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Henderson John, householder, Douglas bank
— — Joseph, coacli malter, Broom's rd
William P. hosier, 2 & 4 Church crescent
William T. bootmaker, 98 High st ; res. 83 Queen's pi
Hendrie John, schoolmaster, 41 Queen's pi
Henning Mr. Joseph, St. Mary's pi
Henrici Philip P. clerk, SO Queen's pi
Her Majesty's Gaol, Mary's Villa, M— William Kntledgc, governor
Herbertson Jessie, grocer, 17 Market st.M
Heron Mrs. F. Oakland House [Charter House, M
Herries Alexander K. auctioneer. Royal Bazaar, Whitesands ; res.
James, clerk, S 1 ^ Maxwell st. M
James, Wliite Hart Hotel, Brewery st [knowe, M
James, coal agent, MaxwelHown Station yard; res. 2 Laurie-
John, grocer, 15 Glasgow st. M
Josoph, joiner & undertaker, 30 Friar's venuel ; res. Dee Bank,
Kingholm rd — See advertisement
— Martha A. shopkeepor, Lucknow pi
Mrs. Mary, 2 Loreburn park
Heslop& Herries, farmers, Tregellan, Troqucor
Hetherington John, blacksmith, Cargen
— — Simon, mechanic, Ryedale tor. Troqueer rd. M
Hewetson Mrs. Margaret, 37 Castle st
Hibbs Joseph, joiner & furniture dealer, Quoensberry st
Hickoy Rev. Michael, Brook Bt
Hiddleston -James, librarian, Mechanics' Institute, & house and
insurance agent, 9Nith pi
Hislop Lewis, New Brazen Hotel, Whitesands
Hodson Mr. Lawson, Brae Hcad,M
Hogan Jessie, householder, Milldam head
Hogg Mrs. Chment, Queensberrj/ Arms Hotel (commercial & post-
ing), English st— Sec advertisement
John, shopkeeper, 80 Friar's venuel
William S. drnper, 119High st; res. Eroombank
Hoggarth Rev. Thomas, 14 Cresswell ter [Saughtree
Hood William, grocer & spirit dealer, 66 North Queensberry Bt ; res.
William, grocer (Rogerson & Hood), Saughtree
Hope David Boyle, Esq, Jeanvillo, Lovers' walk
Mr. Robert, Sammerhill, M
Hotson Edward, coachmaker, St. David st ; res. 5 Brooke st
Houston & Robinson, joiners & builders, Wallace st
Dorothea, shopkeeper, 110 St. Michaels st
James, Esq. Marchfield House
John, Esq. Brownrigg
Houston William J. tailor & clothier, 126 High st
Howat John, farmer, Netherwood bank& Kelton head
Robert, Esq. Mabie
Howatt Richard K. farmer, Murthrown Malvic, Troquecr
Hughes J. Bulkeley, dentist, Academy st
Robert, shopkeeper, 34 Loreburn st
Thomas, householder, 47 Shakspeve st
Hume George, gunmaker, 10 English street ; res. Nith
Hume James, tailor & clothier, 83 Friar's vennel, and
19 to 21 Irish st; res. 25 Irish st
Hunter James, grocer, 104 High st
John, tailor, 25 Loreburn st
John, grocer (J. Hunter & Son), 82 College st. M
John & Son, grocers, 63 Friar's vennel
— Thomas, cashier, 29 Galloway st. M
- — ■ William, householder, 107 English st
Hutchison Archibald, slater, Rae st
James, dogger, 61 EngliBh st
Hutton Mrs. Catherine, 3 Langlands ter
Hutton Robert, wholesale & retail china & glass
merchant, 67 High st ; res. 72 High st
Hyslop Alexander, shoemaker, 25 Friar's vennel
John, Blue Bell Inn, Friar's vennel
Thomas, tailor, 4 Friar's vennel
IMPERIAL Insurance Company (fire), 64 Irish st— Harkncss &
Crosbie, agents
Industrial School. Burns st
