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SACKING, &c. WAREHOUSES— continued.
Consar John & Co. 63 Waterloo st
Dowie George & Son, 92 West Howard et
Dryden James (sack), 35 Robertson st
Fleming J. W. & Co. 109 Ingram st
PorreBt T. & Co. 6 & 8 Wilson st
Hedderwiok John & Co. 16 & 18 Stirling st
Lawcock James & Co. 57 Argyle st
Mills J. K. & Co. 13 Cochrane st
Mitchell Andrew & Co. 12 Princes so.
Paterson John, 17 Commercial rd. H
Robertson, Lockhart & Co. 88 Gordon st
Sawers & Co. Central Arcade, 105 Hope st
Smyth P. P. & Co. (sack hirers), 71 Robertson
Sommerville & Morrison, 205 Buchanan st
Williamson Edward, 19 & 21 Bell st
Angns John & Co. 12 Howard st
Gray & Morrison, 84 Centre st. T
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union st
Struthers & M'Bean, 85 Candleriggs
Yuill James, 47 Stockwell st
Adama William, 209 Garscube rd
Armstrong David, 20 M'latyre st. A
Arnott Euphemia, 335 New City rd
Auld William, Wellpiuk pi. Crossmyloof
Bell David, 493 St. Vincent st
Black Andrew, 7 West Campbell st
Black John, S Kent st
Brodie Thomas M. 9 Balmore st. Possilpark
Brown James, 60 King st. T
Bryan Marjory, 162 Main st. Maryhill
Cuthbert Jolin, 43 Eglinton st
Donald Andrew, 120 Eglinton st [malcolm
Duncan Henry, 112 St. George's rd. & at Kil-
Forsyth William, 31 & 33 Cathcart st. S S
Gilchrist Thomas, 52 King st.T
Graham James, 80 Oswald st
Gray Joseph, 47 Woodlands rd
Greerer Wm. 66 Hawthorn st. Possilpark
Grieve George, juu. 72 Renfrew st
Henderson Abram, 107 North at
Hendry James, 41 Canning st. C
Hyde Frederick (horse collar), 5 Centre st. T
Jackson John, 7 Kent st
Johnstone William, 459 Eglinton st
Kennedy John, 395 Parliamentary rd
Lawrie Robert, 8 Moore st. Gallowgate
Leckie, Graham & Co. (and export
and wholesale), 116 Union st; ex-
port factory, Newport st. Walsall,
and 12 St. Mary Axe, London, E.C.
M'Alister Jolm, 35 Kennedy st. St. Bollux
Macallister John, 159 West Nile st
M'Crory James, 53 Glebe at. Towubead
M'Douald David, 54 Reniicld st
Macdonald James, 64 Renfield st
Macdonald Peter, 206 Main st. Marvhill
M'Dougall Hugh, 171 Garscube "rd. & 581
Dobbie's loan
Macgill Andrew, 151 Stockwell st
M'Gregor & M'Caffer, 7 Parliamentary rd
M'Grorty William, 281 Gallowgate
Maclean James M. 5 Campvale, Crossmyloof
M'Naughton James & Co. 110 Bath st
Marshall Robert, 2H0 Buchanan st
Millar W. & G. 2 to 16 High at. 1 to 9 &15 to
29 Gallowgate, 15 to 31 Watson st. & 14 to
21 M'Pherson st
Mucksie James, 153 Houston st. S S
Muir Alexander, S38 Gallowgate
Newall William, 10 Water row, Gn
Ogilvie Alexander, 126 Hope st
Reid Hugh, 4 Main st. G
Robertson William & Sous, 212 North st
Rodger William, 1 1 3 Great Eastern rd
Ronald David, 30 King st. T
Kooney Thomas, 603 Dalmaruock rd
Russell Thomas, 787 Gallowgate
Siuclair James, 8 New Keppochliill rd
Strang William, 5 Great Wellington st. S S
Thomson John, 34 Kent st
Tomlinson William, 8 Roaevale ter. Dum-
barton rd. Partick, & 36 Dumbarton rd
White Matthew, 63 Burnaide st
Wilson Robert, 224 St. George's rd
Angus John & Co. 12 Howard st
Boyd Henry, 114 Candleriggs
Hawks Robert, 40 Brunswick st
Laurie Brothers, 52 West Howard at
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union st. & 12 St.
