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Gairbraid st.
WRITE RS—cmi tinned.
(/Buchan & Kidd, 121 West Regent st
eaBuchan W. R. 227 St. Vincent st
(ZBnchan William M. (Buchan & Kidd), 121
West Regent st
(/Bums, Aiken & Co. 201 West Pewge st
Byrne Charles, 5 East Park ter. Gairbr:
Caldwell W. (Wilson, Caldwell & Fyfe), 79
West Regent st
Campbell Alexander (Mackenzie, Gardner &
Alexander), 153 St. Vincent st
Campbell Angus, 109 West George st
Campbell Archibald (Thomson & Campbell).
118 West Regent st
Campbell George, 103 West George st [st
Campbell Robert (Todd & Campbell), 170 Hope
Carrick & Glen, 116 St. Vincent st
(/Carrick J. Stewart (Carrick & Glen), 116 St.
Vincent st
Carrick Samuel M. (Forbes, Bryson & Carrick),
83 West Regent st
dDarruthers & Gemmill, 150 Hope st
(/Carruthers Henry S. (Carruthers & Gemmill),
150 Hope st
Christie & Co. 4 York st
((Christie Andrew (Christie, Webster &
Maolvor), 75 West Nile st
(/Christie, Webster & Maclvor, 75 West Nile st
(/Clark C. E. (C. B. Aikman, Clark & Thomson),
208 West George st
(/Clark Charles K. 208 West George st [st
Clark James (Ralston & Clark), 173 St. Vincent
(ZaClarke John Hay, 98 Bath st
Coats Jolm(A.J.&A.Graham),193 WestGeorge st
(ZiCochran William, 53 West Regent st
(/Colledge, Smith, Jackson & Guy, 120 West
Regent st
Colledge Thomas (Colledge, Smith, Jackson &
Guy), 120 West Regent st
(/cColquhoun David T. (J. & D. T. Colquhoun),
158 St. Vincent st
Colquhoun J. & D. T. 158 St. Vincent st
(/cColquhoun James (J. & D. T. Colquhoun),
158 St. Vincent st
r/Connel Thomas A. 58 West Regent st
Cook William (M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie &
Co.), 77 St. Vincent st
rfeCowan Lachlan (Mitchells, Cowan & John-
ston}, 160 West George st
Cowan William (MacGcorge,Cowan& Galloway),
91 West George st
Craig & Risk, 176 West George st [st
(/Craig David (Craig & Risk), 176 West George
Craig William, 838 Dumbarton rd. P
Crawford & Herron, 104 West Regent st
(/Crawford & Stevenson, 146 West Regent st
(ZCrawford J. Law (Crawford & Stevenson), 146
West Regent st
Crawford Thomas (Cullen & Crawford), 121
West Regent st
(ZCrawford William (Crawford & Herron,
procurator fiscal for borough of Crossbill,
clerk & treasurer to Cathcart School Board
& clerk to East Kilbride School Board), 104
West Regent st
Cross Thomas (Roberton, Low, Roberton &
Cross), 176 St. Vincent st
Cullen & Crawford, 121 West Regent st
Cullen Robert, 139 St. Vincent st
dimming James, 65 West Regent st
(/Cunningham & Henderson, 93 West Regent st
(/Cunningham William Murray (Cunningham
tt Henderson), 93 West Regent st
(/Davidson Robert (Hill, Davidson & Hoggau),
194 Ingram st
(/Davidson William A. (MaeBride, Davidson,
M'Arthur & Stevens), 149 West George st
Dick Alexander, junr. (Dick, Stevenson, & Muir,
& clerk to the Lieutenancy of Dumbarton-
shire), 176 West George st
(ZaDiek, Stevenson & Muir, 176 West George st
Dixon, Erskine & Grieve, 151 St. Vincent st
(/Donald Colin D. (M'Grigor, Donald & Co ),
172 St. Vincent st
(/cDonald Colin D. jun. (M'Grigor, Donald &
Co.), 172 St. Vincent st
deDonaldson James (Kirk & Donaldson), 175
West George st
Dougall France G. 165 & 167 Canning st. C
Douglas J. B. 128 Hope st
Douglas Robert, 103 West Regent st
(/Douglas W. 248 West George Bt
Downie & Aiton, 115 St. Vincent st [st
Downie John (Downie & Aiton), 115 St. Vincent
Drnmmond A. S. & J. 194 St. Vincent st
Drummond Alexander S. ( A. S. & J. Drummond),
19 St. Vincent st
Dr nmm ond John junr. (A. S. & J. Drummond),
194 St. Vincent st
(/Duncan, Baird & Young, 211 Hope st
(/Duncan James D. (Duncan, Baird & Young
& procurator fiscal for East Dumbartonshire),
211 Hope st
dDunlop R. Murray (& clerk to the Incorpora-
tion of Bonnet Makers & Dyers), 136 Wel-
lington st
Dunlop William (& procurator fiscal for Pollok-
shields), 161 Hope st '
211— A-B
Dykes Thomas, 958 Govan rd. Gn
(ZEaston William J. (& secretary for Conser-
vative Club), 150 West Regent st
(((•Erskine John (Dixon, Erskine & Grieve), 151
St. Vincent st
(ZeEspie George, S.S.C. (Lockhart & Espie),
162 St. Vincent st
(/Faulds W. B. & Gibson, 25 Bath st
((Faulds William B. (W.B. Faulds & Gibson),
25 Bath st [ S J
â– (Ferguson A. & J. T. T. Brown, 53 West Regent
((Ferguson Archibald (A. Ferguson & J. T. T.