Infirmary Office, Irish st
Inglis Alexander, draper, 115 High st
Inland Revenue Office, 73 Irish st— Thomas Wilson, collector;
Alexander Iunes. supervisor
Revenue Office, 2 Galloway st. M
Innes Alexander, supervisor, Saughtree
Ireland Alexander, tailor, 38 English st
— — Robert M'L. Foresters' Arms, 8 Queonsberry sq
- — William, shoemaker, 12 Burns st
Irvine Archibald, spirit dealer, 18 Bank st; res. James st
George P. farmer, Barnkin
Thomas, farmer, Cnrriestans, Troqueer
Irving Elizabeth, small ware dealer, 62 Glasgow st. M
Irving P. aerated water manufacturer, King street,
MaxwelHown— See advertisement
Irving Captain Richard, Douie vale
Ismay Joseph, foreman, 153-o Irish st
JACK Thomas, fancy goods dealer, 50 Academy st
Jagger Reuben, Swan Hotel, Bank st
Jardine Archibald S. householder, 8 David at. M
Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 16 Church st. M
-r— James, farmer, Brasswell
Mr. Peter, Oaklands
— ■ Robert, solicitor, 8 Assembly st ; res. 6 St. Clair ter
William, farmer, Lincluden Cottage, Terregles
Jessiman Agnes, spirit dealer, 7 Church pi
Johnson William, traveller, Loreburn st
Johnston Andrew, Robert & William, horse dealers, Whitesands,
& farmers, Troqueer
Eliza, Jane, & Marion, householders, 64 Loreburn st
Elizabeth, perfumer, 5 English st ; res. 12 Cress well ter
Francis, salesman, 6 Catherine st [res. 1 Catherine st
James, linen & woollen draper & milliner, 77 Friar's vennol;
James, agent, Bank of Scotland, Irish st
29— A-R
Johnston Jane, provision dealer, 59 English st
John, grocer, 42 High st. & baker, 22 English st
Margaret, householder, 11 Queen's pt
Rebecca, milliner, & fancy draper, 88 Friar's vennel
Robert, horse dealer (A., R.. & W. Johnston), 1 Leafield rd
Thomas, farmer, Waterside, Terregles
William, horse dealer (A., R., & W. Johnston), Whitesands
Johnstone Mrs. Annie, 4 Victoria ter
Catherine, milliner, 50 Shakspere st
David, householder, 4 Northcote pi. Brooms rd
Mrs. Ellen, Nunholme
Mrs. Janet, 2 Glebe ter
John, agent, Clydesdale Bank, Limited, Irish st
John (exors. of), wholesale grocer & commission merchant, 54
& 56 Loreburn st
John, travelling draper, Cumberland tor
Joseph, shopkeeper, Gatesido trench
Robert, grocer, 1 Queensberry square ; res. 5 Corberry ter. M
Robert, letterpress printer, 16 High Bt ; res. 50 Shakspere st
William, shopkeoper, 27 Loreburn st
William, householder, 6 Terregles st. M
Jolly John, Bay Home Inn, 10 Friar's vennel
Jouos Mr. James, Olive Cottago,M [Albany p
John, chief constable, Court House, Buccleuch Bt; res. 2
KAY William, shoemaker, 56 English st ; res. Greenbrae
Kelly Captain C. H. Clyde Villa
Kemp Miss Elizabeth, 3 Laiiglauds ter
Kendal James, farm or, Rashgill
Kennan James, farmer, Gatesido
Kennedy James, nurseryman & fruiterer, 78 High st ; res. 36 Bank st
Margaret, shopkeeper, 18 Market square, M
Thomas, farmer, Gateside, Dunscore
Kennedy Thomas & Co. nurserymen, seedsmen and
florists, 106 & 108 High st. Catalogues free by post on
Kennedy William, clog & basket manufacturer, St.
