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io The Moodie Book.
I. [ — ] Mudie of Caldwell, in the parish of Beith, Ayrshire, a cadet of the
family of Mudie of that ilk (i.e., Pitmudie), Forfarshire, a property probably
acquired by inheritance from the family of Caldwell of that ilk. The inference 1
is that his wife was a daughter of Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, in Ayrshire.
He had issue : —
I. Gilbert Mudie of Caldwell.
II. William Mudie, Bishop of Caithness, 1449. In 1455 he granted
various lands to his brother, and on 5th July 1469 he endowed
an altar in the Monastery of St. Anthony at Leith.
II. Gilbert Mudie of Caldwell aforesaid. In 1455 he had a grant from
his brother, the Bishop of Caithness, with the consent of the Dean and Chapter,
and " for the defence of his churches and churchland, both in Caithness and
Suthirland," of the lands of Dorrarie in the parish of Thurso, Atterwell in the
parish of Bower, 9 pennylands in the lordship of Wick, and 20 shillinglands in
the island of Stroma, all in Caithness, together with the Castles of Scrabster in
Caithness and Skibo in Sutherland, and the lands surrounding the same, for
himself and his two legal heirs, which grant was confirmed by King James III.
in 1478. He was with his brother one of the benefactors of St Anthony's
Monastery at Leith. 2 He married Agnes Crownar, and was, I suspect, father of —
I. [Gilbert ?] Mudie, his heir.
[II. William Mudie, Rector of Hoy and Walls. He appears as
" Magister Willielmus Mudie " in Peterkin's " Rentals of Orkney,"
and possessed lands in Hoy and in the neighbouring island of
Gnemsay in 1503].
III. [Gilbert ?] Mudie of Dorrarie, &c, aforesaid, heir to his father in the
Caithness and Sutherland lands, was probably father of —
I. Gilbert Mudie, of whom presently.
1 While the names James, William, John, Henry (or Harie), and Thomas are more or less
common to the Mudies all over, the name Gilbert is, with the single exception of Gilbert Mudie of
Caldwell, brother of William, Bishop of Caithness, and of one in Ayr in 1503, only to be found in
Orkney. I have noted perhaps some seven or eight hundred Mudies in Forfarshire, Fifeshire, Perth-
shire, and elsewhere in Scotland without coming across it. The inference to a logical mind is that it
came into the particular branch of the family that used it from the female side.
2 See a list of the principal benefactors of the Monastery for whom masses were to be offered, in
"Historical Notices of St Anthony's Monastery, Leith," &c, by the Rev. Charles Rogers, LL.D.,
London. Printed for the Grampian Club, 1877, pp. 26, 27. The author, however, is evidently
unaware of the existence of the Mudie Charter of Endowment.

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