Brown), 53 West Regent st
(/Ferguson Archibald, 139 St. Vincent st
(/Ferguson John (Brown & Ferguson), 138 West
George st
(ZFiudlay James (R. & J. M. Hill, Brown & Co.),
41 West George st
((Fiidayson & Auld, 150 & 154 West George st
(ZtFinlayson William (Finlayson & Auld), 150
& 154 West George st [St. Vincent st
((Fisher Donald (Fisher, Watt & Hayes), 183
dFisher, Watt « Hayes, 183 St. Vincent st
Fleming James Brown (Moutgomerie & Flem-
ings), 241 St. Vincent st
((Fleming John (Montgomerio & Flemings),
241 St. Vincent st [ s t
(/Forbes Arthur (Moir & Forbes), 146 Buchanan
Forbes, Bryson & Carrick), 83 West Regent st
(((.Forbes Peter (Forbes, Bryson & Carrick), 83
West Regent st
Foulis Alexander (J. M. Taylor & Foulis), 180
St. Vincent st
Foulis Stuart (Macpherson & Foulis), 135 St.
St. Vincent st
Frame & Grant, 88a St. Vincent st
Frame Robert (Frame & Grant, & secretary to
the Technical College of Glasgow, & com-
missioner- to administer oaths), 88a St.
St. Vincent st
France Charles (Bannatyno, Kirkwood, M'Jan-
net & France), 145 West George st
Fraser J. T. 124 Bothwell st
Fraser Matthew P. M.A., ll.b. 69 St. Vincent st
((Fullerton William P. (Holmes, Mactavishand
Fullerton), 128 Hope st [cent st
(•Fyfe Henry B. (Stevenson & Fyfe), 183 St.Vin-
(ZFyfe Thomas (Wilson, Caldwell and Fyfe), 79
West Regent st
i/Galbi-aith John S. (John S. Galbraith and
M'Gill), 69 St. Vincent st
Galbraith John S. & M'Gill, 69 St. Vincent st
(ZeGalbraith W. A. 83 West Regent st
((Galloway Hugh Henry (MacGeorge, Cowan &
Galloway), 91 West Regent st
(/Gardner Peter (Mackenzie, Gardner and Alex-
ander), 153 St. Vincent st
Gardner Thomas, 221 West George st
Gemmill John L. (Mair, Gemmill & Hislop), 196
St. Vincent st [Hope st
((Gemmill Wm. (Carruthers & Gemmill), 150
Gibb John (Aitken & Gibbj, 58 West Regent st
Gibson Wm. (W. B. Faulds & Gibson), 25 Bath
street [States), 107 West Regent st
dGibson William (at vice-consul for the Unite!
(ZGilfillan Thomas (Brown & Gillillan), 163 St.
Vincent st
Gillespie George (Maxton & Gillespie), 175 St.
Vincent st
Gillies William (John Steuart & Gillies
deputy J.P. clerk for Renfrewshire & clerk to
the Heritors of Eastwood), 204 West Geor-o
st. & at Pollokshaws
(ZGirvan J. Graham (Keydens, Strang & Girvan)
186 West George st [Vincent st
(ZcGlen James (Carrick & Glen), 116 St
(iaGraham A. J. & A. 198 West George st
Graham & Anderson, 396 Argyle st
Graham James (A.J. & A. Graham), 198 West
George st [West George st
Graham James, junr. (A. J. & A. Graham), 198
Graham Thomas, 69 Bath st. <i 3 Eldon place
Clydebank [Vincent st
Grant Alex. Wright (Frame & Grant). 88a St
Gray John C. 158 George st [St. Vincent st
Grieve W. Weir (Dixon, Erskine & Grieve), 151
Guy Robert (Colledge, Smith, Jackson & Guy
& clerk to the burgh of Pollokshields & to
Eastwool School Board, Pollokshaws), 120
West Regent st
(/Hall William D. 116 St. Vincent st
Hamilton Gavin, 65 West Regent st
Hamilton J. & J. 135 St. Vincent st
eHannay David (& auditor to the Facultv) 205
St. Vincent st '
(fHait Thomas, 63 Renfield st. & at 7 Young
Bt. Edinburgh
Harvie &Maclachlan, 21 St. Vincent pi
Harvio William H. (Harvie & Maclachlan), 21
St. Vincent pi
(ZHayes William (Fisher, Watt & Hayes), 183
St. Vincent st
Henderson Alexander, 434 St. George's rd
((Henderson Andrew (Cunningham & Hen-
derson), 93 West Regent st
Hendrick John A. (Thorn & Hendrick), 58
Bathst [Regent st
Herron Hugh (Crawford & Herron), 104 West
Hewitt, Meikle & Co. 83 Jamaica st
(ZHill D. & J. 138 West Regent st
Hill Daniel (D. & J. Hill), 138 West Regent st
((Hill, Davidson & Hoggan, 194 Ingram st
((Hill James (D. & J. Hill), 133 West Regentst
