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460 PAT
Patterson James, restaurant, Queen's dock
Patterson John, fishmonger, 5 Skirving street, Shawlands
Patterson John, hatter *t hosier, 102 Trongate; res. 36 Mon-
teith row
Patterson John H. commission agent, 19 Howard street; res. 258
Kenmure street, Pollokshields
Patterson John H. manufacturers' agent, 76 Wilson street
Patterson Matthew, commission agent, 121 Finlay drive, D
Patterson Eobert, draper, 221 G-allowgate
Patterson Thomas, cashier, 4 Kewton street
Patterson Walter, sec. to Clyde Steam & Sailing Shipowners'
Association; res. Balmer, Pollokshields
Patterson William, butcher, 106 North Woodside road
Patterson William L.D.S.Glas. dentist, 2 Dowanilill street, P
Patterson William, fishmonger, 914 Great Eastern road
Patterson William, tailor i& clothier, 155 Cowcaddens street
Pattinson Andrew, picture frame maker, 24 Paterson street, S.S
Pattison J. A Co. drysalters, 53 Poihwell street & 83 North
Oswald street; cash day, first Wednesday; TN 998; TA
'â–  Zero, Glasgow "
Pattison Godfrey, drysalter (J. Pattison & Co.), 41 Kersland
terrace, HiUhead
Pattison Miss Helen, dress maker, 16 Dunearn street
Pattison James, drysalter (James Pattison & Co.), 3 Drimna-
mona, Kilmalcolm
Pattison James, fruiterer, 106 Stobcross street, A
Pattison James M. glazier & glass dealer, 41 London road &
114 King street, Pollokshaws
Pattison Mrs. Jane, confectioner, 473 London road
Pattison John, provision dealer, 2 Sawmill road, P
Pattison Mrs. LiUie, spirit dealer, 154 Main street, Maryhill
Pattison Mrs. Margaret, milliner, 1 Abbotsford place, S'S
Pattison Miss, householder, 37 Brownlie street, Mount Florida
Pattison Robert, fender manufacturer, 6 Oswald street
Pattison Robert, manufacturer, 38 Montrose street
Pattison William, grocer, 280 Nuneaton street
Pattman Eobert, ship master, 13 Ann street, HiUhead
Pattullo & Bros, asphalte manufacturers, oil refiners & mer-
chants ; -works, 46 George street. Mile End ; offices, 177
Crownpoint road: T JJ 2589: TA 'â– Pattullo. Glasgow"
Pattullo David, oil refiner (Pattu'.lo Brothers), 63 St. Andrew's
drive, Pollokshields
Patullo John, rivet <fc bellows forge, 35 Nelson street, S.S
Paul Misses Agnes & Jennie, fruiterers, 145 Edgefauld road,
Paul Andrew & Co. writers, 27 St. Vincent place
Paul J. & A. fismongers & game dlrs. 421 Great Western rd
Paul James & Co. builders, 34 Ballindalloch drive, D
Paul James & Sons, house & ship painters & decorators, 376 &
386 Paisley road & 50 Prince's street, Pollokshields
Paul & MacLeod, iron & steel merchants, 82 Gordon street ; T N
Nat. 376 Argyle; Corporation 2365; TA "Pollux. Glasgow"
Paul, McNab & Broivnlie. writers & notaries, 136 Hope street ;
N T 868 Argyle ; Corporation T N 3868
Paul & Weir, potato merchants, 16 Caithness street
Paul Alexander, hair dresser, 32 Nelson street, S.S
Paul Alexander, spirit dealer, 234 Scotland street, S.S
Paul Andrew, writer, 27 St. Vincent place; res. 36 Overdale at.
Paul Andrew Bain, tobacconist, 43 Dumbarton road
Paul George, carrier, 63 Osborne street
Paul Harry, cashier, IS'C Kenilworth avenue, Shawlands
Paul Harry G. (of Dempster, Moore & Co. Limited), 136 Kenil-
worth avenue, Waverley P3rk
Paul Henry, grocer, 783 Garscube road
Paul Holroyd, teacher of violin, 12 Carrington street
Paul James, jun. builder (Jas.Paul & Co.),28 Ballindalloch drive,D
Paul J.imes, cashier, 16 Nithsdale road, Strathbungo
Paul James, printer, 64 Howard street; res. 214 Cambridge
street, Cowcaddens
Paul James M. live stock agent (Duff, Paul & Ferguson); res.
