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IS n busy and thriving seaport in the parish of Falkirk, S miles from
that town, 27 from Edinburgh, and 25 from Glasgow. It is situated
on the Frith of Forth, at the junction of the river Carron with the Clyde
and Forth canal. The formation of this place was commenced in 1777
by tho late Sir Lawrence Dundas, for the accommodation of the shipping
passing through the canal to and from the Clyde and Glasgow, of which
it is the natural eastern port. It is now a place of importance, and dis-
plays the enterprise of the British merchant in an eminent degree by its
numerous and commodious quays, granaries, and warehouses for goods,
and its capacious wet docks and basins for timber. It has also ship-
building yards, a graving dock, and timber yard. Rope and sail making
is extensively carried on, and there are saw mills and large collieries
adjacent. The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, and the Bank of
Scotland have branches here. There are two good school-houses —one
erected by the Earl of Zetland, to which a library is attached, the other
a public Board school, erected in 1875, at a cost of about .£3,000. The
wet dock, opened in 18-43, affording room for nearly 20,000 tons of
shipping, being found too small for the trade, additional dock accommo-
dation was added. The growth of tho port is no doubt attributable to
the very moderate rate of charges, as well as to the facilities for vessels
of the largest tonnage to enter the docks. The canal rates of toll are
also very low, and an abundant supply of lighters is always in the port.
The area of basins for timber exceeds 17 acres. New docks were opened
on the 3rd of June, 18S2. The ground acquired for their construction
amounted to nearly sixty acres, and nineteen and a half acres of this is
the water area of the new docks and timber basins, the actual dockago
area being about ten and a half acres. On the same date a new park, which
covers eight and a half acres, kindly granted by the Earl of Zetland, was
thrown open to the inhabitants. A branch railway, which joins the
North British at Falkirk, was formed in 1859, thus putting the port in
connection with the railway system of the country. The Caledonian
Railway Company have also a branch line, which joins the Scottish
central section at Larbert. There are large imports of timber,
grain, ilax, &c, from Norway, Denmark, America, Prussia, and the
Baltic in general, besides a considerable coasting trade. Steamers ply
regularly to and from London, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Stettin, Dunkirk,
Copenhagen, Middlesbro', &c. The advantages and cheapness of the
port, and the readiness of communication by canal and railway with the
populous manufacturing districts, and with inexhaustible supplies of
iron and coal, combine to invest Grangemouth with unrivalled advan-
tages for the above imports of other continental produce, as well as for
the export of the mineral and other productions of the west of Scotland.
Near the canal stands Kerse House, the seat of the Earl of Zetland.
There are an Established church, two Free churches, and an UnitedPresby-
terian church. A new Town Hall has recently been erected, at an
estimated cost of £5,000, the large hall of which is capable of seating 900
persons. There are also included hi the building town clerk's chambers,
council room, and small halls for meetings of committees, &c. The
population of Grangemouth in 1881 was 4,5G0.
to Edinburgh and Glasgow at 7 50p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Ojfice and Savings
*BurrolI & Son (& to the Monkland Iron & Steel
Co. Coltness Iron Co. Limited, & William
Dixon, Limited), Grangemouth, & at Glasgow
& Port Dundas
Cameron J. & P. (carting to the North British
Railway Co.), Grange st
Colvin Peter E. (goods agent to the Caledonian
Railway Co.), Grangemouth
Carrie James & Co. (shipping), Grangemouth
Dunlop Robert (steamship), Grangemouth
Fairley Jas. (for J. Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth),
Grange st
Fischer H. & Co. (commission), Grangemouth
*Hay J. & J. Grangemouth
M'Kay David M. (to the Carron Company),
Marshall Hugh (commission & shipping),
Grange st
Miller William C. (shipping), Grange st
*Rankine James & Son, Grangemouth
* Robertson & Co. Grange st
*Salvesen J. T. & Co. Grange st
Swan JohnE. & Brothers, Limited, Commercial
buildings — James Livingstone, ngent
Thomson John (honorary agent to the Ship-
wrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Benevolent
Society), Grange st
*Wilkie P. & J. Grangemouth
Drake Lawrence, Grangemouth
Peddie James, Grangemouth
Steele James, Grangemouth
MARGARET COWAN, Post Mistress.
ARRIVALS.— From Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, and the South at 8 10 a.nr. ; from Edinburgh at 1 5 p.m. ; from Glasgow at 1 28 p.m.
from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Falkirk at 6 p.m. ; from Edinburgh and Glasgow at 3 SO p.m. ; from the North at 7 p.m.
DESPATCHES.— To Edinburghand Glasgow at_8 40 a.m.; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, and the South at 3 35 p.m. ; to Edinburgh at
5 25 p.m. ; to London and the North at 7 5 p.m.
