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And unto the bridegroom the cup ſhe did give,
Saving, Keep this as long as you live.
He ſaid, That I will; thank you for the ſame
Juſt then the' squire into the room came.

The ſchool miſtreſs knew him, whoſe heart did ake,
Knowing herſelf guilty, her joints did ſhake.
At firſt ſight, the gold cup the 'squire he knew ,
And ſa id to the bridegroom, Who gave it to you?

He ſaid, Sir, that woman gave it to me ;
I think it is the fineſt I ever did ſee.
And the' Squire ſaid, A rich cup, I declare,
Here s my name and coat of arms I can ſwear.
The Squire ſaid, Woman, tell me thy name,
And how you at firſt by this golden cup came.
For fear of his wrath ſhe fwooned away,
When her ſenſes returned; he to her did ſay:

Come tell me thy name, or elſe with ſpeed
I will draw my rapier, and ſtab you indeed.
Then ſhe told him her name, which being done,
Said he, if it be ſo, where is your ſon

Whom I gave this cup to She ſaid. He is dead,
I ſtabb'd him, and for fear of hanging I fied.
e ſaid, Wicked woman, as I have you ſound,
your blood after his ſhall be ſpilt on the ground.

For ſtabbing my darling when paſſion was hot,
I'll cut thee as ſmall as herbs for the pot.
With trembling joints on her knees ſhe did cry,
For ſtabbing your inſant I deſerve to die.

He ſaid, Before I take thy life away,
I will give you two hours private to pray.
Then in a dark cloſet ſhe was locked up, where
This ſorrowful Lady for death did prepare.

Mean time to the bridegroom away he did
And gave him the truth of the matter to know.

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