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52 GEO
Geoege street — continued,
87 Waddell & Mcintosh w.s
87 Brook & Son, jewellers
89 Gray James & Son, fur-
nishing ironmongers
89 Smiths & Co. lamp manfrs
9 1 Northern Club
93 MelroseAndw.&Co.teamrs
95 Insurance Co. of Scotland
95 Alliance Assurance Co
95A, Moffatt John Fredk. o.A
95A, Great Jforth of Scotland
Granite Co. Limited
95A, Grange or Robertson
95A, McKay Lockhart
97 Davidson Allan F.manager
99 Religious Tract & Book
Society of Scotland
loi FisheryBoard forScotland
loi Waterston George & Sons,
wholesale manfg.statnrs
103 Bank of Scotland (iS'ew
Town branch)
105 McKimiuie William, tailor
107 Thompson & Co. Limited,
107 Taylor&Turnbull, woollen
here is Castle st
109 Craig George D. clothier
III Anderson Hy. basket ma
III Bartram Miss Margaret,
dress maker
III Bishop Thomas, saddlers'
113 Bell John H. bookseller
113 Thomson David W.seeds-
113A, PatersonMissCatherine,
dress maker
115 Wallbridge Miss Jean,
115 MacdonaldMrs. Margaret,
115 Scottish Accident, Life &
Fidelity Insurance Co.
117 Rogers J. H. & Co.saddlrs
117 Royal Scottish Society of
117 Edinburgh Architectural
117 Dow Mrs
119 Boa Peter, chemist
119A, National Union of Con-
servative Associations,
P. W. Ballingall, sec
119A, Eastern Divisional
Douglas Farmer, sec
119A, Central Conservative
P. W. Ballingall, sec
119A, Scally MissElizh.aparts
119A, Lamb David B. auctnr
121 Stevenson Miss Margaret,
artificial flower maker
121 Smith Miss Anna C. dress
121 Edinburgh Choral Union
J. W. Smith, sec
121 Martin & Son, basket mfrs
123 Menzies, Black & Menzies
123 Scottish-Americanlnvest-
ment Co. Limited,
Chas. D. Menzies, sec
123 EdinburghUpper Ward of
Lanarkshire Association
(Alan L. Menzies, sec.
& treasurer)
123 Thomson Geo. Monro w.s
123 Farmers' Trust Co. Lim
123 Canada Settlers' Loan &
Trust Co. Limited
123 Bringloe & ilaxtone Gra-
ham c.A. accountants
123 Humboldt Redwood Co.
1123 St. John the Evangelist
1 Episcopal Church Re-
corder (James Maxtone
Graham c.a)
123 Craigmillar Steam Laun-
dry Co. Limited
123 County Fire Office
123 Scottish Trust & Loan Co.
of Ceylon Limited
123 Real Property Trust Lim
123 Provident Life- Office
123 California Pastoral &
Agricultural Co. Limited
123 Archibald A. R. agent
123 Kaye James
125 Local Government Board
for Scotland
125 MacDougall James Patten
m.a. advocate
127 Broad, Nelson & Co. gown
& jacket makers
127 Wood & Bogue, milliners
127 Potts G. & H. painters &
127 to i33Veitch's private hotl
129 Scottish PlateGlassInsur-
ance Co. Limited (W. J.
Walker, manager)
131 Bryce D. & J. architects
133 Milne James & Son Lim.
engineers &c
13s Dymock, Howden & Co.
wine merchants
13s Blyth & Westland c.E.
civil engineers
137 StephensonThomas f.c.s.
pharmaceutical chemist
137 Cookery & Housekeeping
Practical TrainingSchool
137 Cadell & Wilson w.s.&n.p
137 Edinburgh Society for the
Relief of Indigent Old
Men, Wm. B. Wilson, sec
137 Griggs Miss Annie M.
teacher of cookery
139 Stewart Miss Mary,aparts
139 Low Miss JeanC. dress ma
141 Scott-Moncrietf,'j'homson
& Shiells c.A. accountnts
141 Royal Society for Home
Relief to Incurables
141 Dunlop Cancer Fund
141 Reversionary Assoc. Lim
143 Downes William G. &
Son, hosiers
2 Clapperton Thomas w.s
2 Fiirst Isaac, solicitor
2 Jaap Mrs. Isabella, aparts
2 Nicol John, solicitor
2A, Macgregor William D.
