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Saying, See my inſant don't loſe it, I pray.
So then he embrac'd her , and ſo rode away.
Now pray mark, good people, & ſoon you 'll hear,
To this babe the mother proved ſevere.           

She ſent the nurſe out, and then did provide
For to kill the child with a ſtab in the ſide;
And ſaid, With this ſtab I am ſure it muſt die :
Then ſhe took the gold cup, and away did hie.

In a widow's dreſs ſhe went to Liverpool,
And, being well learned, ſhe ſet up a ſchool.
And ſound the babe living, whoſe ſide did bleed.

When the 'Squire came & ſaw what was done,
He griev'd, but thro' mercy preſerved his ſon.
Near the town of Liverpool the 'squire had a farm,
For to keep his darling free from all harm ,           

With the farmer's wiſe the babe he did place,
Where it was ſuckled and grew up space :
When the child was able , to ſchool it did go
Unto its own mother, who did it not know.

But Often ſhe kiſs'd him, and ſaid with a ſmile,
I know not the reaſon for my love to this child.
At eighteen years ald he was very tail,         
Of a ſweet complexion, & comely withal. [find,

To the farmer's daughter, who nurs'd him, we
By his father's conſent he in wediock was join'd.
Cries he, My ſchool miſtreſs in me took delight,
For which to my wedding I will her invite.

And being invited, as one innocent
Unto the wedding his ſchool-miſtreſs went.
morning, before the young couple were up,
His ſchool-miſtreſs came with her golden cup;

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