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employed in sea fishing. Fishing boats
and their implements are to be marked
â– with the letters P. D. The revenue of the
harbours in 1902 amounted to £13,002.
The total amount of the imports in 1903
-was £25,548, and of exports of British and
foreign produce £148,153, of which the
value of herrings -was £147,716. At one
time the community were deeply interested
in the whale and seal fisheries, and in one
year sent out 31 vessels to the Arctic sea,
"but owing to the exhaustion of the Arctic
fishing grounds, the industry is practically
extinct. The herring fishery, commenced
here in 1818 by a joint stock company, has
become important, Peterhead having now
obtained the first rank in this branch of
maritime industry ; during the season of
1903 about 60 drifters were engaged in the
herring fishing, in addition to the usual
large fleet of sailing fishing boats. Inde-
pendent of the fishing and shipping trades,
the town enjoys a good local trade. There
are also two .extensive and prosperous
granite polishing establishments, employing
upwards of 100 men, and Peterhead
granite has attained considerable popularity
throughout the world. The quarries are
largely worked by Aberdeen polishing
The Established church, standing at the
junction of the south and west roada,
founded in 1804 and opened in 1806, is a
plain edifice of stone, with sittings for
about 1,600 persons.
The East church (quoad sacra), in Queen
street, was erected in 1877, and is Gothic
in style : there are sittings for about 600
The Episcopal church of St. Peter, built
in 1814, is also in the Gothic style, and
affords sittings for 675 persons.
The governors of the Merchant Maiden
Hospital, iiidinburgh, proprietors of the
estate at Peterhead, have laid out and in-
closed a large space as a public cemetery.
Amongsb the literary institutions of the
town may be mentioned the Reading
Society, established in 1808, and now
(1903) possessing a library of over 6,000
volumes. The Public Libraries Act was
adopted in 1890, and 'a building erected in
1892 in St. Peter street, in which is con-
tained the Arbuthnot Museum and Art
Gallery, reading room, lending library and
reference library, the whole costing about
£6,000: the museum, a very valuable one,
founded by the late Adam Arbuthnot esq.
by whom it was bequeathed to the town.
contains a great variety of specimens from
the animal and mineral kingdoms, while
the collection of coins is one of the most
complete to be met with; the museum is
under the care and management of the
Public Library Committee : the lending
library, containing over 8,000 volumes
much used, while the news room is largely
taken advantage of by all classes : the
foundation stone was laid 8th August,
1891, by Mrs. Carnegie, wife of Andrew
Carnegie esq. of Skibo Castle, who con-
tributed over £1,000 to the funds of the
There are two golf courses, each con-
sisting of 9 holes ; that on South road is
public and free bo all, the other is at
Craigewan, about 1 mile north of the
There are also several excellent schools.
Public Baths were re-constructed in 1899,
in Lodge walk, and comprise two swim-
ming ponds and Turkish, Russian and
slipper baths. Two newspapers are pub-
lished here — the " Peterhead Sentinel,"
established in 1856, and the " Buchan
Observer," both enjoying a large circula-
tion in the district of Buchan ; the
" Sentinel " is published on Saturdays,
and the " Observer " on Tuesdays. The
markeb is held on Friday, and the fairs
on the third Tuesday in May and the
second Tuesday in November. The area of
the parish is 9,170 acres; the assessable
value of the burgh is £44,794, and of the
landward" part of the parish, £17,350;
total, £62,144. The population of the
burgh in 1891, 12,226, and in 1901, 11,794
(including 31 on board ships) ; the total
population of the parish in 1901 was
15,146, which includes 274 inmates and
261 officials and their families in the
Convict Prison. The population of the
ecclesiastical parishes in 1901 was, Peter-
head ("parish church), 7,922; East Church,
Buchanhaven is a small fishing village
on the east coasb, within the burgh of
Peterhead and about half a mile distant.
Burnhaven and Invernettie are two small
villages in the parish of Peterhead, situ-
ated about half way between that town
and Eoddam. At Invernettie are the very
extensive works of the Glenugie Distillery.
The nearest railway station is at Peter-
head, 2 miles distant.
Inverugie is a village, with a station
i the Great North of Scotland railway,
about 2£ miles west from Peterhead.
Inverugie Castle was the birthplace, in
1696, of Field-Marshal Keith, and until
quite recently the walls were standing.
The ruined castle of Ravenscraig, stand-
ing on a rock on the opposite side of the
river is a good specimen of the
ancient Scottish baronial style, in the
square form so common to the beginning
of the 13th century, and its walls are of
such strength that, previous to the use
of artillery, they would have rendered the
place impregnable.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, 13 Chapel
street; James Macleod, postmaster.
Letters arrive at 8.20, 9.5 & 10.5 a.m.
& 2.50 & 6.25 p.m. Deliveries, 8.55 &
10.35 a.m. & 3 & 6.45 p.m.; dis-
patches (North & South), 6.30 & 9 a.m.
& 12.30, 3.5 & 6.30 p.m
Bisset James Davidson, 32 Broad street
Fraser David, 46 King street
G-ray Robert, The Grange
Hay Alexander, 104 Queen street
Leask William Hutchison, 13 Harbour st
Martin David, Harbour street
Mitchell John, jun. Windmill street
Morgan David, 1 St. Peter street
Smith John, 3 St. Peter street
The number of parliamentary electors in
Peterhead in 1903 was 1,930.
Alexander Asher esq. K.C., LL.D., D.L.
