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Johnstone Adam, painter, Arcade ; res. 7 Viewlield pi
Isabella, fishmonger, 54 Port st
Janet, milliner & dressmaker, 6 Viewfield pi
William, fancy repository, Arcade ; res. 2 Brighton pi
Jollie Isabella, milliner, 26 Barnton St
JuBtice of Peace Clerk (burgh)-Jftmes Chrystal, 11 King st
of Peace Clerks (county) -Chrystal & Macfarlane, 11 King st
KBIE Alexander, fruiterer, 78 Port st
John, clerk, 82 Nelson pi
Keith & Ralston, confectioners, 23 Port st
William, confectioner (Keith & Ralston), 25 Port st
Kemp Alexander, joiner, Dumbarton rd ; res. 56 Barnton st
& Nicholson, agricultural engineers & mowing & reaping
machine makers, Forth st
James, householder, 57 Cowane st
John, engineer (Kemp & Nicholson), 21 Victoria sq
Kennedy George T. traveller, Cowane st
Janet, householder, 15 Princes st
- Mr. John, 4 Victoria sq
Kerr Miss — , day & boarding school, 9 Park ter
James, blacksmith, 9 Friars st
Jane, tobacconist, 7 Friars st
Janet, fruiterer & confectioner, Arcade
Keyden James, auctioneer & valuator, Orchard pi; res. Kildean
Mr. Theodore, 8 Victoria sq
Kidd Alexander,- grocer (Jackson & Kidd), 43 King st
Kidson Miss Mary Ann, 24 Victoria pi
Kilgour Miss — , 25 Albert pi
King James, spirit dealer, 61 Port st; res. 55 Wallace st
John, innkeeper, 47 Murray pi
Kinross Mrs. — , 2 Park ter
George, coach builder ("William Kinross & Sons), 5 Albert pi
â–  James, coach builder (William Kinross & Sons), 11 Allan park
William & Sons, coach builders, Port st
Kirkaldy Mrs. Susan, 35 Snowdon st
Kirkwood Hugh M. printer, &c. 27 King st; res. 14 Queen st
Kyle E. & B. toy dealers, 82 Baker st
LAIDLAW Thomas, refreshment rooms, Railway station, & temper-
ance hotel, Murray pi
L aing Miss Margaret, 33 Queen st
Lfffflfo Janet, householder, 14 George st
Thomas, joiner, 23 Dumbarton rd ; res. 7 Allan park
Lancashire Insurance Co.— David W. Logie, SO Murray pi. & Chas.
Wingate, 48 Barnton st. agents
Lang Rev. James P. East Church Manse
Langmuir James, Railway Hotel, 9 Port st
Lawson Mark, accountant, Bank of Scotland, King st
Robert, linen, &c. draper, 84 Baker st ; res. 2 Irvine pi
William, draper, 1 Douglas ter
Learmonth Andrew, grocer (Andrew Learmonth & Co.), 76 Port st
Andrew & Co. grocers, 59 Port st
Leathley Francis, fruiterer, 25 Broad st
Herbert H. fruiterer, 96 Baker st
Leckie Jane, householder, 27 Queen st
Lees Peter, sexton. Castle wynd
Leishman Mr. Thomas, 25 Park ter
Leitoh Mr. Alexander W. 2 Park pi
Lennox James, Star Hotel, family, commercial & posting, 2 Baker st
John & Co. grocerB & wine & spirit dealers, 10 Murray pi. and
17 Bow st
Mrs. Margaret, 22 Queen st
Letters Catherine, pawnbroker, 10 St. Mary's wynd
Liddel Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 King st
Life Association of Scotland— Alexander Fisher, 11 King st. agent
Lilliebill Fire Clav Co. Park la— Archibald M'Lachlan, agent
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.- Jas. L. Philp, 3 Port
st. agent
Livingston Agnes, confectioner, 16 Upper craigs
Andrew M. Com Exchange Hotel, 1 Spittal st
Livingstone John, chemist & druggist, 58 Baker st; res. 44 Broad st
Lockhart & M'Nab. blacksmiths, Upper craigs
Logan Mrs. Barbara, 36 Snowdon st
Logie David W. solicitor, 20 Murray pi ; res. 8 Albert pi
London & Newcastle Tea Co. 88 Baker st [agent
& Norwich Accident Insurance Co.— Jas. Drysdale, 65 King st.
