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(â– See also Professors and Teachers.)
Black Grace, 24 High st
Board Schools: —
Auchtertoot — David Millar, master
East — William Wat eon, master; Janet Mill,
infants' mistress
Gallatown— Peter Alison, master; Bessie
Leitch, mistress
Pathhead— D. G. Guthrie, master ; Jessie
B. Terrace, mistress
Sinclair-town — William M'Cormick, master;
Isabella Brace, mistress
West— Hope P. Thomson, master; Christina
Hutchison, mistress
Dysart Burgh Half-time School, View-
iorth Bt. Siuclairtown— John S. Reid, master
Brill Sophia, Kirk wynd
Independent School, Burleigh st— Isabella
Kelly, mistress
Kirkcaldy High School, St. Erycedalo
avenue — Christopher R Scott, ll.d. master;
A. B. Don, m.a. & A. Morton, m.a. assistant
Kirkcaldy Public School, St. Brycedalc
avenue — William S. Blackstock, master ;
Mary Taylor, mistress
Philp's Institutions :—
Link st— John Ogilvie, master Miss Whyte,
Patbhead— William F. Arthur, master
Thistle st — Wm. Spears, master Margaret
Black, mistress
West Half-time School, Milton rd — Wm.
Learmouth, master
{See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)
Marked thus \ are Commission Agents.
Andrew George O. (for J. & P. Usher, brewers,
Edinburgh), Glasswork st
Blackett John Stephens (factor for the Raith
estate), Southerton House
Brvson John (for Cunard Steamship Co.),
132 High st
Burt James (emigration), 201 High st
iCrichton Thomas, 22 Townsend pi
Dickson Robert (for Mutter, Howey & Co.
carriers), Railway station [end pi
Duudas James B.J. (for Lloyd's), 45 Towns-
+ Eadie Ralph, 149 Mid st. Pathhead
HoneymanArcbibaldPearson(for the National
Telephone Co. Limited), 242a High st
M'Naughton Donald, Harbour head
Mason James L. Maryfield Villa, Victoria rd
+Melville John Mitchell, 41 Townsend pi
Mutter, Howey & Co. (carting to North
British Railway Co.), Railway station
Ross David (carting), 52 Townsend pi [st
Russell G. & Co. (for Milner's safes), 232 High
Salmond Robert (oil case & manure), 102
High st
Stuurt Alexander, 25 Thistle st
Turner John (for W. & A. Gilbey), 169 High st
Walker & Morton (for Ayre Bros, oil cake
manufacturers, Hull), 20) High st
Young Robert (for Stephen Brothers, dyers,
Dundee), 39 Dunnikier rd
Htfftter Thomas, Linktown Saw Mills
Settle William & Son (& building surveyors),
14 Cowan st — See advertisement
Murray John, 209 High st
Paxton Thomas, 194 Highst
Smith George, jun. (land surveyor), 4 St.
Mary's ter
Barnet Samuel, Son & Co. (valuators), Rose st
Connell Henry, 14 Thistle st
Hunter Juhu (valuator), 3 Charlotte st
Kilpatiick Archibald, 49 Market st
Little William & Son (valuators & appraisers),
Kirkcaldy Steam Joinery Works, 12, 14, 16
&18 Cowan st— See advertisement [Mills
Low George P. (valuator), Overton Road Saw
Paxton Richard N. (valuator), IS Kirk wynd
Rough John, 9 & 11 Nicol st
Walker & Morton (& cattle salesmen), 200
High st. & at Cupar & Crail— See advt
Williamson Alexander <& valuator,
and machinery, metal and timber
salesman), 91 High st
Dishart David, 101 High st
Ferguson Isabella, 1U9 High st
Barclay Alexander, 67 Rosslyn st
Bevoridgc David, 311 High st
Chisholui James, 405 High st
Christie Johu, 01 Duonikier rd
Forbes Archibald, 29 St. Clair st.Sinclairtown
Galloway Thomas, 222 St. Clair st
Grinton David, 230 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Irvino Andrew, 385 High st [Gallatown
Kidd Johu & Alexander, 1(31 & 167 Rosslyn st.
