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82 Thomson Edward, shopkpr
84 Gordon J M. wardrobe dlr
S3 Paterson Mrs.Jane.confctr
90 Morgan MissHarriet.grocr
144 McEwen Fras.J.hairdrssr
146 Simpson Mrs. Isabella,
150 Taylor Miss Elizh. dairy
152 Munro John, shopkeeper
154 Thompson Miss Agnes,
158 Haggart James, spirit dlr
here is Dickson st
160 Blyth Lennox, balier
162 McUrthie Mrs. Margaret,
â– wardrobe dealer
164 Hay Mrs. Cath. shopkpr
170 Tulloeh John, boot maker
172 Laurie Mrs. Mary, dairy
176 Baxter Alex, newsagent
180 Brown Jas. Tod, spirit dlr
here isEaster rd
I MoPherson Wm. ho. agent
3 Mitchell James P. grocer
7 Kilgonr Wm. chimney swp
9 Brown James, tistimonger
here is Murano pi
II Gibson Andrew, grocer
19 Fleming James & Co. Lim.
sugar, spice & rice mills
19 Melrose & Thomson,
building contractors
19 Blackie George, cooper
21 McLardy David & Co.
ho;ise furnishers
23 Bell Miss Alice, dress ma
27 Cochrane J. P. & Co. golf
club & ball manufrs
31 Norton Park Co-operative
Society Limited
33 Salvation Ahmy
37 Stewardson & Co. copper
41 Nairn Wm. & Sons, bakers
45 Tait James, dairyman
47 McMurray John, shopkpr
61 to 67 Bathgate & Co. cork
6s Edinburgh Cork Co. cork
71 Smith & Ritchie, engravers
77 Miller Arthur, shopkeeper
79 Mclnnes James, boot ma
81 Herd Wm. Douglas, grocer
here is Elliot st. {no
85 Malcolm Robert, grocer &
spirit dealer
87 Mclsaac Mrs. Sarah, fruitr
93 Cowan & Co. railway &
general carriers
99 Robertson John, butcher
101 Crawford John, dairy
Albert terrace, Abbotsford
park to Tipperlin road.
1 Macgregor Thomas Low
2 Elgin Thomas
3 Forrester Mrs
4 Seth-Smith Rev. Frank
5 McKenzie Mrs
6 Blyth Harry A
7 Inches Mrs
8 Baker Thomas
9 Barnes Miss
10 Rainie Robert D
11 Ellis Robert
12 Watson Miss
13 Riach William
Albert terrace (Trinity),
York rd. to Starbank place.
1 Slater Peter Peterson, solr
2 Hutchinson Charles E
3 Mcintosh Donald
4 Marshall John W. chemist
Albion road, Easter road.
[No thoroughfare.]
Military Barracks (Duke of
Edinburgh's Own Edin-
burgh Artillery) I
Edinburgh &DistrictWater|
Trust (Drum Park yard)
Redpath Brown & Co. Lim.
iron & steel merchants
Baton Thomas, metal mer-
chant & rfefiner
1 Imperial Institute, teeth
1 3 Tinlin John, plumber
S Scott Mrs. Isabella, statnr
7 Tait Miss Maggie, dairy
9 Barnie Mrs. Maggie, grngro
II Melville John B. decorator
Aberdeen Granite Co.
monumental masons
Albyn place, Wemyss place
to F^orres street north.
I H. M. Inspector of I'ac-
tories & Workshops
(office) (Capt. H. W. S,
Kindersley, inspector)
I Cay William D. c.e
I SmithR.&A.K.surveyors&c
I Roche Alexander, artist
I Burns R
1 Mackie Mrs
2 Campbell J. A. & Lamond
c.s. & N.p. solicitors
2 Campbell Miss
3 Chiene & Tait c.A
4 Graham, Johnston &
Fleming w.s
4 Northern Investment Co.
of New Zealand Limited,
Alex. F'leming, sec
4 Texas ( The) Land & Mort-
gage Co. Ltd. (Graham,
Johnston & Fleming &
Mackenzie & Black, joint
5 Skene, Edwards & Garson
5 Caledonian & Australian
MortgageAgencyCo. Lim
6 Peddie J. & A. & Ivory w.s
6 United States Mortgage
Co. of Scotland Lim
6 Second Scottish Invest-
ment Trust Co. Lim
6 Scottish Investment Trust
Co. Limited
6 Scottish Lands & Buildings
Co. Limited
.37 Mackay Mrs
8 Peddie & Washington-
Browne, architects
9 Macandrew, Wright &
Murray w.s
9 Dominion .Savings&Invest-
ment Society of London
9 Landed Banking & Loan
Co. ofHamilton (Ontario)
9 United States Investment
Corporation Limited
9 Corson Lockhart D. solictr
J. M. jNIurray, hon. sec
10 SimpsonR.R.&Lawson w.s
10 Melville Alex. P. w.s
11 Fraser William s.s.c
II Stewart Robert s.s.o
Alfred place. Canon place.
Now numbered in Canon-
Alfred place.
See Mayfield tekkace.
Allan stree t, 1 34 Ferry road
to Dudley avenue.