Mary Axe, London, E.C. ; export factory,
Newport st. Walsall
Struthers & M'Bean, 85 Candlerigga
Xuill James, 47 Stockwell at
1 — A-R
See Canvas d) Sail Cloth Manufacturers.
Barton William & Co. 55 Clyde pi
Brittain Robert & Co. 2S Dale at. T [tion
Douglas Robert & Son, Eaglesham at. Planta-
Dumbarton Rope Works Co. 108 to 114
Duncan Peter & Sons, 24 St. James st.
Paisley rd. & Dock head, Port Glasgow —
See advertisement
Ewart Robert, 04 Clyde st. P D
Frew George & Son, 06 Pateraon st. S S
Gray Duncan & Sons, 59 Morrison at. S S
Henderson & Co. 106Broomiolaw
M'AHst^r Jolm & Son, MaviRbank quay
Macbeth & Gray, 20 Clyde pi
ATFiirlH.no John L fc (Jo. d .farK at. K P [rd
Paterson Geo. & Gn, 16 Springfield la. Paisley
Tarbet li. 15 Brown st
Watson H. J. & Kidd, 34 Stanley st. K P
Aitken James, 61 Osborne at
Craig Walter, juu. 26-& 28 Carlton court
Donachy &â–  Co. 25 & 27 Dunlop st
Jamicson & Co. 13 Commerce at. T
Nesbet John & Co. 60 Dunlop st
Smith John, 4 Jackson st
Thomson & Co. 41 & 43 Commerce at. S S
Thomson Thomas, 59 Hutcheaon at
Baird, Thompson & Co. (and sole makers of
the celebrated " Grahtryx" & other amoke
teat machines for drains, soil pipes, &c),
24 Bath st. Glasgow, and at Edinburgh,
Dundee and London
Boyle Robert & Son (patent im-
proved drain & sewer ventilator,
and improved ventilating drain
trapt, 110 Bothwell st. Glasgow, &
64 Holborn viaduct, London, E.C—
See advertisement
British Sanitary Co. (manufacturers
of earth closets.and agents for dis-
infectants), 56 Bothwell st
Buehau William P. 21 Keufrew st [head
Cant David, 88 Bath st. & 193 Byars rd. Hill-
Fulton D. & R. 104 Woodlands rd. 19 Prince
of Wales ter. Byars rd. 221 Gairbraid st.
Maryhill, & at 8 Cadzow st. Hamilton
Hauuay William, 21 Wemyss pi [Hillhead
Hegney Charles & Son, 17 & 19 Bothwell pi.
King David & Sons, Keppoch Iron Works,
KeppocbTiiirnt — *
King H. & Son, 46 Sauchiehall st
Liggat Ales. 62 Argyle st— Robt. Elder, agent
Macl'arlane Walter & Co. Saracen Foundry,
Rattray John & Son, 94 Renfield st
Robertson Thomas &, Co. 132 Bothwell st
Spiers John, 39 & 41 Bothwell pi. Hillhead, &
Hyndlaud rd. Kelvinside
Shanks & Co. 116 Bothwell st ; works, Tubal
Foundrv, Barrhead
Stewart James, sen. 84 Norfolk st
Summers John, 174 West Nile st
Ure Thomas, 288 New City rd
Allan James, sen. & Son, Elmbank Foundry
& Sawmilltield Iron Works, Port Duudas;
warehouse, 85 Bothwell st
Cockburn M. & Co. 91 Bothwell at. & Gowan
Bank Iron Works, Falkirk
Macfarlane Walter & Co. Saracen Foundry,
Poasil park
Sbanks & Co. Tubal Foundry, Barrhead, and
116 Bothwell st— John Glendinning, agent
Smith George & Co. Sun Foundry, Parlia-
mentary rd
See Fire Brick and Fire Clay Goods
Morton & Richmond, 121 Brook st. Mile end
(See also Edtrc Tool Manufacturers.)
Allan Arthur, 144 Trongate, and 14 London st
Bartholomew John. 91 Cadogan st
Cook William & Sons (and file), Glas-
gow Saw and File Works, Elliot st. and
Havelock st. Cranstonkill, and Glasgow
Steel Works, Washford rd. Sheffield
Denovan William, 77% Main st, A.
