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Logan James, fish curer, Point law
Logan Wm.grocr. & spirit dlr.lG6 George 9t. ;res.46 Elmbank ter
Loggie Isabella (Mrs.), dress maker, 41 St. Andrew street
Logie Thomas, boot maker, 2 Mile End avenue; res. 24 Mid
Stocket road
Lomax John, dentist, 50 King street
London, Edinburgh & Glasgow Assurance Co. Limited (Richard
McGregor, district supt.), 5 Rosemount viaduct
London Incandescent Lighting Co. 55 Schoolhill
London & Lancashire Eire Insurance Co. (M. Lunan, local
sec), 254 Union street; T N 1015
London Missionary Society (Rev. James Stark D.D. sec), 9
Westfield terrace
London & Newcastle Tea Co. 7 Market street & 53 Broad street
London & Provincial Drug Store Limited (James Watt Adan,
manager), chemists & druggists, 344 George street
London (The) Rubber Co. 16 St. Nicholas street;
T N 740
Lorimer James & Son, boot & shoe dealers, 158 Union st
Lorimer James, boot, maker (J. Lorimer & Son), 55 King's gate
Lothian David Bennet, schoolmaster, 9 Beechgrove avenue
Lovie John, jeweller, 50 Uppeikukgate ; res. 34 Skene street
Low Alexander R. wood merchant & traction engine owner, 162}
Wellington road & Poynernook road
Low Charles, shopkeeper, 1 Ann street
Low George McCombie, clerk, 1 Canal street
Low James Gibb, carting contractor, 13 & 15 Portland street
Low John, chimnev sweeper, South Constitution street
Low John, cycle dealer 239, & res. 391, Holburn street
Low John Thomson, tailor, 3 Market gallery
Low William (Burnett & Low), 200 King street
Low William Alexander, traveller, 4 Braemar place
Lowe & Co. drapers, 179 George street
Lowe Maggie (Miss), dairy, 284 George street
Lowe Margaret (Mrs.), nurse, 6 Union grove
Ludwig Charles & Co. ship & insurance brokers, & agents for
German Lloyd's, 54 Regent quay ; T N 314
Ludwig Charles F. ship & insurance broker (Charles Ludwig &
Co.) & consul for German Empire & vxe-consul for Spain &
the Netherlands, 54 Regent quay; res. 78 Beaconsfield place
Lumsden & Davidson, advocates & notaries public, 15 Dee street
Lumsden & Gibson, purveyors to His Majesty
the King, itaiian warehousemen & wine mer-
chants, 95 Union street; T N 1 65
Lumsden James & Co. tailors, breeches makers, naval, military &
clerical outfitters, 155 Union street; T N 611
Lumsden & Lumsden, advocates, 75 Union street
Lumsden William & Son, family grocers & wine & spirit mer-
chants, 68 Union street; T N 260
Lumsden Alexander, draper, 60 John street
Lumsden Char.es Downie M.A. advocate (Lumsden & Lumsden),
20 Bon-Accord square
Lumsden Edward Robertson, advocate (Lumsden & Lumsden),
Hillside, Cults
Lumsden Henry Simson, grocer &c. (Lumsden & Gibson), 18
Bon-Accord crescent
Lumsden James, plumber &c. 138 John street; T N 702; res.
Fountainhall house, 130 Blenheim place
Lumsden James Forbes, advocate (Lumsden & Davidson) ; T N
101 ; res. Viewfield, Rubis'.aw, near Aberdeen
Lumsden John, grocer (William Lumsden & Son), 9 Marine ter
Lumsden John, schoolmaster, 483 King street
Lumsden Margaret (Mrs.), apartments, 10 Margaret street
Lumsden Thomas B. G. grocer &c. (Lumsden &â–  Gibson), 80
Garden place
Lumsden William, fish curer, Point law
Lunan Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 60 Skene square
Lunan David L. stock broker, 154 Union street;
res. 183 Great Western road; T N 662
Lunan Isabella Massie (Miss), apartments, 12 Bon-Accord square
Lunan Marianus, district manager Sun Life Assurance Co. of
Canada & local sec. London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
254 Union street; T N 1015; res. Mount Royal, Forest avenue
Lunan Robert J. P. agent, Bank of Scutland, 40 Union street
Lyall Alex, carpenter, 43a, Richmond st. ; res. 31 Laurelwood av
Lyall Alex, joiner, 43a, Richmond st. ; res. 31 Laurelwood avenue
Lyall Charles, artificial teeth fitter, 26 St. Nicholas street
Lyall Geo. jun. builder, South esplanade west, Torry; T N 1020
Lyall James T. ironmonger, 36 George st ; res. 39 Victoria street
Lyall Jessie (Miss), draper, 5 South Mount street
Lyall John, commercial traveller, 35 Thomson street
Lyall Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 73 Chapel street
Lyall Marion (Miss), dress maker, 69 Chapel street
Lvon Alexander, hide & tallow factor & oleo margarine mfrs.
