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&bbot Peter H. 8 Roxburgh terrace
,Abel Rev. Arthur C. (United Free Church),
Ley lodge, Ancrum road, Lochee
Aderdein Mrs. 6 Garland place
Adam John, Magdalen place
Adam John, jun. 7 Windsor ter. Perth rd
Adams Hy. & Richmond ter. Magdalen gn
Adams James, 4 Adelaide place
Adams Miss, 2 Dalhousie ter. Perth road
.Adams Mrs. 53J Perth road
-Adamson Rev.Alexander B.D. (United Free
Church), 2 Magdalen place
.Adamson Alexander, Rosemount terrace
A-damson Charles, 4 Gowrie pi. Hawkhill
Adamson John J. P. Ava lo. Magdalen grn
Adamson Mrs. 69 Magdalen green
Adamson Mrs. Mount Pleasant, Hawkhill pi
Adamson Mrs. 2 Paradise road
, Adie Mrs. Eastview, Dalkeith road
.Aimer Mrs. J. 4 Roslyn vils. Chepington rd
Ainslie Thomas R. Chalmers street
Air David, Dunmore, Perth road
-Aitcheson John, 4 Airlie terrace, Perth rd
Aitken Rev. James D.D. (United Free
Church), -^Roxburgh terrace.West Park rd
Aitken "William, 12 Nelson street
Alexander Miss, 4 Windsor place
Alexander William, 4 Albany terrace
Allan David M. Aberlemno ter. Perth road
Allan James.Loch view, East Clepington rd
Allan John, Sangor, East Clepington road
^Allan Robert, The Plane Trees' Rankine st
Allan Robert Ferguson, 90 Victoria road
Alston Mrs. 2 Craigie ter. Ferry road
Anderson Rev. Kerr Cranston D.D. (Con-
gregational), 6 East Sommerville place
Anderson Alex B. 3 Lome ter. Forfar rd
Anderson Alfred W. 17 Briarwood terrace,
West Park road
Anderson George, 19 Airlie place, Perth rd
Anderson George, 9 Strathview terrace,
Forfar road
Anderson James S. 9 Forebank road
Anderson Matthew F. 161 Princes street
Anderson Miss, 2 Belgrave terrace, South
road, Lochee
Anderson Miss, 19 Blackness avenue
Anderson Miss, 3 Fort street
Anderson Mrs. 5 Hawkhill place
Anderson Mrs. 12 Windsor street
A.nderson Mrs. Patrick, 12 Windsor street
Anderson Wm.Balrossa cot.Ancrm.rd. Lochee
Anderson William, 32 Shepherds loan
Andrew Jsph. Ann's vil. We. Clepington rd
Andrew Wm. 21 Maryfield ter. Maryfleld
.Angus William, 25 Perth road
Annan Rt, W. Heath cot. Union st.Lochee
-Anton George, 32 Argyle street, Maryfield
Anton Jas. 10 Windsor ter. Perth road
-Archer David G. 2 Buckingham terrace,
Forfar road
.Archer Mrs. W. B. 22 Airlie pi. Perth rd
Arthur Wm. F. 25 Janefield pi. Maryfield
Ay'nvard Rev. Richard (Roman Catholic),
150 Ne<iiergate
.IBaildon Henry B., M.A. 338 Blackness rd
Rain D. Beattie M.D. 3 Airlie place
"Bain Henry, Aroslea, Pitkerro road
Bain Wm. G. 13 Erskine ter. Clepington rd
Baird John, 3 Blackness avenue
HBaird Richard, 1 Blackness avenue
Balfour David, 1 Briarwood terrace, West
Park road
Ballantine Mrs. 19 Janefield pi. Maryfield
Ballingall Hugh J.P., D.L. 3 Douglas ter
i'Ballingall William B. 1 Somerville place
Band David, Balgay ter. Logie st. Lochee
Band Henry. 1 Dalhousie terrace, Perth rd
Banks Alexander, Carselea, Blackness rd
"Banks Mrs. 8 Albany terrace
Banks William, 4 Blackness crescent
Banks William. 3 Hyndford terrace
Bannerman David, 1 Ctaigiebank terrace,
Pitkerro road
Bannerman James, 2 Forebank terrace
Barnet Mrs. 3 Woodville place, Maryrield
Barnson Andrew, Craigie, Ferry road
"Barran Rev. David (Congregational), Clif-
ton bank. Dalkeith road
Carrie George. 2 Nairn place
Barrie Miss, 6 Erskine ter. Clepington rd
'Barrie Miss, 49 Mains loan
<Barrie Mibs, The Vine, Magdalen green
iBarrie Peter, 31 Shamrock street
Barrie William, 11 Wortley place
Barry Arthur, 4 Hawkhill place
Bartholomew John, 6 Melville ter. West
Park road
Bartholomew Mrs.l Aberlemno ter.Perth rd