Kilgour Johu, 161 Links st
Kiniumonth David, 143 High st
Kinnaird Jaraes, 3 Links st
Kirkcaldy District Equitable Co-operative
Society, 12 High st. 113 Links st. & 126 Mid
st. Pathhead
Kyles Janet &. Elizabeth, 87 Mid st. Pathhead
Links Bread Socieiy, 104 Links st
Links New Bread Society, 11 Milton rd
Meldrum David, 47 Hill st
Michie Robert, 104 Mid st. Pathhead
Muir James, 241 High st
Paterson Hugh, 127 Links st
Rae Charles, 113 Back st. Pathead
Robertson David, 69 Back st. Pathead
Salmond Ii. & J. (fancy & biscuit), 344 High st
Scott Sophia, 301 Links st
Soath James, 343 High st
Simpson John, 216 Links st
Stewart John, 73 Dunnikier rd
Wilkie William, 1 Tolbooth st. & at Dysart
Wilson Peter, Back st. Pathead
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 226 High st ;
head office, Edinburgh — draws on London
branch, Lothbury, London ; Coutts and
Co. Smith, Payne & Smiths, and on the
Bank of England, London — David J. Wil-
son, agent ; Alexander Campbell, teller
British Linen Co. Bank (Branch), 120 High
st ; head office, Edinburgh — draws on
London office — Thomas & William M. Dow,
agents ; John S. Hogg, accountant
Co-umekcial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 152 High st ; head office, Edin-
burgh — draws on tho London office —
Andrew Hogg, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch). 50 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown ;
brad office, Edinburgh — draws on London
office — William Williamson, agent ; John
Kintrea, accountant
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 191 High st ; head office, Edin-
burgh — draws on own branch, London —
James Whyte & George S. Bryson, agents ;
James Lawsou, pro accountant
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Pathhead; head office, Edinburgh
— draws on own branch, London — James
Whyte & Georgo S. Bryson, agents
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 135 High st; head offices, Glas-
gow & Edinburgh — draws on London
office, Bank of England, Glyn, Mills,
Currie & Co. and Coutts & Co. London — J,
â–  E. Murray, agent; Francis Hislop, pro
National Security Savings Bank, 218 High
st— open Tuesday & Saturday evenings —
William Williamson, actuary; William
Gibb, treasurer; Alex. Campbell, auditor
Aiken Jane, Back st. Pathhead
Aruott Margaret, 39 Mid st. Pathhead
Fleming, Reed & Co. 69 High st. and at
Grant E. & M. 126 High st
Kininmonth C. & E. 151 High st
Todd Johu, 419 High st
Watson Lilias, 59 High st
M'Intosh Alexander H. & Co. "Victoria
Cabinet & Chair Works
Lindsay William & Peter, 87 Links st
Low Alexander, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Paton Frederick, Alexandra st
Phillips John C. 188 High st
Marked thus * are also Farriers,
Anderson Thomas, 37 Bridge st
Barnet & Morton, 184 & 186 High st
Campbell Robert, 124 Mid st. Pathhead
Cumming Johu, Malcolm's wynd
*Davie James, Kilrie
Dempster George, 71 Nether st.
*Dods Andrew, 2 Carlyle rd
Doig David, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Duncan James, 6 St. Clair st
Grnbb James, 367 High st
Kellook Andrew, Auchtertool
*Low Alexander, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
M'Culloch Robert, 44 Market st
M'Intosh John, 24 Oswald's wynd
Moyes James (& agricultural imple-
ment maker), Balwearie Mill
Neilsou James, Hendry's wynd
Reid JoIid, Bute wynd
Ritchie Henrv, Red Burn wvnd
Scotland William, 55 Hill st
Thomson Bros. 233 High st
^Wallace Euphemia, 56 Nicol st
Williamson David, 4 & 6 Burleigh st
Williamson John, 75 High st
Wilson D. & J. 13 High st

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