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B. II. The gholt of Crugal, one of the Irifli heroes who was killed in
battle, appearing to Connal, foretels the defeat of CuchulHn in the
next battle; and earneftly advifes him to make peace with Swaran.
Connal communicates the vifion ; but CuchuUin is inflexible from a
principle of honour that he would not be the lirfl: to fue for peace,
and refolved to continue the war. Morning comes ; Swaran pro-
pofcs diflionourable terms to Cuchullin, which are rejeded. The
battle begins, and is obflinately fought for fome time, until, upon
the flight of Grumal, the whole Irilh army gave way. Cuchullin
and Connal cover their retreat : Carril leads them to a neighbouring
hill, whither they are foon followed by Cuchullin himfelf, who
defcrics the fleet of Fingal making towards the coaft ; but, night
coming on, he loft fight of it again, Cuchullin, dejedled after his de-
feat, attributes his ill fuccefs to tlie death of Ferda his friend, whom
he had killed fom^e time before. Carril, to fliew that ill fuccefs did
not always attend thofe who innocently killed their fi-iends, intro-
duces the epifode of Comal and Galvina.
g III Cuchullin, pleafed with Carril's ftory, Infifts with him for more
of his fongs. The bard relates the aftions of Fingal in Lochlin, and
death of Agandecca the beautiful fifter of Swaran. He had fcarce
finiflied when Calmar the fon of Matha, who had advifed the firft:
battle, came wounded from the field, and told them of Swaran's defign
to furprife the remains of the Irifli army. He himfelf propofes to
withftand fingly the whole force of the enemy, in a narrow pafs, till
the Irifli fliould make good their retreat. Cuchullin, touched with the
gallant propofid of Calmar, refolves to accompany him, and orders
Carril to carry off the few that remained of the Irifh. Morning
comes, Calmar dies of his wounds ; and, the Hiips of the Caledo-
nians appearing, Swaran gives over the purfuit oi the Irifli, and re-

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