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Obs. XIX. Chance Of
The Labial Letters
p. B. F. (or?h.) V. M.
^ol. Ma^Sm; Lat. Plumbum,Gr.
M.At/JJi; i Fr. Pouil, Ir. Miol; W.
Paflrun; Ital. Mazza,^<:.
v?«i I was further -wiUing tofuppofe
that by the Jhne Accident, f^f Weldi
■mord Pryd, the Mind ; was changd
by the Cornifll into Brez ; our Qbfo-
lete Paft \_-whence Paftun ] a Club,
into the Irifh Bat, and the ILatin
Fuftis;& Pen, a Head, to Finis.
Pinkin, A Sprig, into the Irijh Be-
anpan; Pally, to refufe into their
Faillie; The Latin ViT^i\\o,and our
Pelle, into their Feleacan ; and our
Put, any fl^ort Truncheon, &c. into
their fNlut. Nor needes there be much
fcruple to allow Jiich a Corruption of
the Initial Letters ; feeii/g ther's no
7iiore herei?! requir'd than -what toe
are fure has beevdotie (provided that
be allow d a Corruption) by the Ita-
lians and Spaniards, in the Termi-
nation : For we fee that in the Sin-
gular Number, they have Confin'd
the Latin Nouns to the Ablative
Cale; calling a Horfe, Ca-
vallo ; a Bull, Toro ; an Ox , Bue
& Bove ; a Hog, Porco 6c Puerco.
5o Jupiter, Giove; Venus, Venere-,
Aries, Ariete ; Canis, Cane, &c.
Ajidin the Plural, the Italians have
commonly aim'd ( Notwithjfanding
their being fi often befdesthe mark )
at the Nominative Cafe, whence
Cavalli, Hor/w; Vorci, Hogs; Ca-
valle, Mares; Capre, Goats, 6cc.
and the Spaniards have made Choice
of the Accufative ; frying Cavallos,
Porcos, Yeguas, Cabras. But to re-
turn to ourpropos'd method.
P chang'dinto K C or Q:_
It's very Remarkable, that there
are farce any words in the Irifh [he-
fides what are borrow' d from the La-
tin orfome other Language) that be-
gin with much that in an An-
cient Alphabetical Vocabulary , 1
have by me, that Letter is omitted;
and 710 kfs obfervable that a confi-
derable number of thofe words whofe
Initial Letter it is, in the Britifli j
begin in that Language t»ith a K. or
( as they conflantly write) C. as part-
ly appears by the following examples
W.Paul, A Pole or Stake; Ir Kual.
\V. Peth, AThing ; alfo a Part or
Share; Some,8iC- h.K.od,Kodi
W. Pa? Ji'^hat? Ir. Ka.?
W. Pask, Ea/er ; Ir. Kafg.
Corn. Pencas, IVhitfon-Tide ; Ir.
W. Peifwin, Chaff; Ir. Kaithfloan.
W.Pefu;^, A Cough; Ir. Kala^jd.
W. Pen, A Head ; Ir. Keann.
W.Puy ? Who ? Ir. Kia.
W. Puylh, Sejife or Meaning; Ir.
W .Vhm, Children ; Ir. Klann, &
S. W. Plvv, Feathers; Ir. Kluyv.
W. Peduar, Four ; Ir. Kathair.
W. Pymp, Five; Ir. Kuig.
W.Pair, A Furnace, d Cauldron;
Obs. XIX. Change Of
The Labial Letters
p. B. F. (or Ph. J v. M.
Ir. Kuir& Koire.
W. Pren, A Tree; ir. Kran.
W. Par, A Couple; Ir Koraid.
W Pridh,£arr/j or Clay; Ir.Kriadh.
W.Praidh, A Prey; Ir. Kreajj.
W. Pa raid ? JVherefore ? Ir.K'red
W. Pryv, AWorm ; Ir. Kruv.
W. Pob, Every ; Ir. Cca^, or jach
And femetimes i?i other parts of
the words lue fnd the fame ; as
W. yfpydhad , A Haw-thorn. Ir.
W.tMap[M.Mab] A Son; Ir.
The fame is obferv'd by Voflfius, in
refpefi of the Jnterrogatives and Re-
latives of the }onic Dialed. lones
(fries he) inlnterrogativis mutant
■^ m ■■<,. Ita Ku; dicunt pro '»»s ; ox«s
I pro cTtut ; xi pro ">} ; ■mm;, jytraj ;
1 a TTctra.', o^ot; ; yrvicf, i(sici ; o Tivia^t o
I )(JU5; Tra'iTJ, )(ore ; a Triri, c usTi. GrX-
cis quuque xvaf/a ell: Faba : Quin
I c^ JEolcs quoq; uti >= pro ^ teftatur
j Etymologici audor in >»'•' . Sic
1 Lat. lecur a Gr. iwa/i & Scintilla
i quafi Spintilla a f-TrjJ^^: Qer. Jo^
: Vojf. De literarum permutatione.
, Lac. Pa rce, Engl Scarce; ItalScarfo.
