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Detection of infamy

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" created or to be procreated ; whom failing, to the
" EarVs brother-german John Earl of Melfort, and
" his heirs male ; who n failing", to the heirs male of
" John the second Earl of Perth."
After this, another charter of novo damus was granted
to James, fourtn Earl of Perth, the Chancellor before
mentioned . this charter is dated July 13, 1688, and was
upon record prior to the revolution in 1688, and now re-'
mains, unless some particular persons, for sinister pur
poses, have caused the same to be erased or withdrawn
The conditions and covenants contained in this charter,
were :
] . In case of the failure of heirs male, the eldest heir
female shall succeed without division, and she shall be
boun'den to marry a person of the name of Drummond 5
who, and the children of the said marriage, shall bear
that sirname and the arms of Perth ; and, in case of fai-
lure, shall forfeit the estate for herself, and her descend-
ants, and the same shall devolve upon the next heir.
2. That although Lord Drummond (the Earl of
Perth's then heir apparent), is not restricted from con-
tracting debts, yet none of the heirs of h*s Lady, or the
other heirs of 'tailzie (i. e. of entail) shall alter the
course of succession, nor sell, alienate, or dispose irre-
deemably, or under reversion, nor grant wadsets or
enfeoffments of annual rent, or life-rent, or burthen the
lauds ; nor grant talks, for a longer space than the life-
time of the grantor, or receivers, the same not being in
diminution of the rent.
3. A Prohibition to commit treason, with an iritaht,
and resolutative clause.
4. A Prohibition against Lord Drummond from con-
tracting debt, or doing any other act or deed by which
the estate might be apprised, adjudged, or evicted.

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