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Bruce Thomas Rae, Esq. Slogary
Craig Rev. Andrew B. The Manse [sol
Cunnighame Richard Dunning Barre, Esq. Hen-
Heughan Mr. William, Gatesidc [House
Hutchinson Graham, Esq. j.p. Balmaghie
Johnston General Thomas H. Dornels [Hall
Lawrie Colonel William Kennedy, j.p. of Wood
Livingstone Alexander, Esq. Grobdale
M'Call Mr. James, Upper Crae
M'Turk James, Esq. Ullioeh
Maxwell William, Esq. Livingstone
Montgomery Mr. Andrew, Nether Hall
Keid Rev. H. M. B. The Manse
Rooke Mr. William, Laurieston
"Williamson Mrs. Jane, Finniness
Public Schools :—
. Laurieston (boys') — John Auld, master
Laurieston (girls') — Mrs. Auld, mistress
Bridge of Dee— John Fletcher, master
Glenlochar Bridge — John Dale
Affleck Robert, Dinnance
Byres Thomas, Crae
Campbell James, Craiga
Cannon James, Urioch
Craig James, (lamp Douglas
Crawford John, Borland
Crocket John & Robert, Drumbreck
Farries Francis, Risk
JFarries Xaveria, Oreochs
Ferguson William, Mains of Duchro
Geddes Robert, Glenloo
Graham Peter, South Quintinespie
Houston John, Hill & Bargattou
Hughes Rowland, Dornal
Kerr David, Drumlane
Kerr John, Gatehouse
Kerr Peter, Bellymack
Kerr William, Loehcubrech & Darnganoch
Kyle William, Edgarton
Livingstone Alexander, Grobdale
Loan James, Willowbank
M'Concbie John & William, Glenlochar
M'Dowall John, Drumglass
M'Kenzie James, Whitehill
M'Kie David & William, Airrie & Stroans
M'Kinnell Robert, Bridge of Dee
M'Turk James, Ullioeh & Finniness
Montgomery Andrew, Nether Hall
Muir James & John, Boatcroft
Murray John, South Quintinespie
Neil Robert, Barnboard
Roddan John, Banks of Dee
Walker Robert, Blatesmill
Walker William D. Nook
Watson J. & R. Glentoo
In Laurieston where the address is not
Caldow Alexander, joiner & shopkeeper
Campbell John, draper & grocer
Dalling Jane, shopkeeper, Bridge of Dee
Fairns Margaret, shopkeeper, Bridge of Deo
Geddes Robert, miller, Glentoo
Henry David J. joiner
M'Kinnell Robert, coal merchant
J M|Vaue Peter, hoot & shut- maker
Milligan Joseph, stonemason
Milligan Joseph, jun. stonemason
Orr James, Laurie Anns
Robertson William, stonemason & shopkeeper
Russell Win, land steward to Graham Hutch-
inson, Esq, Balmaghie House
Sproat William, blacksmith
Thomson Mungo, miller
Established Church, Balmaghie — Rev. H.
M. B. Reid
Free Church — Rev. Andrew B. Craig
Parochial Board— Alexander Livingstone, chair-
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages and
Inspector of Poor — William Sproat, Lauries-
School Board — Graham Hutchinson, Esq.
chairman ; William Milroy, clerk ; William
Sproat, collector
Station, Bridge of Dee (Kirkcudbright Junc-
tion) — Thomas Cossar, station master
There is also a Station at New Galloway,
four miles from Laurieston
To CASTLE DOUGLAS, Robert Walker, Robt.
Vinnie, & Peter Milroy, Monday & Thursday
"JVTEW ABBEY is a parish and village in the union of Kirkcud-
li bright, and stewart court of the shire. The village, a small
one, is 80 miles s. from Edinburgh, 12 E. from Dalbeattie, 80 w.N.w.
from Kirkcudbright, and 7 s. by w. from Dumfries, situated at the
â– eastern extremity of the county near to the mouth of the Nith. The
parish, which was originally called Kirkinder, takes it name from
the once celebrated religious establishment of New Abbey, a monas-
tery founded in the thirteenth century, for the Cistercian order of
monks, by Dovergilla, daughter of Allan, Lord of Galloway. The ruins,
which occupy an area of two hundred and forty by one hundred and
fifty feet, are supported on arches and Gothic pillars, and the area
itself is used as a burying ground. The extreme outer walls, or
precincts, are traced to an extent of fourteen acres. To the north-
east are seen the ruins of the Abbot's house, aud the footpath be-
tween the two buildings, a mile long, is still the kirk road. On the
north snd south lie the woods of Shambellie,imd on the south Loch
Kinder and the dark braes of Criffel, the lofty hill of which rises to
the height of 2,000 feet above the sea, from which it is a mile distant.