Bartlet James Lindsay C. 3 Rosewood ter-
race. West Park road
Batchelor David, 7 Tofthill, Lochee
Batchelor Robert, 28 Windsor street
Bates James, 11 Hermon hill, Perth road
Baxter David. W. Park view, Balgay road
Baxter G. W., LL.D., J.P.Ashcliff,Perthrd
Baxter George, Abbotsford villa, Maryfield
Baxter George S., C.E. Abbotsford cottage,
Forfar road
Baxter Hugh, 2 Lynnewood place, Maryfield
Baxter James S. Seton cottage, Ferry road
Baxter Miss, 1 Aberlemno terrace
Baxter Mrs. 2 Airlie terrace, Perth road
Baxter Mrs. 10 Airlie terrace, Perth road
Baxter Mrs. Arnhall, Perth road
Baxter Mrs. H. 7 Aberlemno ter.Perth rd
Baxter Walter, 2 Albertford vils.Forfar rd
Bayne Rev. James (United Free Church),
3 Bellefleld avenue
Beat John, 6 Springfield
Beattie James, 92 Victoria road
Becg Arthur, 14 East Somerville place
Bell Rev. Archibald M.A., D.D. (Estab.
Church), 13 Shamrock street
Bell J. Belmont house, Perth road
Bell James Harriott, Belmont bo. Perth rd
Bell Jn. Wm. Belmont house, Perth road
Bell Miss, 5 Blackness avenue
Bell Miss, 1 Norwood crescent
Bell Mrs. James, 2 Norwood crescent
Bell Wm. 3 Erskine ter. Clepington road
Bell William Arthur, Osborne vil. Osborn pi
Benson Rev. J. M. (St. Clement's Estab-
lished Church), 5 Hermon Hill terrace
Benvie Mrs. 9 Somerville place
Bertie William, 11 Springfield
Bett Miss, 1 Bellefleld avenue
Beveridge Rev. John M.A., B.D. (United
Free Church), 8 Panmure terrace
Bird T. 20 Lynnewood place, Maryfield
Birne Miss, 22 Constitution road
Bisset Christopher Johnston, 7 Windsor st
Bisset Mrs. 5 Fort street
Bisset William, 12 East Somerville place
Bisset William S. Edinville, Wortley place
Black James, 14 Shamrock street
Black Mrs. 7 Blackness avenue
Blackwood William, 2 Hermon Hill terrace
Blair James R. 21 Airlie place
Boase Miss, 23 Perth road
Boasa Wm. L., J.P. Binrock, Perth rd
Boath Mrs. Laurel bank, Dalkeith road
Boland Mrs. 4 Park place
Bouar George, Annesley, Argyle street,
Bond Thomas A. Richmond-lea, East Clep-
ington road
Booth Allan Low, Barry bank, Rankine st
Booth Mrs. 6 Strathview terrace, Forfar rd
Borland Frederick, Borland villa, Balgay
terrace, Logie street, Lochee
Boyd George, 3 Dalhousie ter. Perth road
Boyes Rev. James Alexander M.A. (curate
of St. Salvador's Episcopal Church), 3
South George street
Boyes Miss M.B., Ch.B. Molison street,
Mains loan
Bradford James Martin, 9 Albany terrace
Bradford Mrs. 2 Albany terrace
Braid John, 4 Aberlemno terrace, Perth rd
Brand Mrs. 1 Dalhousie terrace, Perth road
Brebner James M.A. 2 Scotswood terrace,
West Park road
Brechin Bishop of (Right Rev. Hugh Wil-
loughby Jermyn D.D.), Forbes ct.Ferry rd
Bremner Mrs. 10 William street
Brickman John Otto, 1 Windsor street
Briggs James A. 330 Blackness road
Brough Peter, Park place, Lochee
Brough Robert, 4 Grosvenor ter. Perth rd
Brown Andrew, 2 Blackness crescent
Brown C. Every L.D.S. Shaftesbury road
Brown Colin, 10 Somerville place
Brown D. M. Cullen villa, West Park road
Brown David, 45 Magdalen green
Brown David M. 4 Scotswood terrace, West
Park road
Brown James, 5 Craigie terrace
Brown James, Honey-Green villa .Pitkerro rd
Brown Misses, 13 Osborne place
Brown Mrs. 7 Bellefleld avenue
Brown Mrs. 11 Thomson street
Brown Mrs. Union Bank cottage, Tofthill,
Brown William, 3 Balgay av. Blackness rd
Brown William Andrew, 2 Grosvenor ter-
race, Perth road
Brown William L. 3 Greenfield place
Browning Samuel S. 12 Wortley place
Brownlee Mrs. 1 Blackness crescent
Brownlee William J.P, 9 Clarendon ter-
race, Perth road
Bruce Alexander, Glendruad, Argyle st.