Low Peter, sergeant-major, Viewfield st
Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 4 Baker st ; res. 21.Abercromby pi
! Lowson George, m.a. teacher, Park pi
: M' ALPINE Mr. James, Southfield Lodge
Peter, Royal Restaurant, 81 King st
' M'Aree Brothers, drapers, 64 & 64}£ Baker st
David, draper (M'Aree Brothers), 88 Queen st
M'Arthur Jane, smallware dealer, 74 Port st
M'Audie David, traveller, 59 Wallace st
M'Calmm James, soda water manufacturer, 33 Port st
James, clothes broker, 40 St. Mary's wynd
William, shopkeeper, 19 Broad st
M'Caul Mr. Malcolm, 5 Drummond pi
Maccaull James, agent, Caledonian Goods Office, Railway station
M'Clymont Miss Agnes, 6 Clifford rd
M'Connell Elizabeth, householder, 15 Princes st
M'Cracken Barbara, Crown Inn, Arcade
M'Culloch May, dining rooms, 42 Baker st
M'Donald & Gordon, drapers, 21 King st
Macdonald Duncan, saddler, 59 King st
M'Donald Mrs. Elizabeth* 12 Pitt ter
Henry S. watchmaker, 18 Port st
— James, spirit dealer, 65 Baker pi
— Neil, tobacconist, 59 Baker st
John, draper (M'Donald & Gordon), 12 Princes st
TM'Donna Peter W. boot & shoe maker, 88 Baker st
rM'Dougall Duncan, householder, 24 Albert pi
John, coal merchant, Shore rd
William, joiner, &c. George st
M'Dowell William, householder, Causewayhead
M'Elfrish Andrew, soap maker, Shove rd ; res. 50 Upper Bridge st
M'Ewan John, linen, &c. draner, 3U Baker st ; res. 4 Cowane st
M'Eweu & Co. perambulator & iron bedstead manu-
facturers, Abbey Road Works
ITEwen Brothers, grocers, wine & spirit dealers, 16 & 18 Barnton BG
Catherine, householder, 23 Wallace sfc
D. & J. & Co. grocers & wine & spirit dealers, 40 Port st. & 6
Broad st. & at Callander, Bridge of Allan, Crieff & Dunblane
Daniel, iron merchant, Dumbarton rd ; res. 8 Allan park
â–  â–  Helen, dressmaker, 50 Port st
. James, iron merchant (Daniel M'Ewan), 8 Allan park
John, grocer (M'Ewen Brothers), 10 Barnton st
John, grocer (D. & J. M'Ewen & Co.), 14 Melville ter
Mr. John, 4 Douglas ter
Robert, grocer (M'Ewen Brothers), 2 Albert pi
Robert, grocer & (D. & J. M'Ewen & Co.), 5 Glebe crescent
William Clark, perambulator manufacturer (M'Ewen & Co.),
15 Albert pi [Elder, agent
M'Fadyen & Co. carriers to North British Railway Co. Shore id— A.