Ibert house, Killeam
Paul Jas. S. writer (Andw. Paul & Co.), 5 Balmoral ter.CambsIng
Paul Miss Janet, fruiterer. Station road, Springburn
Paul John, bookseller & stationer, & post office, 26 Queen Mar-
garet drive, Kelvinside & 9 Queen Margaret place, Kelvinside •
res. 10 Blythswood drive
Paul John, dairyman. 107 Langlands road, Gn
Paul John, general merchant (Rocks, Paul& Co.), 412 Cathcart rd
Paul John, householder, 208 Cumbernauld road
Paul John, postmaster, M. 0., T. 0., S. B. 2« Queen Margaret
drive, Kelvinside
Paul John, sec, Scottish Single Tax League & editor of the
" Single Tax," 13 Dundas street: res. 16 Scotstoun street, S
Paul Joseph, draper. 331 Gairbraid street, Maryhill
Paul Peter G. produce merchant, 7 Market stree't ; TA " Paule
Glasgow " ; Corpn. T N 5253 ; res.36 Woodlands rd.CharingCrss
Paul Eobert, bookbinder, Melrose avenue, Butherglen
Paul Eobert, glass bottle manufacturer, 74 Broad st. Camlachie
Paul Eobert, iron & steel merchant (Paul & MacLeod); res.
Ardnagowan, 76 Baishagray avenue, P
Paul Eobert, pattern book maker, 35 Buchanan street
Paul Vigand B. house factor, 93 Waterloo street; res. 51 Keir
street, Pollokshields
Paul William, clerk, 61 Waverley gardens, Crossmyloot
Paul WilliSm, produce broker (Eobert Fulton & Co.), 34 Garth-
land drive. D
Pauling & Co. electricians, gasfitters & bellhangers, 91 Cam-
bridge street
Pauling Thomas, bank teller. 61 Albert drive. Crossbill
PauU & Co. commission agents, 75 Jamaica street
Paulsen & Co. grocers, 11 & 13 Wellington arcade
Paxton Alex. & Sons, dairymen, 690 Springburn road
Paxton J. G. & Co. iron & steel merchants, 11 Bothwell street
& 12 Waterloo street
Paxton James & Company, cotton & woollen
waste merchants & manu-facturere of eneine
waste, 4 9 to 51 Lady well street
Paxton Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 37 Dumbarton road, P
Paxton George M. cashier, 289 Kenmure street, Pollokshields
Paxton James, cotton waste merchant (James Paxton & Co.),
13 Bellgrove street, D
Paxton Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 47 Dumbarton road, P
Paxton Thomas, boarding house proprietor,3-13 Norfolk court, S.S
Payne George & Co. Limited, wholesale tea & coffee blenders,
121 Howard street; TA " Powing,Glasgow " ; Corpn.T N 2383
Payne & Sons, printers' engineers, 53 Dundas street
Payne Mrs. Euphemia, greengrocer, 238 Allison street,Govanhill
Payne James, slater, 52 Nelson street, S.S
Payne Joseph, boot maker, 229 Allison street, Govanhill
Payne Joseph, greengrocer, 562 Cathcart road
Payne Samuel, hair dresser, 26 Waterloo street. Mill End
Peacock Alexander & Son, plumbers &o. 199 Great Western road
Peacock J. C. & Co. ship brkrs. & ship owners, 65 Robertson st
Peacock R. A. & Son Ltd. bakers & confectioners, 197 Albert
road, Pollokshields ; 409 Eglinton street ; 791 Govan road, Gn. ;
28 Kensington terrace. Paisley road west, Ibrox; 16 Kildrostan
buildings, Nithsdale road, Pollokshields; 319 & 494 Paisley
road; 370 Scotland street, S.S. & 1026 & 1311 Pollokshaws rd
Peacock Alex, boot repairers, 6 Polmadie street, Govanhill
Peacock Alexander, jirovision dealer, 190 Watt street, S.S
Peacock Arthur, boot maker, 2741 Main street, B
Peacock John, plumber (Alexander Peacock & Son), 211 West
Princes street
Peacock John, school teacher, 11 Miller street, Shawlands
Peacock John, spirit dealer. Old Basin tavern. Old Basin, Possil
road; res. 6 Doune gardens, Kelvinside
Peacock John C. ship owner (J. C. Peacock & Co.), Ashbank,
Peacock John E. chemist, 83 Stirling rd. ; res. 34 Hopetoun pi
Peacock Eobert, baker (E. A. Peacock & Son), Dunard, 14
Leslie road, PoUokshiel.is
Peacock Eobert C. plumber (Alex. Peacock & Son), 170 Wood-
lands road
Peacock Thomas, wadding maker (Glasgow Wadding Co.), 39
Hutcheson street
Peacock William, jeweller, 450 New City road; res. 211 West
Princes road
Pearce C. W. & Co. wine & brandy growers &
champagrne shippers, soleag:cntsfor A. Pernay
& Co.'s champaernes, Reims ; 139 West Regent
street; T N 1490 Argyle & Corpn.; TA "Zinfandel,
Glasgow "; & at 42 Crutched -friars, London
Pearce J. & Co. electrical engineers, 182 West
Regent street
Pearce Charles W. Bream, wine merchant (C. W. Pearce ,& Co.),
Nithsdale, Langside
Pearce H. M. woollen merchant, 136 Queen street; res. 18
Sliafteebury terrace
Pearks Stores (Scotland Limited, grocers, tea & provision mer-
chants, 92 Canning street. P.; 346 Crown street, S.S. ; (Richd.