I LouttitMiss Isabella, dairy
3 Sinclair Miss Annie,3hpkpr
5 Brotcher John, coal mer
S Eeles John, clerk
5 Gifford Jas. marine engnr
5 Geekie Miss Jane, fruiterer
9 Southerland Geo. cycle ma
NoKTH LeithMissionHall
here is Dudley aven
2 Allan Robert C. grocer
4 Martin David, paperhanger
6 Gray Mrs. Janet, dress ma
6 Watson Alex, ironmonger
6 Waters Alexander
8 SymonWiIliam,ship mastr
3 Henry Alexr. ship broker
3 Mcintosh Robt. sail maker
10 Campbell Thomas, marine
10 Bruce James, grocer
10 Henry Alexander F. ship'
ping agent
10 Hill Win. wine & spirit dlr
10 CampbellRt.mast. mariner
iiere is Dudley aven ...
Almoud Bank terrace,
Shaftesbury park.
[No thoroughfare.]
5 Coutts Robert, cabinet ma
9 Reid David M. traveller
12 Reid John,china merchant
... here is Shaftesbury pk ..
Alston rd. 259 Dalkeith rd,
Alva place.
Now included in London ed.
Alva street, 1 5 Queensf erry
street to Stafford street.
I Allan Miss Mary, aparts
I Brown George, insur. agnt
I Walters Mrs. Margt.aparts
I Fortune Thomas
I BainMrs.Janet,apartments
I Servants'DomesticRegistry
Association ( Miss Jean
Jardine, manageress)
3 Napier & Brown, dress mas
5 Sanitary Protection Asso-
R. Blackadder, sec
S Blackadder Robt. architect
S McLaren James A. char-
tered accountant
5 Ezard Herbert, dentist
7 Stevenson Norman Lang
L.D.s.Bdin. dental surgn
9 Ericson Dick, gymnastic
II Tawse & Bonarw.s
II Nisbet Christr. Chas. w.s
II Milligan Frederick P. w.s
13 Struthers Jn. Wm.M.B.surg
IS Scottish Trained Nurses'
Association (Miss E.
Graham, principal)
17 Pearson C. Mowbray m.b.
19 Hill Thomas
21 Plastow Albert,apartments
23 Chiene Geo.L. M.B.surgeon
25 Menzies Mrs
27 Forbes Mrs. Jane, aparts
29 McPhersonMissMay,aparts
29 Tweddle Mrs. John
29 StewartMrs. Ann,apartmts
29 Scobie James, chemist
29 Miller Miss Isabella, dress
31 McAllum DavidM.E. surgn
33 Petrie Alex, coach propr
35 Swanston Miss Davina,
3S Gill Mrs. Marjorie, aparts
35 Bartleman John, goldsmth
here is Stafford st
2 SinclairMrs.Elizh.apartmts
2 Morris David
2 WallaceMissIsabella,apart3
3 Lockyer Mrs. Jane
2 Mackenzie MissMary,aprts
2 Tait Mrs. Mary
4 Servants' Institution,
Wm. R. Fyfe, manager
6 Gulland GeorgeLovell m.d.
8 Lithgow Edwin M.D. surgn
8 Lithgow Jn. D. m.d. surgn
10 Cay Mrs
12 Syin Wm. Geo. m.d. surgn
16 Menson Miss Jessie, aparts
16 Henderson Miss Maggie,
20 Weir & Robertson, solicitors
20 Henderson S. & Sons Lim.
biscuit manufacturers,
Jas. W. Robertson, sec
22 Page Frederick
24 Coutts& Palfrey s.s.c.&n.p
24 Edinburgh Mutual Invest-
ment & BuildingSociety,
Coutts & Palfrey, sees
24 Sceptre Life Association
Limited, Coutts & Pal-
frey, district sees
26 Dunlop Mrs
28 Shennan Lawson Storrow
L.D.s.Edin. dental surgn
30 Thom Miss Helen R. aparts
30 Ainley George P. aparts
30 Paton Mrs. Jane
30 Wood Charles
30 Cairns Christopher
30 Dawson Miss Jeanie
32 Dunlop ^iiss
34 Laidlaw Alex, dairyman
36 Smith Mrs. Margaret
36 Robertson Miss Margaret,
dress maker
38 Ness James & Son, boot &
shoe makers
... here is Stafford st
Alvanley terrace, Warren-
der Park rd. to Barclay ter.
1 Campbell John, decorator
2 Considine William s.s.c
3 Cattanach James G. m.b.,
4 Constable N. Briggs
5 Russell William, chemist
6 Anderson Miss Margaret,
dress maker
7 Donald Andrew F. com-
mercial traveller
8 Graham John, baker
9 Landells Mrs. Msigaret,
10 Dodds Marshall, dairjman
11 Caldwell Misses Maggie &,
Mary, fruiterers
Vi'atson A. Swan, photo-
grapher (View parK.)
Anchorfleld, Lindsay read
to Hawthornvale.
1 Dickson& Pratt,bras3 fndrs
2 Mielisch Mrs.Emilie, spirit
S Cooper George, shopkeeper
7 Tait James, painter
10 Leith Provident Co-op. Soc
Anderson place, Benning-
ton road to West Bowling
Green street.
Cowe John, potato merchant
(Bonnington siding)
Traill Robert & Co. ironfndrs
Greig John, biscuit manuftr
here is West J3owlin</ Green st
EDIN, 1*

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