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Sinclair William, baker, 37 Middle street
Skelly Luoy (Mrs.), apartments, 11 St.
Helen's terrace
Smith Mary (Miss), aparts. 104 Main st
Smith Mary A. (Miss), apartments, 3 The
Speedy Elizabeth (Miss), apartments, 113
Main street
Spittal Water Works (Robert Sidey, mgr)
Steel Catherine (Miss), householder, 190
Main street
Stewart John A. manager London & Edin-
burgh Steamship Co. 6 St. Helen's ter
Storar Annie(Mrs.),apartments,l-i9 Main st
Storar William, stone mason & builder, 92
Main street
Swinney . Annie (Mrs.), apartments, 12
Albert road
Teesdale Richard, apartments, 111 Main st
Teesdale William, plumber, 72 Main street
Thomson Christina (Mrs.), apartments, 124
Main street
Thomson Jn. Pitman's Arms P.H, West st
Todd Robert, shopkeeper & hair dresser,
Main street
Tully Andrew, apartments, 3 Albert road
Unthank William, marine store dlr.West st
Wallace Matilda (Mrs.), aparts. Albert rd
Watt Alex, marine store dlr. 31 Main st
White James, apartments, 5 Albert road
Whitlie William, baker, 50 Main street
Wilteie John, jun. fishmonger, 28 Main st
Wilson James, aparts. 5 St. Helen's ter
Wilson James T. R. manufacturing
chemist, North of England & Rivermouth
chemical works, Sandstell road
Wood James, apartments, 9 Albert road
Wood John, apartments, 137 & 139 Main st
Wood John, hardware dealer, 62 Main st
Wood Miss, apartments, 127 Main street
Black John, Sea house
Carr John Evelyn, Heathery tops
Lightfoot Rev. John M.A. The Vicarage
Blackett Thomas, blacksmith
Cowe William, farmer, Springhill
Crawford John R. policeman
Hay James, farmer, Hill farm
Heir Robert, station master
Hill Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Kershaw R. manager
Kirkup Thomas, farmer, Town farm
Manderson John I. manager, The Cottage
Nicholson William, grocer, draper & sub-
Rosb Brothers, farmers, Borewell & Inland
Scremerston Coal Co. Limited, coal owners,
lime burners & brick & tile manufac-
turers & farmers (J. Evelyn Carr, man-
ager; A. I. Brown, sec); T A " Carbon,
Berwick;" T N 41 Nat
Smart William, joiner &o
Smith David, farm steward for Greenwich
Hospital estates, Woodside cottage
Wright John, schoolmaster
Bogue George, 14 Sandgate
Henderson William, 64 Castlegate
Miller Alex. L. Bank buildings, Sandgate
Advertising Contractors.
North Northumberland & Berwickshire Bill
Posting & Advertising Co. (William
Hogg, sec. & manager), 10 Wool market
Aerated Water Manufacturers.
See Mineral &c. Water Manufacturers.
Agent — Coal.
Rutherford John D. Town Hall buildings
Agents — Commission.
Bogue George, 14 Sandgate
Gilroy John S. & Sons, Sandgate
Heron H. T. & Co. Quay side
Agent — General.
Brigham Sibbit (for Kops ales), 34 Main
street, Tweedmouth
Agents — House & Land.
Bolam G. & W. J. 42 Hide hill
Lambert Robt. 28 Church rd. Tweedmouth
Willoby Edward (& bailiff to the Duke of
Northumberland), 3 Bridge street
Agent — Shipping.
Makiais Charles, Quay side
Agricultural Implement Etanufrs.