portmanteau maker
4 Davis Joseph &Sons Lim.
mortgage brokers
4 Edinburgh & East of Scot-
land Liberal League,
R. BIcGregor, sec
4 Barrie Andrew & Son,
watch makers
6 Holtum & Welsh, clothiers
6a, Greenhill&Clapperton c.A
5a, Hodge & Smith c.A
6a, Cunynghame E. Blair,
stock & share broker
6a, Fairbairn John C. stock
8 Well Fire Co. Lim. stove
& range makers
8a, Watson, Forrest & "Watt,
stock brokers
10 Scott J.&T. cabinet mas. &c
loA, Keddie James D
ioa, Crawford David s.s.c. &
IOA, Crawford John Knox &
Son s.s.c
IOA, Paterson R. H. & Rhind,
architects & surveyors
IOA, Goodmans Lim. dentists
12 Banks&Co.Lira.printers&e
I2A, Stenhouse, Morrison &
Mitchell, clothiers I
14 Commercial Bank of Scot-
land (Andrew Aikman,
general manager)
14 Anderson William & Sons,
14 Anderson James L. law
agent & n.p
14B, Hamilton, Crawford &
Crawford s.s.c
14B, Cooper&Taylor,architcts
14B, Hislop Hy.W. stock brokr
16 Roques Madame, milliner
16 Wilson John & Son Belfast
Lim. linen manfrs. &c
18 Dowell's Rooms, for sales
of heritable & movable
property by auction
18 Dowell Alex, auctioneer
18 Brown Walter, auctioneer
Duncan Alex, auctioneer
Glegg David, auctioneer
Morrison Jas. auctioneer
Sinclair James, auctioneer
I 3a, Eugenie Mdlle. milliner
1 8c, Ross &Co. tobacconists ^
20 Forgan John s.s.c
20 Kirkland John W. D. s.s.c
20 Hardie A. Murray, archtct
20 Keir Robert, surveyor
20 Scottish Jlountaineering
20 MacLean Duncan, accntnt
o Reid William Walker, civil
20 Nicoll John, solicitor
42 Midlothian Unionist Asso-
A. Clarke Preston, sec
42 Mackay Geo. ladies' tailor
\2 ^Vilson Thos. glass painter
42 Lawrie Misses Jeanie &,
Isabella, milliners
42 Mackay James, caretaker
42 Lorimer George w.s
44 Hope William, bird stuffer
44 Wyckoil, Seamans & Bene-
dict, typewriting ma-
chine makers
44 Remington TypewTiter Co.
JamesLeishman, manaijr
46 Anson Norval & George,
46 Gordon, Falconer & Fair-
weather w.s
46 Aberdeen Heritable Se-
curities & Investment
Co. Limited (Gordon,
Falconer & Fairweather,.
46 Smith Andrew w.s
48 Carson Miss Mary, milhir
50 Macdonald & Stuart s.s.c
50 Bryson James G. solicitor
50 Ker Robert D. w.s
SO Cumming & Duff s.s.c
50 United Free Ministers'
Friendly Society,
Jas. Duff s.s.c. collcir
50 Murray Robert, architect
50 Brock Miss Eliza,dress ma
2oNesbittJn.landscapepaintr!5o Whyte Henry
20 Law Alexander, architect i 50 Johnston Miss Georgina
20 Constable Andrew, solicitor 152 Richardson Richard S. &
20 McEwan James, architect i Co. cutlers
20 Hislop James, caretaker ,54 Patterson Walt. Greenoak,
22 Edinburgh Life Assurance [ dealer in antiquities
Co. (Archibald Hewat; 54 Ferguson Geo. hairdresser
F.F.A., F.i.A. manager & 54 Music Hall(Jn.Milne,supt)
actuary ; Thomas Mac- ,' S4 Assembly Rooms,
leod Gardiner, sec) I John Milne, supt
22 Facultj- of Actuaries in [54^, Richardson J. J. & Co.
Scotland, 1 warehousemen
Vyvyan Marr, sec!s6 Hermitage Club,
24 Waugh Jn. .jas. w.s. & n.p' T. D. Scott, sec
24 Skae Ernest T. solr. & n.p 156 McDowell James
24 Ross Jliss Eleanor M. por-ls6 Alexander J. Shiels c.A
trait painter '56 Hamilton John c.A
26 Deans& Moore, coal owners \5^ Dods Miss ilargt. dress ma
25 Building TradesExchange, 56 Purves Robert & Co. law
James Cameron, sec
26 Blair-Scott Mrs
26 Small John, basket maker
26 Mills William, designer
58 BonuarThos.&Son.painters
60 Hedley Miss Elizabeth,
registry office for servnts
26 White&Eagle, engravers &c !6o McDoweU Robert & Sons,
26 Haig James W. engraver
26 Reid Jn. T. Rennie, litho-
graphic draughtsman
28 Gibb Alexander & Son,
umbrella makers
here is Hanover st
30 Harkom Joseph & Son,
gun makers
32 Jockel A. M. & Co. masonic
34 McNeill, Miller & Smith,
clothiers & tailors
36 Mcintosh Lauchlau s.s.c
36 Equitable Life Assurance
Society of the United
States, F. G. Macpher-
son, res. sec
36 Hope Robert, artist
36 Potts Misses Harriet &
Elizabeth, apartments
36 Peddie Thomas c.E
36 InghsRbt.who.warehsemn
36 Simpson John, solicitor
38 Small & Son, bird stuffers
Clark T. & T. publishers
33 The Expositorv Times,
T. & T. Clark, publishers
40 Ballantine James & Son,
42 Ballantine A. & Gardiner,
lass stainers
64 Union Bank of Scotland
Limited (James Morton,
mgr. ; Wm. Graham, sec)
64 Graham William,sec. Union
Bank of Scotland Limited
66 Queens Club
68 Bourhill Misses, aparts
63 Harvey John b.a., ll.e.
68 Zoblinsky Mdme. teacher
of languages
68 Ro}alExchange Assur. Co
Geo. Turnbull, local mgr
68 Guardian Plate Glass In-
surance Co. W. P. Scott
c.A. res. sec
68 United Free Church of
Scotland Fire Insurance
Trust Limited,
W. P. Scott c.A. sec
68 Scottish Boiler Insurance
Co. Limited ( W. P. ScoU
c.A. district agent)
68 Ferguson & Ramsay s.s.c
68 Cowan William w.s
68 Chalmers Joseph s.s.c
68 Scott William P. c.a
63 Guild J. Wyllie & Scott c.a
70 Latimer Sydney P. jeweller
70 Burr Mrs. Louisa, milliner
42 Morton Geo. A. publisher j here is Frederick st ,
42 Waldie Charles s.s.c, n.p '72 Sim Wm. wool repository

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