Adams Mrs. — , Bo'ness rd
Aitken Mrs. Mary, Bo'ness rd
Bun-ell Mr. Henry, Harbour st
Charles Mr. James, Canal st
Cochrane Mr. James, Bo'ness rd
Cochrane Mrs. Mary, Iuch Cottage
Cowie Mr. Margaret, Talbot st
Crawford Mr, John, Edina House
Crawford Mr. Thomas, 1 Park terrace â– 
Gumming Rev. George W. Free Church Manse
Dawson Mrs. Jane, Fairfield
Fairley Mr. John, Avon Hall
Fischer Mr. Hans. Park terrace
Forrester Mrs. — , Viewforth House
Hardie Mrs. Mary, Bo'ness rd
Holdam Mrs. — , Grangeville
Lambie Rev. John M.. U.P. Manse
Lindsay Mrs. Margaret, Park Villa
Linton Mr, Simon, Canal st
Macgill Mr. Thomas, Gowanlea
M'Grouther Mr. James, Park ter
Mackay Mr. Andrew, Roseville
M'Kay Mr. David M. Carron House
Mackay Mr. George G. Bank buildings
Mackay Mr. John S. Roseville
M'Kenzie Mr. Basil, Bo'ness rd
M'Laren Miss Charlotte, Woodcliff
M'Laren Mr. Daniel A. Grangemouth
Macph'erson Mr. Hugh, Park House
Miller Mr. James, Hay field
Miller Mr. William, Albert place
Milne Mrs. — , Marine Villa
Pedersen Mr. Gabriel, Mandal House
Riddick Rev. Samuel M. Talbot st
Stark Mr. William, South Basin st
Stirling Mr. Robert, Grange st
Tait Mr. Alexander, Janeville
Thomson Mrs. — , Oehil View
Thomson Rev. George M. Lumley st
Thomson Mr. James D. Lea Park
Thomson Mr. John, Carron flats
Walker Mr. William, Zetland House
Wilkie Mr. Peter, Sunniside
Williamson Mr. Robert, Bo'ness rd
Wilson Mrs. — , Charing cross
Zetland the Right Hon. the Earl of, Kersc House
Allan Elizabeth H. Grange st
Kerr Isabella, Grange st
AValker Jane, Lumley st
Balderston James G. South Bridge st
H orn James, Canal st
M'Pherson John, Canal st
Stevenson John, Kerse rd
Turnbull John, Charing cross
Board Schools:—
Dundas st — Michael Gavin, master
Zetland — George Hastie, master; Isabella
Leishman, mistress
Gillespie Mrs. — , Bo'ness rd
{See also Shipbrolters, dx.)
Marked thus * are Forwarding Agents.
Brown Andrew (factor to the Earl of Zetland),
*Burrell & Haig, Harbour st
80— A-R
i Bank of Scotland (Branch), Grange st; head
office, Edinburgh— draws on Bant of Scot-
land, Coutts & Co. & Smith, Payne & Smiths,
London — Basil M'Kenzie, agent ; Joseph
Galloway, accountant
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Grangemouth ; head office, Edin-
burgh — draws on London & Westminster
Bank, London — J. S. Mackay & Son, agents
National Security Savings Bank (open on
Saturday evening from half-past six till eight)
— John S. Mackay, treasurer; John Bell, jun.
Buchan JohnB. (& ship), Grangemouth
Collins Thomas, Grangemouth
Gray George (& ship), Grangemouth
Robertson James, Grangemouth
Carron Company, Grangemouth — Wm. M'Vey,
,. manager
Grangemouth Dockyard Co. (and
engineers), Grangemouth
Osborne Thomas, Middle st
Allan Elizabeth, Canal st
Allan Isabella, Grange place
Cameron M. & N. Grange st
Hannah John, Grange st. & Exchange buildings
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, Grange st
Fialayson Thomas, Grange st
M'Leod John, Dundas st
Ogilvy Ditvid, Lumley st
Ramsay James, Grange st
Wallace Thomas, South Basin st
Grangemouth Fire Brick Works,
ifire Dricks, composition bricks,
vases, chimney cans, grate hacks,
Kinnaird's vent linings, &c. of
finest quality, at moderate prices),
Grangemouth Coal Co.— George G.
Mackay, managing partner
See Joiners.
Grangemouth Co operative Building & Invest-
ment Society, Limited, Grange place — W. M.
Callander, secretary
Grangemouth Traders' Co. Limited, Town Hall
— Alexander Tait, secretary
Baxter James, Grange st. & Lumley st
Cockburn James G. South Bridge st
Dowson Margaret, Lumley st
Leishman James, Dundas st
Neilson & Black, Waterloo place
Yeats & Co. South Basin st

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