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{Latest Improvement, Patented 1882)
Effectually extract the Foul Air, have no mechanical motion, are
entirely free from down-draught, and can be constructed
to harmonize with every style of Architecture.
These Ventilators are pronounced by the most eminent, scientific,
and practical men in the kingdom to be the most efficient method
of Ventilation yet brought out, and have been awarded : —
£50 Prize (only Prize offered), International Ventilation Competitiou
London, 1882.
Gold Medal (Highest Prize), International Exhibition, London, 1882.
Gold Medal (only Prize offered). Open Ventilation Competitiou,
Birkenhead, June 1884.
Highest and Only Prize awarded to Exhaust Ventilators, Hygienic
Exhibition, London, 1883.
First Prize (only one awarded to Koof Ventilators), International Medical and Sanitary Exhi-
bition, London, 1881.
Highest and Only Prize awarded to Ventilatoi's, International Exhibition, London, 1884.
Alfred Waterhouse, Esq., E.A., Architect. — 'I am glad to hear good reports of your Cowls
fixed at the Duke of Westminster's house.'
Arthur W. Blomfield, Esq., Architect. — ' I have used the Air-Pump Ventilator of Messrs.
Kobert Boyle & Son, with satisfactory results. I believe the system to be a sound and good one, and
callable of varied ajjplication with success.'
Dr. B. W. EiCHARDSON, F.R.S. — ' Since these excellent Ventilators have been introduced we have
now got perfect methods of ventilation.'
The late Sir Gilbert Scott, Architect. — ' I have used your Patent Self-acting Air-Pump
Ventilators with complete success. From experience of them in my own house and other buildings,
public and jjrivate, where they have been applied under my direction, I can confidently, and will always
have great pleasure in recommending them.'
Arthur Gates, Esq., F.E.I.B.A., Architect to the C'roivn, etc. — ' I have used your Air-Pump
Ventilator with satisfactory result. Those fixed under my direction at the Library of the Inner
Temple have realized my exjjectations, and completely fulfil the object which I had in view.
I consider this appjlication of them a severe test, and the success which has attended it confirms the
statement which you make as to their efficacy.'
Sir William Thomson, P.K.S., Glasgow University. — 'I have seen several different forms of
Mr. Boyle's Air-Pump Ventilator in actual operation, and have much pleasure in testifying to their
efficiency. They thoroughly realize the favourable anticipation which I formed from experiments on
models shown to me by Mr. Bojde. Having one fitted up in my yacht, I find it has caused a very
decided improvement in the draught.'
Robert Boyle & Son's Patent Soil-Pipe Ventilator
Made of Strong Galvanized Iron, and Painted with Enamel Paint.
6 inch diameter, 2 inch Pipe, . , . . . £0 12
8 ,, ,, 3 ,, „ 17
10 ,, „ 31 to 4 inch Pipe, . . . . 12
'I have often made use of the Air-Pump Ventilator for Soil Pipes, etc., and consider it most
admirable. . . . It is decidedly the most eflBcient fixed foul air withdrawing medium that I ever met
with.'— W. Eassie, Esq., C.E., F.L.S.
' Boyle's Patent Self-Acting Air-Pump Ventilator, which does not revolve, is the best Soil-Pipe
Ventilator that I know of.' — Ernest Turner, Esq., F.E.I.B.A., etc.
110 Botliwell Street, G-lasgow, and 64 Holborn Yiaduct, London, E.G.
*.:;.* CAUTION. — Beware of spurious and worthless imitations of the Air-Pump Ventilator.

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