"278 George street; T N 107 ; res. 52 Carden place; T N 1590
Lvon Charles, packing case maker, & saw mills, JNoriu esplanade;
T N 275 ; res. 10 Carden place
Lyon James, coal dealer, 45 Upper Denbura
Lyon John, butcher, 277 George 6treet
Lyon Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 51 Urquhart road
Lyon Peter, bird dealer, 37 Green
Lyon Robert, butcher, 218 George street; res. 30 Erskine street
McAdam John & Sons, contractors & quarrv owners, 47 & 49
Charlotte street ; T N 196 & 29 Catherine street ; T N 196a
M'Adam & Co. brewers, 146 Hardgate
McAdam Alexander (John McAdam &, Sons), 38 Bedford place
McAdam David G. contractor (John McAdam & Sons), 248
Rosemount place
McAdam George, foreman, 43 Gilcomston park
McAdam James, engraver, 19 St. Nicholas street; res. 32 Mid
Stocket road
McAdam John, contractor (John McAdam & Sons), 1 Burnside rd
Macaldowie Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 35 Stanley street
McAllan James, house agent, 201 George street
MacAllan James, householder, 18 Belmont road
McAllan William James, insurance agent, 61 Canal road
McAllen Mrs. Mary, spirit dealer, 325 George street
Macandrew D. & Co. builders, contractors, hor-
ticultural builders, heating & sanitary en-
gineers, carpenters, joiners, school furnishers,
licensed valuators & surveyors of house pro-
perty & cement & felt merchants, 120 Loch
street ; cash day, second friday in the month ; T N 401 ;
T A "Macasdrkws, builders, Aberdeen"
Macandrew Alex, printer (Geo. Cornwall & Sons), 45 Union gro
Macandrew James Joseph, shopkeeper, 92 King's crescent
MacAndrew Mary (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 55 Castle street
McArthur Alexander Si Charles, brass founders & white metal
manufacturers, 19 Willowdale place
M'Arthur Charles, brass founder & finisher & manufac-
turer of white anti-friction metab, 102 Gallowgate; res. 28
Bedford road
McArthur John Smith, commercial traveller, 131 Clifton road
McArthur William, manager, 29 Great Northern road
McAskill Christina (Miss), dress maker, 53 Cotton street
Macaulay & Shinie, plumbers & gasfitters, 7 Flourmill
Macaulay Robert, plumber (Macaulay & Shinie), 7 Flourmill brae
M'Bain G. & J. chartered accountants, 16 Bridge street; T N
373; T A " M'Bains, Aberdeen "
MeBain Andrew, tailor, 33 Marischal street
M'Bain George, accountant (G. & J. M'Bain), 54 Queen's road
MeBain John, accountant (G. & J. MeBain), 312 Gt Western rd
M'Bain John M.A. head master High School for Girls, 19 Albyn
place ; res. 35 Hamilton place
Macbeth James, pianoforte manufacturer & music seller, 181
Union street; T N 235; T A "Macbeth, Aberdeen;" factory,
32 Thistle lane; res. 10 Queen's gardens
M'Burney William, china &c. dealer, 39 & 51 Union street
McCall Annie (Mrs.), clothes broker, 35 East North street
McCall Mary (Mrs.), furniture broker, 96 George Btreet
McCallion John Joseph, commercial traveller, &2 Constitution st
McCallion Michael, grocer, 91 Urquhart road
McCallum & Fletcher, fish curers, 79 Sinclair road, Torry
McCombie & Ewen, advocates, 1 King street; T N 540
McCombie Chas. advocate & notary public (McCombie & Ewen),
& sec. to the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, 1 King street ;
T N 540
McCombie George, jobbing gardener, 76 Bonnymuir place
McCombie Jane (Mrs.), clothes broker, 27 Jack's brae
