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55. For " i " the manuscript has .i.
56. The manuscript has Muircheartaighi.
57. Grantstown Castle, in the barony of Clarmallagh, in
Queen's County.
58. Giollapadraig. son of Conall. son of Maoileachlainn, O
Mordha, chief of his name, died in England about 1548.
According to Archdall's Lodge, ii, 339, the daughter here
referred to was named Catherine.
59. From English documents we learn of Donnchadh Og
on March 16, 1586; " Donoghe oge mac Donoghe Lyoghe,
surgeon," Fiant of Elizabeth, 4832 ; and of his brother on June
30, I 566 : " Conogher mac Donoghe Leigh of Croghanboy,
surgeon," ibid. 897. In both cases the men are named among
followers of the MacGillapatricks of Upper Ossory. See next
essay, opening paragraph.
60. Aghmacart, an ancient monastery, parish and castle in
the south of Queen's County, in Upper Ossory. The large
medical manuscript in Edinburgh, referred to note 28, was
written in part in Aghmacart.
61. This medical family were exceedingly well known in
Scotland. The patronymic is the modern MacVeagh.
62. I have seen but two notices of him outside his own MS.,
namely, H.2.7, page 345, top margin, where he scribbled a few
lines of verse, and added the note : Ag sin duity a Risderd I
Betecain od shesi A. Risterd mac Muircertaig ; and in a note in
page 349 of the same MS., which I have failed to decipher
63. These figures are in the margin.
64. Carrigan : History of the Diocese of Ossory ^ i, 91.

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