(ZHill John M. (R. & J. M. Hill, Brown & Co.),
41 West George st [st
(ZHill R. & J. M. Brown & Co. 41 West George
(ZHill William H. (Hill, Davidson & Hoggan),
194 Ingram st
cdHislop John, 93 West Regent st
Hislop William, ll.d. (Mair, Gemmill &
Hislop), 193 St. Vincent st [st
Hogg John (Clark & Hogg), 180 West Regent
(/Hoggan Alexander (Hill, Davidson & Hog-
gau), 194 Ingram st
((Hoggan Andrew (Hill, Davidson & Hoggan),
194 Ingram st
((Hoggan George B.(Hill,Davidson& Hoggan),
194 Ingram st
(/Holmes John (Holmes, Mactavish & Fuller-
ton). 128 St. Viuceut st [cent st
Holmes, Mactavish & Fullerton, 128 St. Vin-
(ZUoneyman & Starke, 43 West Regent st
Houeynian James (Honeyman & Starke), 43
West Regent st
Honeyman Patrick Smith (Black, Honey-
man & Monteath), 83 West Regent st
(ZHotson Ot Brown. 187 West George st
(ZHotson James (HoUun & Brown), 187 West
Georgo st
Hunter Alexander, 1SS St. Vincent st
(ZHurll Juhii,jun.(& secretary for the Society
of Deacons & Free Pieses), 121 West
Regent st
Hutchesou Hugh (James Hutchoson & Son)
115 Wellington st "
(ZHutchosou James (James Hutcheson & Son)
115 Wellington st
(/aHutchesou James & Son, 115 Wellington st
clnglis David (Mark Marsuall & Inglis), 147
St. Vincent st [Bath Bt
Ingram John (Robert Walker & Ingram), 63
Jackson James (Colledge, Smith, Jackson &
Guv), 120 West Regent st
Jameson Robert (Jameson, Son & Maclae)
149 St. Vincent st ''
Jameson, Son & Maclae, 149 St. Vincent st
Jeans Alexander, 61 Hyndland st. P
((Johnson W. C. 175 St. Vincent st
de Johnston Alexander (Wright, Johnston,
Mackenzie 4i Aitken), 150 St. Vincent st
Johnston & M'Elroy, 121 West Regent st
(ZcJoanston David (Mitchells, Cowan &
JohuBton), 1G0 West George st
Johnston John, m.a., ll.b. (Johnston &
M'Elroy), 121 West Regentst
Johnston W. U. (Wright & Johnston), 175 St
Vincent st
Kay Cathcart (M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie &
Co.), 77 St. Vincent st
Kennedy Alexander, 190 West Georgo st
Kennedy George, 12 Rose st. Garnethill
((Kerr ABarrie, 149 St. Vincent st
(ZKeyden James (Keydens,Strang & Girvan,&
secretary to Blane Valley, Strathendrick
& Aberfoyle & Wemyss Bay Railway Com-
panies), 196 West George st
Keyden James, jun. (Keydens, Strang & Gir-
van), lfc'6 West George st [ a t
dKeyOens, Str n g & Girvan, 18 i West George
Kidd William (buchan & Kiud), 121 West
Regent st
Kidston James B. (Kidstons, Watson, Turn-
bull & Co.), 50 West Regent st
Kidston John (Kidstons, Watson, Tumbull
& Co.), 60 West Regent st
Kidston William (Kidstons, Watson, Turn-
bull & Co.), 50 West Regent st
Kidstons, Watson, Turnbull & Co. 50 WeBt
Regent st
rtKiug John Y. (Borland, King & Shaw), 142
St. Vincent st
Kirk & Donaldson, 175 West Geor"e st
eKirk Thomas H. (Kirk & Donaldson), 175
West George st '
(ZKirkland Alexander, 117 Wellington st
(/Kirkwood Anderson, ll.d. (Eannatyue,
Kirkwood, M'Januet & Fiance), 145 West
George st
Kirkwood John, 67 West Nile st
Lamond H. & R. 93 West Regent st
Lamond Henry (H. & R. Lamond), 93 West
Regentst [Regentst
dLamond Robert (H.& R. Lamond),U3 West
Leitch William, 70 Brunswick st
(ZeLindsay Archibald (Lindsay, Meldrum &
Oaits), 87 West Regent st
Lindsay James, 85 Hutcheson st [st
Lindsay, Meldrum & Oatts, 87 West Recent
Littlewood James, 51 West Regent st
Lockhart & Espie, 162 St. Vincent st
(ZeLockhart David (Lockhart & Espie), 162 St.
Vincent st
Lockhart James, 35 West George st
-ZLow James (Roberton, Low, Roberton &
Cross), 176 St. Vincent st
Lowndes & Morton, 162 Blichanan st
Lowndes Henry, b.l. (Lowndes & Morton),
162 Buchanan st

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