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Obs.IX. Lingual Mutes
find (>y the foUoTDing Examples.
yi r The Face ] it svritten Aj^hai&h.
B6r, Deaf; Boshaji. This is other-
•wife -written Boshaji j and that
more truly, hecaiife it agrees with
the Britijh Bydhar, which is of the
fame fignification.
Brai, The Breafi ; Bjiajhaiah.
Brad, The Neck ; Bpa^hat).
Breflax, A Dream i Bpcat^haj-lach
Deavlafta, iM-taJiedi Deagh-
Deavola^j, Sweet -fcejitedi Deagh-
DealavraAi , Eloque7it ; Deaghla-
Deahoil, Benevolencei Deajhchoil.
Deana;ii, The laft ; Deaj^hnach.
Droinea;);, Thorns; Diioighneach.
Fai], To get or procure ; F'ajhail.
Fovanan, AThiJlk; Fojhbhanan.
Larog, A fork or profig ; Laghjioj.
Lain, The Province of Leinfter i
Laij;hin or Laij^hion; a7id fo in
Hundreds of other toords not only
in the midft, tut alfo fomeii'mes in
the Termination, -writing Da^h
for Da Good; Fogh for F03 Sogh
Lingual Mutes Added.
I. Vremis'd.
W. Ogvan, A Haxo or Ha-wthorn-
Berry i Arm. Togan.
W. Ken, S'ca/fJ; Arm. Skant. W.
Kan , U^ite j Arm. Bara Skan,
MaTuhet i panis filigineus. Arm.
Kydon, a Ring-Dove ; W.Yl-
Lac. Urna, Fr. Dourne : a -word us'd
about Toloufc. M- Men.
L.Aquse, Fi.Daqs; The name of
a Tov>7i.
L. Unde ; Ital. Donde.
L. lafpis, Ital. Diajpro.
L. Amita, Fr. Tante.
Gr. ''E.^ilivhi, Terebinthus.
Such -words as in the Britidl begin
with L. M. N. or P. ha-je frequent-
ly the Letter Sfremis'dinthe Iridi.
W.Lhuyven, An Elm; Ir. Slea-
W. Lhadh, To Kill; Ir. Slid ,
W.U^i-fn.Ayard; Ir.Slat.
W. Umyih, ATrihe ; Ir. Slead.
W.Lhauen, chearfull ; Ir. Slan,
Healthy ; Safe, Sound.
W. Lhynky, To Swallow ; Ir.Slu-
W .hhuvun. Smooth ; Jr. Sleavan.
W Lhivo, To Grind; Ir. Sliovadh,
W . LhiAiva eira, A Lodge or Bed
of Snow ; Ir. fSlo^Ji fine.
W. Muyal^:, An Ouzle or Black-
bird ; Ir. Smyla;^.
"W M.'o.'jzr, Black-berries ; Ir.Smer,
W.Mer, A/arrow; Ir. Smir.
W ."Novio, Swimmi?/g i Ir.Snav.
W. Noduydh, A Needle ; Ir. Sna-
W. Nadhy, Chipping ; Ir. Snoiadh.
Obs. IX. Lingual Mutes
W. Pladyrur, A Mower ; Ir. Spea-
W.Praidh,^ According to fome, a
Flock or Herd; according to others,
a prey. Ir 'SiY'tc., Cattle .
We alfo find S. Premis'd in other
Languages : asXtlil. Piaggia, Spiag-
gia ; Quadrones, S^uadrones ; Span.
Umbra, Sombra, &:c.
2,. Inferted.
Inthe(Zom\[\\, D. is frequently
inte-rpos'd betwixt a Vowel and the
Letter N. as we find by the follow-
ing Cornifli words compar'd with
the Welfli: tho' this be hut a cor-
rupt Pronunciation of no lo7ig fta?id-
ing ; for we don't fnd it fo m the
few Ancient Kemains we have of that
W. Bruynen, ^/?#iCorn. Bryd-
\N.Vrcn,Timber; Cor. Predn.
W.Guyn, IVhite; Corn. Guydn,
White, and Guydl\3.k, a Whiting.
W. Pea, A Head; Corn. Pedn
W. Bron, A Breajf ; Corn. Brodn.
W-yn-lhyseidiog, One-cfd; Corn.
ydn lygadzhak.
W. Guan, Weak; Corn. Guadn.
W.Kinnio, A Dinner; Corn.
