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Detection of infamy

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Thirdly, because the Parliament, when it authorised
His Majesty to restore the estates, conferred the power
to grant the same to such heirs mile as wvuld have been
entitled to succeed by the Investitures made prior to
the forfeiture, in the same ivay as if there had been no
On this ground the Duke of Meifort, according to
the opinions of the most eminent Counsel both English
and Scotch, namely, Sir Samuel Romilly, Mv. Serjeant
Best, Mr. Nolan, Mr. Henry Erskine, Mr. Dale, Messrs.
Matthew, Ross, Fletcher, Thompson, and others, is ad-
vised that his claim is good, if attended to, and pursued
in the proper manner, and with adequate means.
In support of the statement, that the entail and in-
vestiture of the Perth Estates were to heirs male, the
proofs are to be collected from divers charters among
the Public Archives of Scotland, at all times ready to be
adduced, from one of which the following extract may at
present suffice to point out the fact of assertion.
" Upon the 11th day of October, 1687, James the
" fourth Earl of Perth, and Chancellor of Scotland,
" executed a settlement and strict entail of his estate, and
" soon after, viz. on the 17th of November, 1087, a
" charter of novo damns was granted to his son James
" Lord Drummond by King James II.* in terms of the
" entail, whereby the estate was settled upon the same
" series of heirs to whom the title was soon after limited.
" The Earl likewise resigned his honours into the king's
" hands, and of the same date received a new patent to
" himself and his eldest lawful son and his heirs male,
" whom failing, to the Earl's other issue male, pro-
* It is to be observed that this Charter, and all tbe Charters affect-
ing the Perth Honours and Estates, we e before the Revolution, and
consequently while King James was reigning in full power

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