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1890 INS
IxsuRA^TE Companies— continueil.
National In.>;urance Co. of Great Britain
Limitpd r William Stables, local inspec-
tnr), 154 Union street, Aberdeen
'New Tork Life (Thomas M. Chambers,
manajrer), 41i Union street, Aberdeen
Kew Yort Life" (Frank N. Crillif'S, district
manafrer), 4 India buildings, Dnndee
North British Fishing Boab Insurance Co.
Limited ("Robert Gray, sec), 2 Eose st.
North British & Mercantile (Thomas E.
Suttie. local fpc"). 13 Panmnre st. Dundee
North British & Mercantile
Insurance Co. (John D. Finlay-
son, resident sec.)t 14 Union
streeti Inverness
North Briti^li & Mercantile (George W.
'W. Barclay J. P. local manager), 91
Union street, Aberdeen
North (The") of Scotland Plate Glass
(Eichard Duffy, managing director), 3
Union street, Inverness
Northern (Sir Wm. Ogilvy Dalgleish,
bart. chairman; Jamea W. Barty LL.D.,
Edward Cox, John M. Hendry. William
Japp & Andrew Whitton, directors ;
William Pringle, sec.1, Northern
Assurance building's, 110 Com-
mercial street, Dundee
Northern Accident Insurance Co. Limited
(Alexander S. Mitchell, resident sec.)
343 Union street, Aberdeen
Northern Accident Insurance Co. Limited,
18 Commercial street, Dundee
Norbhern Assurance Co. (Thomas Kyd,
resident manager; Edward F. Newlands,
sec. ; Henry E. Wilson, general man-
ager) ; head office, 1 Union terrace, Aber-
deen; branch offices, 110 Commercial st,
Dundee; 20 St. Andrew square, Edin-
burgh »&; 90 St. Vincent street, Glasgow
Northern Plate Glass Limited (John M.
Dunn, sec). 245 Union street, Aberdeen
Norwich Union (John E. 'Wilson, district)
manager), 16 Meadowside, Dundee ;
(Eichard Duffy, district manager) 3
Union street, Inverness ; (H. N. Bain,
district manager) 74 Union street, Aber^
deen; (Alio Clydesdale, manager; W,
Coldwell Young, assistant manager)
G-laagow & (Eraser, Stodart & Ballingall,
diatJrict managers) Edinburgh
Norwich Union (fire & life) (Henry W.
Bain, manag-er). 74 Union st. Aberdeen
Patriotic Assurance Co. (T. S. Pattullo it
Co- res. sees.), 33 Albert sq. Dundee
Pearl Life Limited (C. J. M'AUister, dis-
trict supt. ) . Pearl offices, Meadowside,
Dundee; (Andrew Pritchard, district
supt.) IG Laird street. Greenock; (J.
Atkinson, supt.) 4 Causeyside street,
Paisley; (A. Cree, supt.) 4 St. Clair ter-
race. Annan road, Dumfries; (George
W. Mays) 30 Cadogan street. Hamilton;
(William Can-, supt.) lid High street,
Arbroath; (J. Gordon, supt.) 19 St. John
street, Perth; (Thomas Eobertson, supt.)
32 Mid street, Bathgate ; (John Moir,
supt.) 14 St. Nicholas st. Aberdeen; (J.
Moir. supt.) 214 High street. Kirkcaldy;
(J. W. McLatchie. supt.) Lee cottage,
Kenneth street, Inverness; (A. Le Brit-
ton, supt.) 87 High street, Grahamston.
Falkirk; (Evans Jones, supt.) 14 North
â– strand, Stranraer; (J. Taggart. supt.)
28 Main street, Coatbridge ; (William
Allen, supt.) 41 Livingstone place, Gala-
shiels; (F. Pearce, district manager)
Wellington chambers, Ayr ; & (John
Gunn. supt.) 32 Clark street, Kilmarnock
Plate Glass (John Sheed & Co. 44 Marisclial
street, Aberdeen
Profit & Income Insurance Co. Limited
(The") (Marquis & Hall, district man-
agera^, 222 Union street, Aberdeen
Provident (life) (Joseph Gib.^on &. Co.),
26 Commercial st. Dundee. See advert
Prudential Limited (Thomas Johnson, dis-
trict supt.), 159a. Union street, Aber-
deen; (William (3-ilroy. supt.) 1 Mont-
gomerie street, Ardrossan ; (Samuel
Eead Greenhorn,' supt.') 11 High street,
Bathgate ; CWilliam Pugsley. supt.) 4
Academy street, Coatbridge ; (George
McMurdo Brown, snpt.") Muir Park pi.