Kidnio. And in fome words of
this kind the N. is quite omitted,
as Hedda that, for hedna ; W .
Hvnny. And fo alfo in the La-
bial Letters ; as Tubby, a Dim.
of Thomas from Tubmy, (ire
Zh Inferted after D by the Cornini
W. Lhydu, Ajhes ; Corn Lidzhu.
W.Blodeyin, A Flower; Corn.
W. Diwcdydh, The after noon. C.
S.W.Hudy, To Vomit; Corn.
W. Boydy& Bcydy, ACow-houfe;
Corn. Boudzhi.
W. Nodwydh, A Needle; Corn.
W. ■}■ Guaedogen, A Pudding; C.
W. Kredy, To Believe; Corn.
W. Lhygoden , A Moufe ; Corn.
W. Eidolon, A BuUock; Corn Ud-
W. Adar y Drydion, Stares; Corn.
W . Malvoden,.^ S}iail; Corn Mol-
Wal. Diiurnod , A Day ; Corn.
1- Added in the Terminatio}t. often added by the vul-
gar in the Modern Fnglifh, after
words Terminating in n or ne. As
Fine, Find; VJinc^Wind ; Line, a
Lind; Sermon, a Sermond: So VV.
Ken, Scales, Arm. Skant.
In Old Roman Ivfcriptions . we
fometimes find the Letter D. redun-
dafit i» the Terjnination : As in that
very Remarkable one for its fmgu-
Obs.X. Liq^jids Added.
lar Orthography, in Fabf. ISS. An-
tiq. Expl P417. NevePost-
hac Inter Sed Coniovravisse
Velet — Neve Qvisqvam F"!-
dem Inter Sed Dedisse Velet
Ni:vE In Pvblicod Neve
Preivatod Nev Extrad Vrbem
— De Senatvos Sententiad, &c.
hi the Cornifli the zh. is fre-
qiiejitly added after d. in the Ter-
mination, as well as inferted in the
middle; As W Guaed Bloud;
Corn.Gudzh. W. Lhuyd, Gray;
Corn. Ludzh.
Liqjjids Added.
I. Premis'd. L.
W. Prcn \or Guydhan] a vale ^
An Apple-tree ; Corn. Guedhan
Lac. Avis, Arm. Labus.
Lac. Hedera, Fr. Lierre.
Lac. Inde mane, Yx.Lendemain.
Lac. Indidum, Fr. Laitdi. &c.
Lac. El vum, Ital Lero.
Lac. Horndus, Ital. Lordo.
Ital. Ad ice, S^Ladice; Aubrate&
Laubrate, &c.
Gr. "Am;, Labos, Labor.
Arm. e &cn] Heaven; W.Ne
Fr. Sc Engl. Heron, Arm. Nerun.
Lat. Umbilicus, Fr. Nombril.
Lac. Anla, Fr. Nance.
Ital. Ebbio& Nebhio; Aranzo &
Naranzo ; Afcondere, Nafconde-
re ; Al'po, NaJ^o.Suc.
z. Inferted. L.
Lat. Acanthinus, Fr. Aiglantine.
Lac. Aijusedudtus, Sp. Alcaduz..
Lac. Amygdala, Sp. Almendra.
Lac. Amylum, Sp. Almidon.
Gr. rag<«i., Lac Gloriari.
Lac. Chelidonia, Engl. Celendine.
Lac. FormolUs & Forjr.onfus : Hic
I acet Ille SiTvs Marcvs For-
monsiorV^llo. Fabr. Iss. p.374.
N. 169. So in fome Ancient Ma-
nufcript Copies of Virgil : For-
MONSVM Pastor Corydon, i^fc.
Lac. Tocies & Totiens ; Elephas &
Elephant us.
Lac. Lacerna, Fr. Lanterjie.
Lac Pavicare, Ital. Paventare.
Lat Lucra, leal. Lojitra.
Lac. Locufta, Sp. Langojla.
Ical. Ficcare, Sp. Hincar.
Gr. i-ns'-™, Lac. Cencum.
Gr. Aum;, Lat. Denfus ; '^;t;^;>Pin-
guis j /fija. Lingo, (^c
Lat. Papilio, Arm. Parpilivv.
5. Added in the Ternmiation.
W. Henui, To name; Ar.Henuel.
W.Galu, To call; Ar. Keruel.
S. W. Hufy, Tofweati Arm. Fiuz-
W. Synny, To take care of ; Arm.
W. Krio, To ball or cry cut. Arm.

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