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All C'otnniitiiicationSt on literary and businefta
ntattera, should be addressed to the Editor, Mr. JOHN
3IACKA r, y BIythsu'ood Drive, Glasgoir.
MONTHLY toill be sent, post free, to any part of the
United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and all
countries in the Postal Unions/or one year, //s.
The Celtic Monthly.
JUNE, 1897 •
John Macoheqor, St. Andrews (with plate), - . .101
To TiiK Highland Croftbrs (poem), 161
The RofAL Scots Orets, Part XIII. (illustrated). • ■ 162
KiNTYRR .S.MrOGLING STOMIES, - - - . . 164
Alkxander Mackay, Aberdeen (with plate), - - l(i5
General Simon Fraser (illustrated), - ... - ico
OiR SlfsicAL Page— A' Chituao, - - . - - - luu
To our Readers, - - 170
Minor Septs of Clan Cuattak (illustrated), - - - - 171
The Ql'een of the Hebrides, 174
George R. Mi'Nroe (with plate), ...... 171;
The Highlanders of Scotland (illustrated), .... 17G
The Captive Chief (poem), -178
Ken.more, Loch Tay ,(poem), 179
The late John Campbell, Ledaig (with portrait), . . ISO
Te dhealbiiach a' bheoil BHOiDHiCH (poeui), . . . isi)
Next month we will give plate portraits, with
biographical sketches, of Mr. W. Grant Macgregor,
London ; Dr .and Mrs. D. J. Macaulaj, Halifax ;
and Mr. John Stewart, London, late of Assam.
" The Minor Septs of Clan Chattan," by
Mr. C. Fraser-Mackintosh, is now in the press, and
will be published at 21/-. It is being got up in very-
line style. See our advertising pages for full
particulars. Subscribers' names should be sent at
once to Mr. John Mackay, 9 Blythswood Drive,
Mk. John Mackay, Hereford, has of late
devoted himself to a study of English place-names,
the result of his researches being a valuable paper
" History in names and words," which he read to
the Gaelic Society of London on 12th May.
On the anniversary of CuUoden, Kith April, Mr.
Theodore Napier deposited three wreaths on the
memorial cairn on the battlefield, in honour of the
brave Highlanders who died for Prince Charlie.
One was sent by Sir Robert Menzies, Bart., chief
of the clan.
Captain John Ma(Rae-Gil.strap has purcha.sed
the beautiful estate of Ballimore, Argyllshire.
Mr. D. S. Mackintosh, Shettlesion, has been
elected President of the Clan Chattan .Association,
and Vice-President, Gaelic Society of Glasgow. , ;
Dr. K. Mackenzie Chisholm has been elected
chairman of the Radcliffe Council. The doctor is a
Gairloch man.
Mr. David Macdonald, J.P., Glasgow, has
given the handsome donation of £500 to the Kin-
tyre Club, the interest of which is to be devoted to
charitable purposes.
The Highland Club at Inverness has added
Major Davidson of Cantray to its directorate.
Mr. Malcolm MacFarlane has resigned the
Secretaryship of the Gaelic Society of Glasgow,
and Mr. Donald Nicolson, Bearsden, has been
appointed to the vacancy.
The Macdonald Society in Edinkdrgh intend
presenting bronze medals to boys and girls of the
clan who distinguish themselves in Edinburgh
Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland is
to deliver a lecture in Glasgow in October, under
the auspices of the County of Sutherland Associa-
tion, on "Highland Home Industries, and the
Sutherland Nursing Scheme."
Mr. Hugh Macleod, one of the most prominent
of the Glasgow Celts, was presented by the Skye
Association with a valuable gold watch, in acknow-
ledgment of his long and valuable services aa
Honorary Secretary.
The Glasgow Skye As.sociation have just
ended a very successful session, with an increased
balance to their credit. It is intended to place a
memorial stone over the grave of the late Treasurer,
Mr. Duncan Finlayson, in Skye.
The Clan MacKinnon held a successful Concert
in the Waterloo Rooms on 1st May. The session
has been a most encouraging one, the membership
being now over 200, and the funds £130. Few of
the other Clan Societies can show a balance of
equal amount this year.
" Iain Bad-a-Mheoir — a Sutherlandshire charac-
ter " was the title of a paper read by Mr. (ieorge
Morrison before a meeting of the Edinburgh
Sutherland Association. This excellent Association
shows its usual good record of work done for the
Mr. D. p. Menzies, F.S.A., Scot , the energetic
Secretary of the Clan Society, has recently added
several £10 10s. life members to the roll, the latest
being Mr. D. M. Menzies, New Zealand, a grandson
of the famous Major Archibald Menzies, of the
42nd, whose gallant conduct at Quatre Bras was
described so ably in our pages by Mr. John Mackay
in his articles '" The Highlanders at Waterloo."
The Inverness Gaelic Society made a recent
departure, which has been attended by the happiest
results. An "At Home" was held in the
Caledonian Hotel, Councillor William Mackay,
Solicitor, in the chair, and a must pleasant evening
was spent, with music, song and dance. Verily,
our learned friends in the Highland Capital are
progressing I
London Invernessians held their Annual Dinner
on 5th May — Field Marshal Sir Donald Stewart in
the chair. There were about sixty gentlemen
present. The chairman advocated the army as a
profession for Highlanders, and reflected upon the
idle life which many of the crofting population lead.
While we would decidedly like to see our Highland
regiments composed of Highlanders, we altogether
dissent from his views on the crofter question. If
the Gael is not eager to join the army he has unfor-
tunately very good reasons for his aversion. The
Invernessians deserve credit for the able way in
which they conduct the aft'airs of their Association,
thanks mainly to the eflbrts of Mr. William Grant
and Mr. Donald C. Fraser.

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