Dobie Johu, 205 Argyle st
Elsworth John, 82 Portrnan st. K p
Hunter Alexander, 8 Mansfield st. Gn
Kennedy William, 121 Main st. Maryhill
Livingston R. & Co. 268 Argyle st
Luckie Stewart, 84 Eglinton st
Macgaire & Jago, SS Jamaica st
M'Pherson Brothers, 134 Trongate
Marshall Alexander, 277 Argyle St. & 88 Dal-
marnock st. Parkhead
Mathieson -Alexander & Son, Saracen Tool
Works, East Campbell St. Glasgow ; ware-
houses, 23 Cockbnrn st. Edinburgh, and 8
Church fit. Liverpool
Shaw John, 7 Govan st. G
Adams James & Co. Tradeston Saw Mills, 7
Scotland st [shields
Allan & Baxter, Lilybank Saw Mills, Pollok-
Andersnn & Henderson, 77 West Scotland Bt.
and 75 Waterloo Bt
Barclay L. & M. Killearn st. Possilpark
Bowie Archibald & Sons, 872 Scotland st. S S
Bvownlee & Co. City Saw Mills, P D
Brownlie Archibald & SonB, Victoria Saw
Mills, James st. P D
Bnrley R. & Sons, 96 Gt. Wellington st. K P
Cameron Samuel, jun. 20 Baird Bt. St. Rollox
Campbell P. & A. Campbell St. Gn
Dunn J. S. & Co. Rock Villa Saw Mills, PD
Fraser & Cunningham, 24 Sussex Bt. K P
Graham & Roxburgh, Blythswood Saw Mills,
Pitt st
Hector & Inglis, 154 to 160 Berkeley st
Hill George & Co. 7 Forth St. Pollokshields
Hood A. & Co. Polmadie
Hunter M. & Co. Firhill Saw Mills, and 19
M'Farlane st. Gallowgate
Jex-Long John R. 845 Gallowgate
Lamb Thomas, Sons & Co. 295 Shields rd.
and 153 Queen st. Glasgow, and Cartsdyke
Saw Mills, Greenock
H'Coll Matthew (Victoria Patent Saw Mills
Co.), 103 St. James's Td .
M'Farlane D. & Son (and timber
merchants!, Kuchill Saw Mills,
Maryhill rd. Glasgow— See advi
M'Huffie Viiilliam, Maxwell rd. Pollokshielrls
M'Plmu J. & D. Greenhead Saw Mills, Mill
st. B
Mitchell B. & M. 16 East Campbell st
Alowat & Miller, Robert st. Gn
Paterson A. & G. St. Rollox Timber Yard and
Saw Mills, Tennaut st ; aud Bonuybridge
Saw Mills, Stirlingshire ; and Banchory
Mills, Kincardineshire
Robinson, Dunn & Co. (timber im-
porters), saw mills at Partick and
Temple ; creosoting works. Temple
siding, North British Railway
Scott Johu, 318 Stobcross st
Stewart J. & A. Glasgow Veneer, Saw, and
Moulding Mills, Kelviohaugh st
Swan W. & J. G. 41 Port Dundas rd
Turnbull James, 22 Havelock St. Finnieston
Wylie, Stewart, & Marshall, Western Saw
Mills, Firhill basin
Anderson Brothers, 93 Stockwell st
Ferguson & Dawson, 81 North st. A
Ferguson J. & R. & Co. 84 Trongate
Fleming P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle Bt— See advt
Heriot James, 163 Grseme st
Lowe Charles & Co. 158 Renfield st
Macdonald Robert, 148 Trongate
Paterson William & Sona, 88 Pitt st
Pooley Henry & Son (patentees and manu-
facturers of every description of weighing
apparatus for railways, ironworks, col-
lieries, mills, warehouses, &c. self-acting
machiues for collieries, granaries, &c.
contractors to the chief railway companies
in the United Kingdom) ; Albion Works, 69
and 71 M'Alpine st — Jas. Hiaes, manager
Robinson James, 114 Main st. G
Taylor John, 104 Saltmarket
Wood & Sons (manufacturers of weighing
machines, standard beams, &c. suitable for
all commercial purposes), 8 & 10 Stockwell
Dmmmond John, 24 Lanark st.Greendyke st
Knox William, 104 Dale st. T
M'Ewen & Milligan, Moncrieffla. G
See Cap Manufacturers.

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