31 Heriot row, Edinburgh ; & Brooks' &
Reform clubs, London S W
Provost, William H. Leask
Bailies, James Booth, Andrew Philip
William Martin
Treasurer, James Gordon
Councillors, James Wilson, John Dickie,
William L. Birnie, Alexander R. Ritchie
William R. Ross, George Duncan &
Alexander Geils
Town Clerk, David Martin
Town Chamberlain, Patrick Irvine
Assessor & Valuator for the Burgh of
Peterhead, F. W. Langston, Aberdeen
Auditor, Harvey Hall C.A. Aberdeen
Procurator Fiscal, Henry B. Mitchell
Clerk of Court, David Martin
The Sheriff Court extends to the parishes
of Peterhead, Cruden, Slains, Old Deer,
New Deer, Rathen, Longside, Crimond,
Strichen, Fraserburgh, Lonmay, Tyrie,
Aberdour, Pitsligo & St. Fergus
Court days, the three first fridays of the
month, at the Court house, Queen street.
Sheriff-Principal, Donald Crawford
Sheriff's Substitutes. Duncan Robertson &
John Henderson Begg
Depute Clerk, Thomas Mackie
Bar Officer George Anderson
Sheriff's Officers, John R. Trail Hill &
James Selby
Procurator Fiscal, James Gordon
Depute Clerk, Thomas Mackie
Clerk, David Martin
Town Chamberlain, Patrick Irvine
Collector, Alexander Robertson
Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, Thomas
H. 'Scott, Town House buildings
Works, Longate.
Manager, George Keillor
Treasurer, Robert Robertson
i^lerk, David Martin
Offices, 17 Rose street.
Chairman, Alexander Hay
Interim Parish Clerk, Duncan Urquhart,
17 Rose street
Collector, Alex. Robertson, Town's house
Auditor, William C. MacBean, 18 Queen st
Medical Officer, James Stephen M.D.
Bath street
Governor of Parish Home, Duncan
26 Lodge walk.
Superintendent, James Toohey R.N.R
Second Officer & Preventive Officer, Robt.
Young Stevenson
Boatmen, Peter G. Mackintosh & David
Harbour street.
Chairman of Board, Wm. Hutchison Leask
Treasurer, Robert Gray
Clerk, Patrick Irvine
Harbour Master, Alexander Simpson
Collector of Shore Dues, Adam G. Jaffiray
Vice-Consul for Russia, Norway, Sweden
& Denmark & Consular Agent foe
France & Belgium, Robt. Gray, 2 Rose st
German Empire, Robert Robertson, 2S
Broad street
Cemetery (New), Constitution street, John
Alexander, curator
Coast Guard, Watchhouse & Life Saving
Apparatus, The Battery, George Merri-
man, chief officer & 4 men
H.M. Convict Prison, Peterhead, Major
Simon A. Dodd, governor; William H.
McWalter M.B., CM. medical officer;
Rev. David Sutherland, chaplain; David
Duncan, steward
Inland Revenue Office, Town House build-
ings,' Joseph Oxford, supervisor ; Win.
Samuel Taylor, officer
Lifeboat Station, Greenhill, Keith Inch,
James Geddes, coxswain
Parish Home, King 6t. Duncan Urquhart,
governor; Mr6. Elizh. Urquhart, matron
Peterhead Public Hall Co. Marischal st,
James H. Mennie, Beo
Peterhead Royal Naval Reserve Battery,
George Merriman, chief officer
Police Offices, Merchant street, John
Napier, inspector; Edward Malcolm &
Ebenezer Matthew, sergeants & 7 con-
Polar Hall, Roanheads, James Sutherland,
Public Baths, Lodge walk, John Wilson,
Public Library & Arbuthnot Museum, St.
Peter street, David Scott, librarian
Reading Society, Public Library buildings,
David Scott, librarian
Stamp Office, Town House buildings, Alex.
Robertson, Bub-distributor
Town House, Broad street, John Hender-
son, keeper
Weighing Machine (Public), Bridge street,
George Murray, weigher
Weights & Measures Office for East Aber-
deenshire, Merchant street, John Henry,
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Alexander Robertson, Town House bldg*
Sanitarv Inspector for Deer District, Wm.
James Simpson, 32 York street
1st BanfE Royal Garrison Artillery (No. S
Company), Drill hall, Broad place ; Lieut.
J. D. Gorie; Surg.-Lieut. Norman David-
son M.B. medical officer; Rev. J. B.
Davidson V.D., M.A. acting chaplain;
John Downie C.S.M. drill instructor
3rd (The Buchan) Vol. Battalion Gordon
Highlanders, Kirk street; Hon. Col. R.
Robertson V.D. commanding; Hon.
Lieut.-Col. R. Scott V.D. & W. McCon-
nachie V.D.majors; Capt. & Hon. Maj. J.
Jack, V.D. instructor of musketry ; Capt.
A. O. Norman, adjutant; R. W. Bruce,
quartermaster; B Co. Capt. A. W.
Robertson & K Co. Capt. J. Stuart;
Surg. -Capt. J. Middleton M.B. medical
officer; Sergt. -Major William J. Kelly,
PLACES OF WORSHIP & their Clergy.
Established Churches: —
Erroll street, Rev. James Stewart D.D. &
Rev. George Alexander Dunlop
Queen st.(East),Rev.Jn. B. Davidson M.A
Episcopal (St. Peter's), Merchant street.
Rev. Charles Bernard Beard M.A. rector
United Free Churches: —
St. Peter street, Rev. Jas. Halliday M.A
Chapel st. (South). Rev. George W.Alison
Charlotte street, Rev. John Wyllie
Roman Catholic, St. Peter street, Rev.
Andrew F. Thomson
Baptist, King st. Rev. James McPherson
Congregational, Queen street

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