; Lat Sapio. Ital Saccio.
Gr. la'OT;. haz. E'juus.
P chang'd into M.
Corn. Pempas, The Fifth; W.Pym-
Lat. Scrpyllum, Ital SermoUine.
Lat. Carpere,Ical. Ghermire. Men,
Lat. Perdere, Ital. Smarrire. Id.
Gr. 'iTTitf. Lat. Somnus.
P chang'd i?ito Sh.
Sch in the It.ilian, and Ch. in the
French,<jrp accordi?ig to their modern
Pronunciation equivaleiit ?o o«r Sh
tho' in regard we frequently find the
Letters P. ajidil.. counterckangd ;
butfeldom ortiever P. andS. it may
be queflion'd whether the old Pro-
nunciationwas 7iot as x,,or the Welfll
^'WlrifliCh. which feems partly con
firm'd by the French's calling a
Rock, both Roc aW Roche.
L.PropCjFr.Prof/j. An. tPrOA;?&C.
Lat Rupes; Fr. Roche.
Lat. Sepia, Fr. Seiche.
Lat- Apium, Fr. Ache.
Lat. Spina, Ital. Scie7ia.
Lat. Sperno, Ital. Schema.
Lat. Spira, Ital. Sclera.
P. ckajig'd into T.
W. Poeth, Hot; Ir. Teith.
W. Plays, Weight ; Ir Tovas.
Ix.VolAHole; W.Tulh.
Gr. Titdtihiu, The month of Decejn-
ber ; W. Ta;i;Uedh , November.
Lat. Sceptrum, Span. Settro.
Gr. BAaa-l«, Lat. Blatta.
Gr. *«fof, Lat. Sturnus.
Gr. nigjtf, Lat. Trans.
Gr. Tf!iT», Lat. Verto.
P chang'd into V C07if.
' Amft'jKiiy Averrunco.
M.o\. KAiTus, [pro xXiTvi ; ] Clivus.
? .
Obs. XIX. Change Of
The Labial Letters
p. B. F. (or ?h. ) V. M.
AiTiis, Levis.
Tlatt, P'as.
nuTCMtSi' Vitricus.
niTKAos, yitulus.
niri.Volo, as; VoIT De perm lit. Lit.
Verpa, Vervex. Idem.
Pilus,Fi/w. Id.
B chafig'd into C or K.
W. Brith [ plur. Brithion, & Bry-
thon ] Painted; Ir. Kruithnea;;,
which fignifes alfo a Pift j fi that
a Pi(5l was no other tha?i an ex-
tra-provincial, Brythyn [ or Bri-
tanj & Breathnigh, thofe Sub-
jeiled to the Romans.
L. Brevis [ W. Byr] Gcrm.Kurts,
Bclg Cort, Ir. Ccearr or gearr.
W. & Ir. Bran; Germ. Rrah ,
whence Krafen, /» oWEngl. Hrae-
fcn, and modern. Raven. Gr. K«-
W. Bias [ Germ. & Engl. Grofs ]
Lat. Craffus.
W. Barny, Gr. Ke^'w But whether
in thefe words B is chang'd i7ito K
or the contrary, is left to the
Reader's judgement.
B chang'd into D.
Mr. Menage derives the Celtique
Dun, a Hill, Sec. V. Supra p. 5-
col. 3.
Lat.Gleba, Engl A Clod; Ec\g.Clot
B chang'd into F or Ph.
W. Blaidh, A Wolf; Ir. Faol.
tEngl. yElbinne, Elfs: Fxld-Ael-
binne, Field Elfs.
fEngl.Sper-habuc & Spcr-hafoc,
A Sparrow-hawk.
t Engl. Bregyd, Afraid.
Germ. Dieb , Engl. Thief; Belg.
Germ Liebe, Love ; Belg. Liefde.
Germ. Ein altcs weib. An old Wo-
man ; Belg. Een oudt wijf.
Ger.Herbft, Harvefi; Belg.Herfst.
Germ. Korb, A Basket; Belg.
Germ. Schreibfeder, A Writing-
pen ; Belg. Schrijfveder.
Lat Sebum, Ft.Suf
Lat. Bubulcus, Ital. B//o/co.
Gr. ©£/!«!,"«!, Lat. Triumphus.
S,^ifia, Fre7no ; BurKix, Fafiia ; B«'-
i!-i(.»>6f, Fajcinus, ' Afi.<ptXK%M> ij*-
cpr/.oupi!, &CC. This ki}id of Alte-
ration was common amongfl the
Macedonians. V. Euftath. in
Dionyfii Geogr.
The Germans and Britans ufe fre-
quently the B. where the Latins have
F. but whether of them is a Cor-
ruption of the other we leave to the
Reader's Determinatio>i.
Germ. Buch, Engl. Beech; Belg.
Buck ; Lat. Fagus.
Germ. Ein Blaalt, A Blajf; Lat.
Germ. [&Engl.] Gebrooken, L.
Germ. Bruder, Lat. Frater
W. Bai;t; , Lat. Fafcis.
W. Brud,

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