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6 F I N G A L, Book I.
purfue the dark-brown deer of Cronila : and ftop with thine arrows
the bounding roes of Lena. But, blue-ej^ed fon of Semo, CuchuUin,
ruler of the war, fcatter thou the fons of LochUn *, and roar thro' the
ranks of their pride. Let no veffel of the kingdom of Snow bound
on the dark-rolling waves of Inis-tore -f ,
O YE dark winds of Erin rife! and roar ye whirlwinds of the
heath ! Amidfl: the tempell let me die, torn in a cloud by angry
ghofts of men ; amidfl: the tempefl: let Calmar die, if ever chace
was fport to him fo much as the battle of fliields.
Calmar! flow replied the chief, I never fled, O Matha's fon.
I was fwift with my friends in battle, but fmall is the fame of Con-
nal. The battle was won in my prefence, and the valiant overcame.
But, fon of Semo, hear my voice, regard the ancient throne of
Cormac. Give wealth and half the land for peace, till Fingal come
with battle. Or, if war be thy choice, I lift the fword and fpear.
My joy fhall be in the midft of thoufands, and my foul brighten in
the gloom of the fight.
To me, Cuchullin replies, pleafant is the noife of arms : pleafant
as the thunder of heaven before the fliower of Spring. But gather
all the fhining tribes that I may view the fons of war. Let them
move along the heath, bright as the fun-fliine before a florm ; when
the wefl: wind collefts the clouds and the oaks of Morven eccho
along the fhore.
* The Galrc name of Scandi.aavia in f Innls-tore, the ijland of uhales, the
general ; in a more confined fenfe that of ancient name of the Orkney iflands.
the peninfula of Jutland.

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