Bruce Alfred, Duncraggan, Argyle street,
Bruce John D. Sunnybank,61 Magdalen grn
Bruce Mrs. 12 Balgay avenue, Blackness rd
Bruce Wm. 3 Richmond ter. Magdalen grn
Brace William M. 8 Laurel bank
Brush John W. 2 Adelaide terrace
Brush Samuel, Muircote, Clepington road
Brydie David, Ochil villa, Balgay terrace,
Citv road, Lochee
Bryson David S. 5 Strathview ter. Forfar rd
Bryson William S. Rosemount, East Clep-
ington road
Buchan David S. 12 Springfield
Buchan John, 12 Strawberrv bank
Budge Robert I. G. 11 Duff st. Maryfield
Buglass Mrs. 105 Ferry road
Bulk Mrs. 1 Blackness cres. Perth road
Buist Andrew, 5 Roxburgh terrace, West
Park road
Buist Henry M.B., Ch.B.Edin. Spring-
field, Perth road
Buist John Hadden, 7 Blackness avenue
Buist Robert Cochrane M.A., M.B., M.D.
166 Nethergate
Buist Thomas, 101 Magdalen green
Burden Duncan M.A., LL.B.Edin. 2 Wind-
sor terrace, Perth road
Burden Mrs. 2 Windsor terrace, Perth rd
Burdon Rev. Francis (rector of St. Mary
Magdalen), The Rectory, Well road,
Hermon hill
Burke Alexander Fordyce, Hughenden, For-
far road
Burke Kenneth, Hill view, Clepington rd.
Burnett Rev. James (United Free Church),
Coupar Angu3 road, Lochee
Burns John S. 16 Erskine ter.Clepington rd
Burns William, 2 Roxburgh terrace, West
Park road
Butchart Alexander, 27 Ancrum rd. Lochee
Butchart Alexander, 2 Springfield
Butchart Robert K. 5 Baxter Park terrace
Butchart William P. 6 Somerville place
Butler Thomas C. 3 Briarwood terrace,
West Park road
Euttar David. 10 Roxburgh ter.W.Park rd
Butter Mrs. Kinloch villa, Inverary terrace
Butti Very Rev. Canon Peter L. (Roman
Catholic), Maitland street
Caird George (head master Hawkhill
Public Schools), 20 Springfield
Caird James K. S Magdalen Yard road
Calder Alexander, Inverary terrace
Calder John Gray, 21 Blackness avenue
Callaghan Mrs. 5 Briarwood terrace, West
Park road
Cameron Rev. David B., M.A. (Rosebank
Established Church), 5 Douglas terrace
Cameron Rev.James (United Free Church),
2 Woodville place, Maryfield
Cameron Jack, Daisy bank, Forfar road
Cameron John, 3 Daisybank, Shamrock st
Cameron Miss, 22 Airlie place, Perth road
Campbell Rev. Colin D.D. The Manse of
Dundee, Dalkeith road
Campbell Rev. James M. (Wallaeetown
Established Church), 2 Craigie Bank ter-
race, Pitkerro road
Campbell Rev. John (chaplain to the East
& West Poorhouse), 10 Nelson street
Campbell Alexander M.D. 1 Clarendon ter.
Perth road
Campbell David, 3 Belgrave terrace. South
road, Lochee
Campbell Miss, 4 Gowrle place, Hawkhill

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