle, and milk record-
ing societies amongst these have been started by the Co-
operative Department. The progress made by the grantees
has been good.

Endeavours are being made to introduce cattle-breeding
on sound principles on the 3 large estates, viz., Dhandla in
Bhakhar Tahsil and the Court of Wards estate in Kala
Bagh in the Mianwali District and the Kot Fateh Khan
estate in the Attock District. The owners of these estates
have expressed an interest in the matter.

As regards the farming of cross-bred Merino sheep, the
wool is greatly superior in quality to that of the country
sheep, but as noted last year there is difficulty in securing
for breeders its full market value It is hoped that sheep-
breeding societies may help to overcome the difficulty by
collecting consignments of wool, and sending it to mills in
quantities sufficient to obtain full market value.

Certain District Boards obtain a large income from
cattle fairs, -vide statement IX, pages xxviii—xxix and
as remarked by the Chief Superintendent, efforts are being
made to get these to earmark a fixed proportion of their
incomes for cattle-breeding work. It seems to me right
that a considerable proportion of such money should be
expended in this way.

At the close of the year there were 8 cattle insur-
ance, 39 cattle-breeding and 5 sheep-breeding Co-operative
Societies in the province: thanks are due to the Co-
operative Department for the interest taken in the cattle
improvement work.

I may mention here that Government has reserved
21,000 acres of land in the Nili Bar for cattle-breeding
farms and cattle-breeding grants, and that steps are
being taken to increase the output from the Hissar
Cattle Farm; also that important developments in other
directions are under consideration. Thanks to Govern-
ment, measures for the improvement of the cattle of

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