David st ; res. 6 Terregles st. MaxwelHown
Kenyon William, draper, 48 Friar's vennel ; res. Brooms rd
Keppie David, grocers' assistant, 5 Maxwell st. M
Kerr Misses — , dressmakers, 93 Irish st
David, farmer, Now Bridge, Terregles
Edward, flesher, 23 North Queensberry st. & fishmonger, 11
Chapel st ; res. Renick Bank, Catherine st
George W. seedsman & florist, 23 Bank st
James, spirit dealer, 8 Friar's vennel
Janet, greengrocer, 15 Buccleuch st
- — Joseph, farmer, Flatts, Troqueer
Mary, lodgings, 10 Cresswell ter
Robert, temporance hotel, 144 High st
Robert, gun maker, 18 Whitesands ; res. 22 St. Michael st
Robert, upholsterer, 56 Academy st
â–  â–  Thomas, manager, Manning pi. Troqueer rd. M
William, farmer, seedsman & potato merchant, Middle Darguvel
— - William M'D. householder, 76 North Queensberry st
William S. m.d. surgeon, 20 Castle st
King William, hairdresser & joiner, 28 Loreburn st
King's Arms Hotel (family, commercial & posting house), 64
High st — Misses Penwarden & Woolcock, proprietresses — See advt
Kingan Mr. John, New Abbey, Kirkcudbrightshire
Kiughom Margaret, apartments, 20 Church ce cent
Kinnear Robert K; architect & surveyor, 65 Irish st
Kinning Joseph, householder, Greenbrae
Kirk John, bootmaker, 69 Friar's vennel
Margaret, householder, 23M Loreburn st
Mary, oyster rooms, 60 Friar's vennel
Richard, householder, 2 Gordon st
Thomas, bootmaker, 16 Galloway st.M
â–  â–  William, hosier, 138 High st; res. 2 Gordon sfc
Kirkpatrick Miss — , 8 George st
& M'Murdo, joiners, 9 High st
Hugh, grocer, Tannock pi
James, joiner (Kirkpatrick & M'Murdo), Gillfield tor
Jane, householder, 4 Laurieknowe, M
John, veterinary surgeon, Brewery st; res. 3 Geddos' place,
Terregles st. MaxwelHown
John, agricultural implement maker, 16 Irish st; res. 20 High at
John, shopkeeper, 76 Friar's vennel
Thomas, wood turner, 109 High st
William, grocer, 3D Galloway st. M
Kissock Sarah, householder, Rae st
Knott Miss Eliza A. Essex Park
LA.IDLAW James, foreman, Greenbrae
Lake Henry, school board officer, 82 Queen's pi
Lancashire & Yorkshire Accident Insurance Co.— Peter B. M'Kill, 1
Rae st. & Thomas C. Farrios, 75 Loreburn st. agents
Insurance Co.— James Barbour, 33 Buccleuch st. and James
Wilson, 81 Buccleuch st. agents [agents
Land Mortgage Bank of Victoria, 9 Buccleuch Bt— Milligan &Stoba,
Lane Grace, teacher of music, 8 Rae st
Lauder William, draper, English st. & Queen st; res. Morton Villa
Laurie James, grocer, 52 English st
Mary, lodgings, 100 Irish st
William, clerk, Brooms rd
Lavin Mary, householder, 5 Spring bank
Law Robert, watchmaker, 83 Friar's vennel ; res. 106 Irish Bt
Lawson Andrew, coal merchant & agent for granite & Palnure
gravels, fire clay goods, &c. G. & S. W. Railway dep6t, and
tobacconist & newsagent, 43 English st ; res. Cumberland ter
J. & Co. photographers, 121 High st
Mr. William, 71 St. Michael st
William, goods agent (G. & S. W. Railway Co.), Pleasance
Learmont Thomas, nurseryman, Weeldale, M
Lcarmon t William, nurseryman & florist, Larchfiold
Leighton Miles, merchant (Miles Leighton & Son), 5 George st
Leighton Miles & Son, importers, wholesale grocers,
tea & provision merchants, 25 & 48 Shakspere st

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