Daniel, surgeon, 2 Pork avenue
M'Farlaue Mrs. — , farmer, Spring Kerse
Macfarlane Angus, agent for City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 13
David, flesher, 12 Upper craigs [Spittal st
Free Library and Museum, Smith Institute— Alexander Croall,
John, manager, Drummond's Tract Depot, 5 Victoria pi
Bl'Farlane John, bootmaker, 15 Upper craigs
â–  Mrs. Margaret, 23 Park crescent
Marion, dressmaker, 19 Queen st
Parlane, grocer (Robertson & M'Farlane), Balmoral pi
Parlane, manure merchant. Shore House, Abbey rd
M'Gaan Anna, householder, 29 Queen st
M'Gibbon Janet, housebolder, 37 Wallace st
M'Gillvray Isabella, spirit dealer, 68 Baker st
M'Gowan Henry, carpet manufacturer (Jas. Sinclair & Co.), Spring
Carse House
M'Gregor Alexander, spirit dealer, 2 Cowane Bt
David, lath render, Thistle st ; res. 8 George st
David & Sons, slaters, George st
M'Guire Edward J. stamp distributor, 25 Friars st
M'Inues Mr. Robert, 10 Gladstone pi
M'lntosh Clementina, lodgings, 10 Viewfield pi
John & Co. boot & Bhoe makers, 89 Port st
Bl'Intyre Agnes, householder, 26 Albert pi
Rachel, householder, 29 Murray pi
M'Isaac — , furrier & feather dresser, 26 Port st
M'Jannet Mr. John, Woodlands [St. John st
M-Kay Alexander, agent for Scottish Legal Life Assurance Co. 17
.Eneas, stationer (Crawford & M'Kay), 52 Barnton st
M'Kean Mr. John, 2 Douglas ter
M'Kechnie Alexander, upholsterer, 10 Union st
M'Kellar Elizabeth, smallware dealer, 26 Baker st
M'Kenzie A. M. householder, 20 Barnton st
Alexander, innkeeper, 55 Baker st
Donald R. teacher of dancing, 12 Maxwell pi
Major Harry Leith, 14 Victoria pi
Isabella, lodgings, 2 Queen st
John, teacher, 3 Victoria pi
Mackenzie William, watchmaker, 7 Baker st
M'Kerracher Daniel, coal merchant, Railway station ; res. Raploch
Blackie Mrs. — , 19 Victoria pi
Mackieson John, hairdresser, 71 King st ; res. 13 Irvine pi
M'Kinlay George, tailor (J. M'Kinlay & Son), 11 Albert pi
J. & Son, tailors & clothiers, 47 King st
James, tailor & clothier (J. M'Kinlay & Son), 2 Clarendon pi
James, saddler, 23 Friars st ; res. 7 Queen st
Janet, dressmaker, 7 Queen st
M'Lachlan & Brown, milliners, 8 Murray pi
Andrew, milliner (M'Lachlan & Brown), Whinwell
Archibald, agent for the Lilliebill Fire Clay Co. Park lane ; res,
4 Viewfield pi
J. & M. dressmaker, 26 Port st
M'Laren — , farmer, Ship Haugh
Agnes, agentfor J. Pullar & Sons, dyers (Perth), 91 Port st
Catherine, householder, 87 Port st
Martha, dressmaker, 1 Bruce st
Mary, fruiterer & confectioner, Arcade ; res. 50 St. Mary's wynd
Maclaren Rev. William, Clifford rd
Mnclaurin Mary Ann, householder, 11 King st
M'Lean Graham, master mariner, 37 Wallace st
Maclean J. Grant, stock & share broker, 53 Murray pi
M'Lean John, architect, 62 Murray pi
M'Lellan Archibald, drapers' assistant, 9 Queen st
M'Leod M. & J. dressmakers, 58 Port at
Macluckie & Walker, architects, 48 Barnton st
Robert, solicitor (J. & J. Mathie & Macluckie), Carbrook Lodge,
Gladstone pi
M'Mahon Eliza, shopkeeper, 50 St. Mary's wynd
M'Math Mr. John, 21 Snowdon pi
M'Millan John, householder, 8 Union st
M. & J. laundresses, 48 Upper Bridge st
M ; Nab James, surgeon, Upper craigs
Peter, bellhanger (Lockhart & M'Nab), 12 George st
Thomas, joiner, 20 Friars st
M'Nair Mrs. Agnes, 22 Victoria pi
M'Naughtan William, millwright, Drip rd
M'Naughton Mr. Duncan G. 5 Park pi
M'Nieol John, druggist, 12 Barnton st
Robert, brewer & maltster, 31 Broad st ; res. Queen's rd
William, innkeeper, 7 St. John st
M'Queen John, dairy, 28 Broad st
M'Robbie Allison, tobacconist, 54 Barnton st
M'Ronald Thomas, upholsterer, 46 King st
Mailer William, cabinet maker, 16 King st ; res. 72 Baker st
Maloch Mr. Andrew, 4 Victoria pi
, Michie & Crockart, gun makers, 35 King st [p
Maltman William, cabinet maker, &c. 11 & 13 Friars st; res, 3 Yorl

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