Elder William, Tweedsicie imple-
ment works, Tweedmouth
Lillie & Co. (agents), Highgate works,
Main street, Tweedmouth
Eobertsons & Co. Limited, Tweedmouth
Aitken Mrs. Christina, 83 Main st. Spittal
Eaxter William, Main street, Spittal
Bell Hugh, 89 Main street, Spittal
Boyd William, 85 Main street, Spittal
Brown James, 10 Albert road, Spittal
Burrows James, 99 Main street, Spittal
Cairns John, n Albert road, Spittal
Cowan Mrs. Elizabeth, 186 Main st Spittal
â– Crisp Mrs. Sarah, Seafield house, Spittal
Davey Jn. Robt. 14 St. Helen's ter. Spittal
Davidson Mrs. Jane, 97 Main street, Spittal
Dickinson Mrs. Alexandrina, 19 Ravens-
Dickson Mrs. Mary, Spawell terrace, Spittal
Dickson Samuel, 198 Mains street, Spittal
Dixon Mrs. Catherine, 145 Main st. Spittal
Dixon Miss Elizabeth, 133 Main st. Spittal
Dixon William, Main street, Spittal
Dodds Mrs. Janet, 1 Palace street
Douglas Miss Elspeth, 8 St. Helen's terrace,
Douglas Joseph, 105 Main street, Spittal
Elliott Mrs. Eleanor, 6G Main st. Spittal
Elliott Mrs. Ellen, 103 Main street, Spittal
Elliott Mrs. Hannah, 68 Mam st. Spittal
Elliott Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, 99 Main st.
â– Forsyth. Mrs. Annie, 120 Main st. Spittal
Gilchrist Miss Mary, 18 Tweed street
Hall Mrs. Margaret, 174 Main st. Spittal
Hall William, 131 Main street, Spittal
Hartley Mrs. Sarah, 143 Main st. 'Spittal
Harvey Mrs. Mary, 38 Main st. Spittal
Haswell William C. 101 Main street, Spittal
Hay Miss Maxgt. 7 St. Helen's ter. Spittal
Henderson Mrs. Margaret, 17 Church street
Hume Mrs. 1 Elton terrace, Tweedmouth
Hutchinson Alex. 47 Main street, Spittal
Laing David, 2 The Crescent, Spittal
Lambert Mrs. Ann, 121 Main street, Spittal
Landreth Mrs. Elizabeth, 16 Ravensdowne
Lillico Miss Mary, 141 Main street, Spittal
Lough Alexander, 95 Main street, Spittal
Lyall Misses Elizabeth & Margaret, 151
Main street, Spittal
McDonald William, 109 Main street, Spittal
Macnab James, 12 St. Helen's ter. Spittal
MakLns Miss Mary, 3 Scott's place
Marson Jn. Robt. 13 St. Helen's ter.Spittal
Martin Mrs. Mary, 108 Middle st. Spittal
Moffat John, 13 Albert road, Spittal
Moffat Thomas, 7 Albert road, Spittal
Morton Henry, 15 St. Helen's ter. Spittal
Murray Eilis, 10 St. Helen's terrace, Spittal
Page Mrs. Annie, 14 Albert road, Spittal
Park Miss Annie, 115 Main street, Spittal
Paterson Miss Sophia, 125 Main st. Spittal
Pattison Mrs. Mary, 23 Wool market
Redpath Richard, 147 Main street, Spittal
Robsoo Isaac, 93 Main street, Spittal
Rutherford Abraham, 107 Main st. Spittal
Sharp Thomas, 112 Main street, Spittal
Simpson Miss Margt. & Richd. 14 Wool mkt
Skelly Mrs. Lucy, 11 St. Helen's terrace,
Smith Miss Marv, 104 MaiD street, Spittal
Smith Miss Mary A. 3 The Crescent, Spittal
Speedy Miss Elizabeth, 113 Main st. Spittal
Storar Mrs. Annie, 149 Main street, Spittal
Swinney Mrs. Annie, 12 Albert rd. Spittal
Tait Miss Margaret, apartments, 130 Main
street, Tweedmouth
Taylor Mrs. Maria, 7 Palace street
Teesdale Richard, 111 Main street, Spittal
Thomson Mrs. Christina, 124 Main street,
Trotter Mrs. Jane, 33 Castlegate
Tully Andrew, 3 Albert road, Spittal
Tumbull Miss Elizabeth, 65 Ravensdowne
Wallace Mrs. Matilda, Albert road, Spittal
White James, 5 Albert road, Spittal
Wilson James, 5 St. Helen's ter. Spittal
Wood James, 9 Albert road, Spittal
Wood John, 137 & 139 Main street, Spittal
Wood Miss, 127 Main street, Spittal
Cockburn John, jun. 48 Castlegate
Gray William. 2 Ivy place
Miller John L. (& surveyor), 39 Hide hill
Stevenson James & Sons (& surveyors), 14
North terrace, North road
Auctioneers & Valuers,
Enable ton- J. & Son, Bank bldg
Lambert Robt. 28 Church rd. Tweedmouth
Mather William M. Queen's rooms.Hide hill
Miller Alexander L, Bank bldgs. Sandgate
Northumberland (The) & Berwick Auction
Mart Co. Limited, 9 Church street
Baby Linen "Warehouses.
