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.98 Vocabulary of Iriah Root Words.
Cealtrach. [caltragh], an old burial ground; caltraijh,
Ceann [can], the head, front, or highest part of any-
thing ; kan, can, kin, ken.
Ceapach [cappa], a plot of ground laid down in tillage;
cappacjh, cappa, cap, cappy.
Ccard [card], an artificer; nagard, nagarde^ " of the
Ceardcha [cardha], a forge ; carte, cart, cartan, carton.
Ceathramhadli [carhoo], a quarter, a quarter of land ;
carrow, carhoo, carrive.
Ceide [keady], a hillock, a hill level and smooth at
top ; keady, keadew, keadagh, cady, caddagh.
Ceis [kesh], a wicker basket, a wiekerwork causeway;
kish, kesh.
Cill [kill], a churcli; kill, kit, kyle, keel, cat, kille, killa.
Cinel [kinel], kindred, race, descendants; kinel, kinal.
Cladh [cly or claw], a ditch; cly, claio, cla.
Clann, children, a tribe; clan, clann.
Clar, a board, a plain ; clar, dare.
Clais [clash], a trench ; dash.
Cliath [clee], a hurdle.
Cloch, a stone, a stone castle; clogh, dough, do, dohy,
cloy, nogJogh.
Clochan, a row of stepping stones across a river, some-
times a stone castle ; doghan, doghane, doghaun.
Cluain [cloon], a meadow, a fertile piece of land among
bogs, marshes, or woods; cloon, don, din, doony.
Cnap [knap], a knob, a round little hill; knap, nap,
crap, crap.
Cnoc [knock], a hill; knock, knick, nick, crock, cruck.
Cobhlach [cowlagh], a fleet; cowly, howly, coltig, holt.
Coigeadh [coga], a fifth part, a province; cooga, coogue.
Coin, a wood ; kil, kyle, ciiill, cullia.
Coinicer [knickere], a rabbit warren ; coneykeare, coni-
car, conigar, canigare, kinnegar, nicker, ^-c.
Coinin [cunneen], a rabbit ; concen, nagoneen, nagoneeny.
Coll, the hazel : coll, col, cole, cull, cut, coyle, kyle, quill.
Congbhail [congwal], a habitation, a church; conwal,
connell, ciinnayavale.
Cor, a round hill, &c.

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