Eskbank, Dalkeith ; (William Goodman,
supt.) 15 Church street, Dumbarton;
(William Matthews, district supt.) 34
Bank street. Dumfries ; (William Bell &
Thomas McCInre. district supts.") 31
Albert square, Dundee: (Ward Thomas
Varley, supt.) Ne\vmarket st. Falkirk :
(David Samson, assistant snpt.) Ends-
leiq-h. Wyllie street, Forfar ; (Eobert
McNaught, assistant supt.) 7 Mont-gom-
erie street, Girvan ; (Samuel Thomas
Wood, assistant supt.) 1 Alma street,
Grahamston, Falkirk; (H. W. Graham,
snpt.) 8 West Blackball st. Greenock ;
(John B. King, district supt.) 1 John
Dickie street, Kilmarnock; (James Don-
ley, assistant supt.) Burnhead, Larbert ;
(Samuel T-yon, supt.) Eoss-dhu villa,
Ardconnel road. Oban ; (Jn. McCreary,
supt.). 8 St. Mirren street, Paisley ;
(James Hutchison, supt.), 15 KinnouU
street, Perth; (John Hastings, assistant
snpt.) Eattray, Blairgowrie ; (George
Martin, supt.) 47 High street, Eothesny
& Qneensgate, Inverness
Eefuge Limited (George H.Simpson, supt.).
6 King street, Aberdeen; (John Petrie,
supt.) 211 High street, Arbroath; (John
Cameron, manager) 1-2 Main street,
Coatbridge; (John Haworth, supt.) Ill
West Bridge road, Dumbarton; (George
Boggis. assist^ant supt.) 11 Academy st.
Dumfries; (Isaac Jones, supt.) 11 Mur-
raygate, Dundee; (George Hall, supt.) 2
Douglas street. Dunfermline ; ( Hugh
Murray, supt.) 63 Channel st. Galashiels;
(John McMill. supt.) 118 Graham's id.
Grahamston, Falkirk ; (Wm. Sanderson,
supt.) 32" Cathcart street, Greenock;
(Thomas Wise, supt.) 66 Quarry street,
Hamilton; (John Baxter, supt.) 5 County
place, Paisley & (John Morgan, supt.)
45 Main street. Wishaw
Eenfrewshire Glass Limited (Alexander
Matheson. sec), 95 High street, Paisley
Kock Life Assurance Co. (T. A. Coats,
resident sec), 5 Union ter. Aberdeen
Eoyal Exchange (Innes & Mackay, local
managers), Union street, Inverness
Royal Exchangee Assurance (J.
A. Tombazis, branch mana-
g;er), 8 Panmure st. Dundee.
See advertisement
Eoyal Fire & Life (William J. Scott, resi-
dent sec), 148 Union street, Aberdeen
Eoyal Insurance Co. (branch) (E. A.
Yunnie, res. sec), Queensgate,Inverness
Royal Insurance Co. (branch
office) (John Leslie, resident
secretary), 97 & 99 Commer-
cial street, Dundee
Royal Insurance Co. (The) (W.
& R. Ritchie, agrents), 6 Pan-
mure street, Dundee
Eoyal Liver (J. L. Beswick, district man-
ager), 93 Victoria road, Dundee & (W.
S. Hendry, district supt.) 17 Hamilton
street, Greenock
Salvation Army Life Assurance (Albert
Norton, district supt-.), 2 TuUideph rd.
â– Scottish Alliance Limited (George M. Kidd
& William Frew Suttie, joint sees.), 27
Panmure street, Dundee
Scottish Alliance Insurance Co. Limited
(Thomas K. Gillies, agent), 181a, Union
street, Aberdeen
Scottish Boat Insurance Co. Limited (John
L. CcCallum, sec), 20 Seaforth street,
Scottish County & Mercantile Insurance
Co. Limited (James Milne, jun. assistant
manager), 9 Union terrace, Aberdeen
Scottish Employers' Liability & General
Insurance Co. Lim. (head office) (James
Davidson, mgr.), 9 King st. Aberdeen
Scottish Employers' Liability & General
Insurance Co. (Butchart & Eennet, soli-
citors), 123^ Union street, Aberdeen
Scottish Equita'ble Life Assurance Society
(George Watt, agency inspector), 343
Union street, Aberdeen. See advert
Scottish Equitable Mutual Life
Assurance Society (William
Simpson, resident sec), 6
Panmure st. Dundee. See advt
Scottish General Fire Assurance Corpora-
tion Limited (Sinclair-Spark, Meffefc &
Taylor, district managers), 245 Union
street, Aberdeen
Scottish Legal Life (Eobert Bruce, district
manager). 40 Union terrace, Aberdeen;
74 Dumbarton road, Clydebank, (Glas-
gow; (William McLeavey, district man-
ager) 18 St. John street, Coatbridge;
(Bobert Malcolm, district manager)Gk)wen
bank. Braehead. Dairy; (Frederick Wey-
mark. district manager) 59 Church st.