Finn arty Mrs. E. 118 High street
Strother Miss Caroline, 18 Hide hill
Cairns John I. 109 High street
Cochrane Walter, 5 Railway street
Dudgeon Mrs. Margaret, 47 Walkergate la
Geggie John B. 19 & 21 West street
Grahamn William, 81 Castlegate
Hair James, 129 High street
Hay William, 18 Church street
Jenkinson Thomas, 19 Wa'.kergate lane
Lillie Robert D. 20 Castlegate
Mason Francis, 2 & 4 Church street
Middiemiss Miss Isabella, 4 Wool market
Miller Mrs. Magdalene, 8 Wool market
Ormston John James, 15 Church street
Percy William, 58 & 60 Middle st. Spittal
Simmen John Jacob, 53 High street
Simpson Stuart E. 38 West street
Sinclair William, 37 Middle street, Spittal
Thompson Ralph, 20 Bridge street
Whitlie William, 50 Main street, Spittal
Barclay & Co. Limited (branch) (William L.
Miller, manager), 22 Hide hill; draw on
head office, 54 Lombard st. London E C
British Linen Co. Bank (William Maddan,
manager), Sandgate
Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(G. & W. J. Bolam, managers), 42 Hido
hill; draw on London office, 62 Lombard
street E C & Coutts & Co. W C, London
National Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch)
(Stephen Sanderson, agent & J. K.
Weatherhead, assistant agent), Bridge
end; draw on London office, 37 Nicholas
lane E C; Bank of England E 0; Glyn,
Mills, Currie & Co. E C; Coutts & Co.
W C & Union Bank of London Limited,
E C, London
North Eastern Banking Co. Lim. (branch)
(William R. Blair, manager), Queen's
buildings; draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie
& Co. London E C
Bath Proprietor.
Burn Alexander Charles, 81 Main st. Spittal
Beer Retailer.
Cavanagh John J. 18 West street
Bicycle Makers.
See Cycle Manufacturers.
Bill Posters.
North Northumberland & Berwickshire Bill
Posting & Advertising Co. (William
Hogg, sec. & manager), 10 Wool market
Black Geo. & Sons, Main st. Tweedmouth
Blackett Thomas, Scremerston
Caverhill William C. & Co. Limited, 69 &
71 High street
Hay Roger, Weddell lane
Hay Thomas, Main street, Tweedmouth
Jeffrey James, High greens
Reid Robert, Railway street
Renton Adam, North road
Rule George, Ord
Taylor William, West end, Tweedmouth
Boat Builders.
Ainslie James, Spittal
Berwick Salmon Fishing Co. Limited,
Lee Robert & 'Sons, Tweedmouth
Boiler Makers.
Black George & Sons (established
1790), Tweedmouth
Grieve George C. 3, 5 & 7 Church street
Henderson A. & Son, 42 West street
Hownam Mrs. Agnes, 17 Main st. Spittal
Plenderleith J. W. 75 High street
Purves William, 8G High street
Renwick James, 36 West street

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