McCombie John, cycle maker, 57 Nelson street
McCombie Robert, shopkeeper, 183 Holburn street
M'Conachie Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 101 Gallowgate
McConachie Peter, painter, 25 Spa st. ; res. 44 Mile End avenue
McCondach William R. tailor, 14 Carmelite lane
McConnach Maggie (Miss), draper, 74 Causewayend
McConnochie Alexander I. chartered accountant & law stationer,
115 Union street
McCoss & Co. legging & brace manufacturers, 1 & 3 St. Paul st
McCoss David Bowman, school board officer, 13 Roslin terrace
McCoss William, legging manufr. (McCoss & Co.), 107 Clifton rd
M'Cracken A. & Co. (Glasgow), tailors' trimmings warehouse-
men, 9 Belmont street
McCrae Frederick, inland revenue officer, 35 Carden place
McCrae Johanna (Miss), dress maker. 30 Gerrard street
McCravey Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 Albion street
McCrobbie Alexander, fishmonger, 72 George street
McCulloch David, reporter, 17 Lilybank place
MacDiarmid J. Duncan M.A., B.L. advocate, 173a, Union st. ;
res. 395 Great Western road
M'Diarmid John, accountant, 395 Great Western road
Macdonald Alex. & Co. Limited, His Majesty's
workers in granite, Constitution street; T N
29; 369 to 375 Euston road, London N W &
67 Stirling: road, Glasgow
M'Donald Charles Limited, Froghall granite works, 42 to 46 Jute
street; T N K 50; T A "Froghall, Aberdeen; " also Mel-
bourne, Australia
Macdonald David & Sons, hide & skin factors, commission agents
& insurance brokers, 45 Clarence street; T N 143 ; T A " Mac-
donalds, Aberdeen "
M'Donald P. & J. furniture dealers, 20 Mealmarket street
MacDonaid A. Neil, solicitor, 129 Union street; res. 73 Beacons-
field place
McDonald Agnes (Mrs.), registry office for servants, 66 St.
Nicholas street
McDonald Alexander, boot maker, 78 Menzies road, Torry
Macdonald Alex, refreshment rooms, Joint station ; T N 422
MacDonaid Alexander C. solicitor, 154 Union street; res. 4
Brighton place
Macdonald Alexander S. merchant (D. Macdonald & Sons), 36
Fountainhall road
M'DonaJd Andrew, butcher, 131 Spital
M'Donald Archibald, cashier, 429 Great Western road
McDonald Christina (Miss), baby linen dealer, 651 George street
McDonald Christina (Miss), dress maker, 42 Rosemount place
Macdonald Colin, commercial traveller, 293 Great Western road
McDonald David, shopkeeper, 24 Seamount place
McDonald David, spirit dealer, 18 Wellington street
Macdonald Donald George Gordon M.D., CM., F.S.Sc. 3urgeon,
26 King street & 160 Gallowgate
McDonald Duncan, traveller, 4 Brighton place
Macdonald Elsie (Miss), furnished aparts. 29 Mile End avenue
Macdonald Elsie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Young street
Macdonald George, manager, 49a, Stanley street
Macdonald Hugh, cafe, 64 College street
Macdonald Hugh S.S.C. solicitor, sec. & treasurer to Aberdeen
Highland Association, sec. & treasurer to Aberdeen Town &.
County Property Co. Limited, sec. to Aberdeen Art Gallery &
Industrial Museum, 143 Union ^street; res. 31 Rubislaw Den stn
McDonald Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 53 Esslemont avenue
McDonald Isabella (Mrs.), nurse, 4 Little Chapel street
M'Donald James, baker, 32 Gallowgate & 145 Spital; res. North-
field cottage, la, Orchard place
McDonald James, insurance agent, 673 George street

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