Potts, manager), 164 Gallowgate ; 99 Main street. A.; 37
Morrison street, Gn. ; 121 & 673 New City rd. & 283 Paisley rd
Pearl Assurance Co. (James Cherry, general superintendent;
Chas. Loder & Thos. Eees, district supt.), 45 Renfield street
Pearl Life Assurance Co. Limited (Thomas Merry, supt.), 23
Maxwell road, Pollokshields
Pearlmann M. & C. photographers, 254 St. George's road
Pearlmann Maurice, photographer (M. Pearlmann & Co.), 71
West Cumberland street
Pearsall James & Co. (London), silkmen. 11 Virginia street
Pearson, Beckett & Co. (br.inch of the British Oil & cake Mills
Limited), seed crushers, oil boilers, oil merchants & refiners,
Eockvilla oil mills, Possil road, P.D. ; T N 1336 ; T A " Rock-
villa, Glasgow "
Pearson Isaac B. & Co. ship brokers, 69 Buchanan street
Pearson & Knowles Coal & Iron Co. Limited (Warrington),
(Thomas Ilannay, agent), 217 Buchanan street
Pearson Andrew, H. M. assistant inspector of mines for West
of Scotland, The Grove, Buchanan drive, Rutherglen
Pearson Archibald M.D., J.P. surgeon, 90 Plantation street.
Plantation; res. 4 Middleton terrace, Ibrox
Pearson Arthur Havelock, commission agent, 118 Mains street
Pearson Charles, spirit dealer,61 Glassford street & 72 Wilson st
Pearson George, billiard rooms, 240 Buchanan street & 222 St.
George's road; res. 4 West Princes street
Pearson George, fruiterer, 28 Grove street
Pearson George T. commission agent, 65 West Regent street;
res. 3 Church road
Pearson Henry T. ship broker (Pearson Isaac B. & Co.), Deans-
holm, Park gardens south
Pearson Howard, commission agent, 243 Great Western road
Pearson Isaac B. ship broker (Pearson Isaac B. & Co.), 17
Doune terrace, Kelvinside
Pearson James, manufacturer (J. J. Cochrane & Co.), 9 Mav
terrace. Mount Florida
Pearson James, jun. photographer, 65 Jamaica street; res. 9 May
terrace. Mount Florida
Pearson James S. engineer, 265a, Shields road, S.S
Pearson John, manager, 149 North street, A
Pearson John M.B.. CM. physician & surgeon, 9 Paisley roaS
â– west, K.P. & 4 Middleton terrace, Ibrox
Pearson Patrick, jewellery & hardware agent, 60 St. Enoch
square; res. 11 Osborne villas, Cathcart
Pearson Peter, boot maker, 24 Parnie street; res. 263 Cum-
berland street
Pearson Eobert, jeweller, 74 South Woodside road
Pearson Thomas, greengrocer, 570 Debbie's loan
Pearson Wilham Douglas, commission merchant, 68 Bath street;
res. 23 Carmichael place, Langside
Pearson William Henry, secretary. Steel Co. of Scotland; res.
540 Victoria road
Peaston Alexander, wine & spirit broker, 27 Hope street
Peat J. & Co. commission agents, 28 Cochrane street
Peat Moss Litter Supply Co. Ltd. (The), chief
office for Scotland, 102 Bath street (A. W.
Galloway, manager); TA "Mossiest"; TN
756 Nat. ; branches, 27 Quality street, Leithi
& 62 Commercial street, Dundee

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