Besides that of Kinder there are two other lakes in the parish,
namely Lochend aud Craigcnd. Near the former is the spot where
one of the early convenanters of this district met an untimely end.
The school of Kessock stands on the edge of the lake, and the
parish kirk, which was built with part of the ruinous materials of
the abbey, is situated on the north side of the ruins. On the Glen
hill, a continuation of the Criffel range, stands a monument, erected
in commemoration of the battle of Waterloo. It is of a spiral form,
fifty feet high, with a winding stair within. The base bears an
Inscription laudatory of the British troops and their allies. Beeswing
is a small hamlet in this parish, situate about six miles north-west
•of New Abbey village, and contains a Free church and a public
school. The parish of New Abbey comprises an area of 13,199 stuate
.acres, and in 1881 the population was 906.
Lochrutton is a parish lying five miles s.w. of Dumfries, its
greatest length being five and a half miles by four and a half broad.
It has an extremely hilly surface, at whose base lies the only village
it contains, and the lake Lochfoot, from which the village derives
its name. This fine sheet of water— one mile long by half a mile
broad— supplies the inhabitants of Dumfries and neighbourhood
with an unfailing supply of water. On oue of the hills there still
exist remains of a distinct Druidical circle. Acreage, 7,411.
Population in 1881, 614.
Kirkbean is a small parish and village, the latter, very incon-
siderable, is Bituated five miles s. of New Abbey and about ten s.e.
of Dumfries, in tbe northern part of the parish, about a mile from
the sea, and on the road to Dumfries. This little place possesses
some notoriety, if not distinction, from having been tbe birthplace
of John Paul, otherwise Paul Jones, a " sea adventurer," who was
born in 1745, and was the son of an honest gardener in the place.
The walk between Kirkbean and Southwick, a distance of four
miles, is considered the prettiest in the stewartry. On a fine clear
day the Isle of Man and the Cumberland coast may be plainly Been.
The conspicuous mountain called Criffel stands partly within the
parish and partly within that of New Abbey, and there are within
the former traceable rains of tbe castles of Cavin and Weath, both
of which were the property and occasional residence of the Regent
Morton. There are several other small villages in the parish —
Mainsriddle, containing a Free and an United Presbyterian
church; West Preston and Southerness, bathing villages, the
latter village being situated at the extreme point of the coast,
which runs out to the Solway Frith. On the point is a lighthouse.
Carsethorn and Preston Mill are small hamleis also in this
parish, both about a mile distant from the village of Kirkbean ; the
former is also a favourite resort for bathers in the season. Acreage,
7,937. Population of Kirkbean parish In 1881, 794.
Kirkgunzeon is a parish lying eight miles w. from New Abbey —
and is a Btation on the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway.
Acreage, 11,956. Population in 1881, 656.
POST OFFICE, New Abbey, Robert Welsh, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive (by mail car from Dumfries) at 8 a.m., and
are despatched thereto at 4 15 p.m.
Post Office, Beeswing, Robert Kirk, Post Master.— Letter from all parts arrive (from Dumfries) at 8 40 a.m., and are despatched
thereto at 3 30 p.m.
Post Office, Lochfoot, Mary Davidson, Post Mistress.— Letters arrive from all part (from Dumfries) at 8 10 a.m., aud are despatched
thereto at 4 p.m.
Post Office, Kirkeean, James Fulton, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 8 86 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 8 50 p.m.
Post Office, Kirkgunzeon, Matthew Clark, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 6 55 a.m., and are despatched thereto at
6 80 p.m. Dalbeattie is the nearest Money Order Office.
Post Office, Preston Mill, John Briggs, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts at 8 20 a.m., and are despatched thereto at
2 55 p.m. Dumfries is the nearest Money Order Office to the above districts, excepting for Kirkgunzeon and Lochfoot.

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