Dumbarton ; (Edward H. Porter, district
manager) 19 Cowgate street, Dundee ;
(James Thomson, district manager) 17
Culbert street, Elgin; (James McMast-er,
district manager) 10 Melville street, Fal-
kirk; (George Threlkeld, supt.) Dundee
road, Forfar; (James Wood, district man-
ager) 18 Hamilton street, Greenock ;
(William Kerr, district supt.) a2 Stur-
rocfc street, Kilmarnock & (Wm. Stod-
dart, dist. manager) 96 High st. Paisley
Scottish Life Assurance Co. Limited
(W. D. Esslemont, res. sec), 25 Union
terrrce, Aberdeen
"Scottish Live Stock Insurance Co. Liraitect
(Arthur G. Bull, manager). General
buildings, Perth; (John M. Dunn, branch
manager) 245 Union street, Aberdeen 6i
'(MelvlLI & Lawson, district managers)
G] Eefnrm street, Dundee
Scottish Metropolitan (Thomas Ferguson^
res. sec), 177 Union street, Aberdeen
Scottish Plate Glass Lunited (Charles A.
Bodie, district manager), 216 Union st..
Aberdeen. See advertisement
Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Co. (John
Rattron, district manager), 50 Barraek:
street, Dundee. See advertisement
Scottish Provincial Assurance Co. (now
merged in the North British & Mercan-
tile Insurance Co.) (George W. W. Bar-
clay J. P. local manager), 91 Union &t^
Scottish Provident Institution (James Dv
Macfcie, local sec), 166 Union street,
Aberdeen & (John W. Shepherd, resi-
dent sec), 49 Meadowside, Dundee
Scottish Temperance Life & A-ccident
Assurance Co. Limited (George New-
lands, resident sec), 154 Union st.Ahrdn
Scottish Union & National (James Trotter,
resident sec), 41 Albert square, Dundee
(TN 46; TA " Unitate ") & (Andrew
Robertson, district inspector) 48a, Union
street, Aberdeen. See advertisement
Scottish United Reform Friend'y Society
(William Simpson, district agent), 41)
Vennel, Greenock
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Bene-
volent Society (J. C. & B. Weddell, hon.
agents), 4 Palace street east, Berwick
South of Scotland Glas?; Limited (Thomas
C. Farries, managing director), 159 Irisli
street, Dumfries
South of Scotland Woollen Manufacturers''
Mutual Insurance Corporation Limited
(William Oliver, sec), 47 North Bridge
street. Hawick
Standard Life Assurance Co. (Jolin Mc-
CuUoch, district inspector), 173a, Union
street. Aberdeen
Standard Life Assurance Co. (Douglas.
Maolagan, local sec), 45 Commercial
street, Dundee
St.'ir Life Assurance Society (Eichard W.
IC. Bain, district manager), 375 Union
street, Aberdeen & (John Ewan Dow,,
district manager) 10 Victoria chambers,.
State (The) Fire Limited (James
llattray. district manager), 10 Panmure>
street," Dundee & (A. D. Macbeth, res.
sec.) 28 Castle street, Rothesay
Stirlingshire Friendly Assurance Society
(John Eamsey, sec), 14 Bruce st.Stirling
Sun Fire & Life (David A. Pope, inspec-
tor of agents). 46a, Union st. Aberdeen.
See advertisement
Sun Fire Office, 7 Panmure street, Dundee-
Sun Tiife Assurance Co. of Canada (M.
Lunan, district manager), 254 Union st.,
Town & County Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Limited (Arthur Turnbull, manager), 17
Rose street. Kirkcaldy
Ulster Marine Insurance Co. Limited (Dun-
can Howe, agent), 3 Seagate, Dundee
Union Marine Insurance Co..
Lim. (Liverpool) (James Logie
& Co. agrents), 6 7 Reform st.
Dundee; T N 504;T A " Logrie,
Dundee "
United XCingdom Temperance & General
Provident Institution (George Kemp^
branch manager), 13 Bridge st. Aberdeen
Universal Key Registry Insurance Associa-
tion Limited (T. B. Gillies, manager;
J.G. Lawson, sec), 61 Reform st.Dundee^
Vulcan Boiler & (^-eneral Insurance Co.
Limited (George Eollo, district agent),
8 Panmure street, Dundee
West of Scotland Fire Office (The) (George-
Newlands, resident sec), 154 Union st..
Aberdeen. See advertisement
Yorkshire Fire Life & Accident Insurance-
Co. (John Meikle, local sec). 79 Commer-
cial street, Dundee. See advertisement
Mutual Life Insurance Co. of
New York (D. C. Haldeman. general
manager) ; head office, 16. 17 & 18 Corn-
hill, London E C ; branch office. Castle
chambers, 55 West Regent st. Glasgow
National Boiler & General In-
surance Co. Lim. (The) (estab.
18 6 4); ofHce, 2 2 St. Ann's
square, Manchester (T A
*• National, Manchester;" T N
1409 Manchester); Glasgow
offlce, 64 West Recent street
(representative, R. J. Muter,
375 E^linton st. Glasgow)

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