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PAROCHIAL LIST— continued.
Govan Combination Local Board— continued.
General Officer— John Glass, 7 Carlton pi
Messenger— Joseph Green, 4 Mordaunt st
Govan Officer— John Hannah, church officer, 25 Greenfield pi. Gn
collector's department.
Co llec tor— William M'Culloch; office, 7 Carlton pi; res. Eosny
Villa, Cambuslang
J. P. Constable— Alexander Stevenson, 11 Hamilton ter. West, P
Clerks— Geo. Cranston, 110 Holm st. & Gavin Brodie, Merryflats, Gn
Governor— John M'Callock, Parochial buildings, Merrvflats
Chaplain— William Fish, 9 Osborne pi. Gn
Matron— Margaret Dickson, Parochial buildings, Merryflats
Governor's Clerk — William Baillie
Female Teacher— Elizabeth M'Kellar, Parochial bldgs. Merryflats
Porter— John Brodie, Parochial buildings, Merryflats
medical staff— poorhouse.
Dr. W. R. Watson, Parochial buildings, Merryflats
Assistant — W. A. Liddell, Parochial buildings, Merryflats
Govan District— James Barms, m.d. 700 Govan rd. Gn ; substitute
Dr. Taylor
Partick District— Gilbert Campbell, m.d. 10 Stewartville st. P ; sub-
stitute, Dr. Kirk, Newton Cottage, P
West District— R. D. Taylor, m.d. 74 Nelson st; substitute, Jas.
Farms, m.d. 700 Govan rd. Gn
Central District— John Barrie, m.d. 107 Eglinton st ; substitute
Dr. Wallace
East District— J. V. Wallace, 282 Cumberland st ; substitute, John
Barrie, m.d. 107 Eglinton st
Burgh Chambers, Cathcart Road.
Senior Magistrate — George Brown
Junior Magistrates — Kenneth Thomson & William Wyper
Commissioners — J. B. Anderson, George Brown, R. Christie, John
Millen, Alexander Begg, Hugh Maybury, Adam Stewart, Kenneth
Thomson, & William Wyper
Cleric — J. M. Robertson
Collector — James Wallace
Sanitary Inspector — Andrew Crawford
Procurator Fiscal — W. B. Crawford
Burgh Surveyor — Francis S. Colledge
Hall Keeper— John Kennedy
Town Offices, Albert Street, Govan.
Provost — Alexander Campbell
Magistrates— George Ferguson & Hugh Lymburn
Commissioners — Andrew Williamson, Hugh Lymburn, John Conlon,
William Thomson, John Marr, George Ferguson, Alexander Canrp-
[t: bell, James Kirkwood, Neil M'Lean, Thomas L. Guthrie, &
William Chambers
Town Clerk— Alexander Macdonald
Treasurer— John Rankin
Burgh Surveyor — Archibald B. Allan
Superintendent of Police — William Hamilton
Procurator Fiscal— James M. Malloch
Surgeon — James Barras
Sanitary Inspector — George M'Kay
Superintendent of Fire Brigade — David Philp
Burgh Chambers, Cathcart Road.
Senior Magistrate— Thomas Smith
Junior Magistrates— Andrew Murray & Samson G. G. Copestake
Commissioners — Thomas Smitb, Samson G. G. Copestake, Andrew
Murray, James Hunter, William Wallace, A. S. Whyte, John
Strachan, Alfred J. Fitch, & Peter R. Smyth
Cleric— J. M. Robertson
Treasurer — James Wallace
Collector— Thomas Donald
Procurator Fiscal— John M'Intosh
Sanitary Inspector & Master of Works— Moses Thomas
Medical Officer— John V. Wallace
Burgh Buildings, Victoria Street, Hillhead.
Provost— John King
Magistrates — Robert Faulds & Alexander S. Baird
Dean of Guild Court— the Provost & Magistrates
Clerk— James Muirhead
Treasurer & Collector— John C. M'Call
The Provost is ex-officio Justice of the Peace & Commissioner of
Supply for the County
Surveyor — Thomas W barrio, c.e.
Proourator Fiscal— J. B. Brown, m.a., l.l.b.
Medical Officer — James Christie, m.d.
Superintendent of Police — Edward Carnelly
Police & Sanitary Inspector — Thomas Simpson
Chief of Fire Brigade— J. P. Scott
Superintendent of Cleansing db Lighting— J ames Phillips
Superintendent & Curator of Burgh Buildings— John D. Mackintosh
Burgh Court & Offices, Stanley Street.
Provost — George Lindsay
Magistrates— Walter S. Gaibraith & Williatn M'D. George
Clerk — William Lucas
Parochial Fiscal — Charles M' Arthur
Collector & Treasurer — Thomas Patsrson
Surveyor — Donald Bruce
Medical Officer of Health— John Dougall, m.d;
Begistrar — Alexander Wilson
Dispector of Police — Robert Gordon
Sanitary Inspector— Donald M'Donald
Provost— John Murray
Magistrates— John Craig & John M'Kellar
Burgh Clerk — Joseph M. Taylor
Treasurer t& Collector — James Shaw
Sanitary Inspector — George Anderson
Surveyor of Works — James Elder
Medical Officer — Alexander Hay, m.d.
Superintendent of Police <0 Fiscal— George Anderson
7 Maxwell Street.
Provost — Andrew Maclean
Magistrates— D. T. Colquhoun& William Alexander, jun: 3
Commissioners— John White, John Ferguson, William Nicholson,
James Rodgers, Robert Duncan, James Caird, Marcus Robinson,
& John Dansken
Burgh Clerk — Robert M'Gowan
Treasurer rf> Co Ucc tor— George Wilson
Sanitary Inspector — Andrew Edwards
Surveyorof Works— Joseph Potts
Medical Officer — James Paterson, m.d.
Superintendent of Police d- Fiscal— Andrew Edwards
For Justices of the Peace, see Justices for the Lower Ward of
Senior Magistrate— Nathaniel Ramsay
Junior Magistrates — William Roxburgh & James Marshall
Commissioners— John Burns, Andrew Shaw, W. M. Dickie, David R,
Clark, John Murray & William G. Moore
Clerk— Robert Guy
Treasurer d* Collector — James P. Laidlaw
Officer— James Crawford
Burgh Offices, SI Maxwell Road, Pollokshields East.
Senior Magistrate — William Hamilton
Junior Magistrates — Thomas Graham & William Cairns
Commissioners— William Hamilton, Thomas Graham, Robert Calder-
wood, William Donald, William Cairns, William Duflus, A. B.
Smith, Archibald Stewart & Robert B. Shaw
Clerk — James Donaldson
Treasurer & Collector— J ames P.'Laidlaw
Auditor — James Wilson
Medical Officer — Robert Laidlaw, m.d.
Procurator Fiscal — Alexander H. Aitou
Burgh Surveyor d? Sanitary Inspector— George Anderson
Examiner of Accounts- J ames Nicol, Chamberlain's Office
Anderst on— John Hamilton, 8 Minerva st
Blaehfriars District— James Hall, 138 George st
Blythsivood District — James Struthers, 52 West Nile st
Bridgeton District — James Tait, 27 Mordaunt st
Calton District— Alexauder Waddel, 44 Canning st
Camlachie — Daniel Sinclair, 62 Waterloo st. East, Calton
Cathcart— Andrew Carnduff, 5 Victoria drive, Mount Florida
DennUtoun District— Peter Ferguson, Cathedral Lodge, Castle st
Gorbals District— Nicol M'Dougall, 94 South Portland st
Govan — James F. Crawford, 45 Helen st. Govan
Govanhill, for Cathcart road [East — Donald Hamilton, 395 Crown at
„ „ Cathcart road West — John Brown,94 South Portland st
„ „ Victoria road West— D. F. M'Ghie, 92 Gloucester st
Kelvin District — William Buchanan, 173 Shamrock st
H utc hesontown— Donald Hamilton, 313 Crown st
Maryhill— John Russell, 260 Main st
Kinning Park District — Alex. Wilson, 193 Pollok st. Kingston
Milton District — Alexander Dewar, 21 Crossburn st
Partick — Hugh Welsh, 4 Hamilton st
Plantation — James R. Brownlie, 1 Cornwall st
St. Bollox District— Gavin M. Buchanan, 102 Parson st
Tradeston District— D. F. M'Ghie, 92 Gloucester st
Cathcart Cemetery ; office, 81 St. Vincent st— Alex. Murray, sec
Craigton Cemetery ; office, 24 G eorge st— John Gourlay, secretary ;
cemetery, Craigton, Paisley rd
Great Eastern Necropolis, Great Eastern rd. Parkhead— Charles
S. Robertson, superintendent
Lamehill Cemetery Co. Limited; office, 88a St. Vincent st; — A.
W. Grant, secretary
Necropolis of Glasgow, Castle st— William Slight, superinten-
dent ; William H. Hill, collector
Roman Catholic, Dalbeith
Sandymount Cemeteuy; office, 81 St; Vincent st— Alex. Murray,
Cemetery, Shettleston — Thomas Smith, superintendent
Yighthill Cemetery, Springburn rd— Hugh M'Nicol, supdt
Southern Necropolis, Caledonia rd— Alexander Young, secre-
tary ; John Fotbexingham, superintendent
Western Cemetery Co. Limited, 157 St. VinceDt st— W. G. & J.
W. Lindsay, managers
Western Southern Necropolis ; office, 83 Renfield st— Thomaa
Donald, secretary

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