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PLUMBERS— continued.
Lyons James, 192 West Nile st
nM' Adam Walter, 112 Great Western rd
M' Alpine George, 181 Dalrnarnock rd
M'Arthur Robert, 687 Gallowgate
M'Gallum John, 479 St. George's rd
M'Calluni Peter, 7 Adelphi st. G
M'Callum Peter, 218 St. George's rd
M'Combe James, 120 West Nile st
M'Coneehy J. & D. B. & Go. 90 West Regent st
M'Crae John, 103 London st
M'Culloch Hamilton, 49 Paisley rd
?i^. r>0Dald A1 exander, 57 Cambridge st
M'Donald Allan, 456 & 458 Duke st
MacdougallHugh, 555 Govan rd. Gn
M'Parlane John, 182 Eglinton st
aM'Farlane John, 107 Dumbarton rd. P and
Suninierneld pi. Whiteinch
M'Feat John, 28 Helen st. Gn
M'Gee George, 83 Elm st. Oatlands
aM'Gill Alexander, 178 Main st. Maryhill
aM'Harg John, 10 Windsor st
M'Kerraeher David, 475 St. George's rd
Mackersie John, 506 Rutherglen rd. S S
M'Kmnon Archibald, 47 Plantation st. Plan-
aM'Kinnon James, 150 James st. B
aM'Lean Archibald, 237 West Campbell st
M'Lean Charles, 884 South Wellington st. S S
M'Lean Charles, 205 Caledonia rd. S S
"M'Leish William, 19 Eulinton pi. S S
M'Neill Alexander, 414 Argyle st
MPherson John & Co. 21 Henrietta st
aM'Whannell E. & Co. 60 South Albion st
aMartin Thomas, 150 Wellington st
aMason Peter, 43 College st [land st
aMason Robert, 75 Renfield st; & 19 Monk-
aMathies William, 534 & 536 St. George's rd
aMaxwell William, 100 Hopehill rd
aMearus & Co. 20 South Mungo st
Mearns James, 215 West George st
aMenzies Robert, 129 Main st. Maryhill
Millar Robert, 13 Great Hamilton st
aMiller A. & R. 145 New City rd
aMiller A. & R. 112 Portugal st
aMiller Walker L. 222 Berkeley st
"Mills David & Oo. 21 St. George's rd [end
Mitchell Alexander & Son, 8 Cubie st. Mile
aMitchell David, 61 Bank st. Hillhead
Moffat John, 87 Jamaica st
Morris John, 32 Cowlairs rd. Springburn
Morrison J. & Co. 23 Copeland rd Gn
aMorton William, 8 Anderson st. P
Motherwell David, 9 Houldsworth St. Crans-
aMountain Charles, 20 Ferguson st
Moyos William, 82 St. Andrews rd. Pollok-
Moyes William & Son, 55 & 57 Maxwell rd. &
74 Albert rd. Pollokshields
Muir J. Gilmour st. Paisley rd. West
aMuir John, 65 St. George's rd
Muir John, 84 Paisley rd. West
Muir R. & Son, 141 Dundas st
Muir Walter, 44 Victoria rd. Crosshill
Mulholland James, 40 Marquis st. B
aMunro Donald, 13 Robertson st
? T N ?,T , , W â„¢- 6 Seaaiore st. & 47 William Bt. A
NeiU William, 9 Springfield lane, Paisley rd
aNeilson & Co. 5 Blackburn st. Plantation
Neilson & Co. 3S Victoria St. Gn
Nelson William, 18 Bridgeton cross
Nelson William & Co. 85 London rd
Newton & Blair, 26 Westmuir st. & 2 Cathkin
pi. Shettleston
Nicolson John, 84 Duke st
aNoble Henry, 112 West Nile st
aPaterson & Hall, 5 Windsor pi. Byars
rd. Kelvinside
aPaterson John & Co. 40 Candleriggs
Paton William, 21 Renfrew st
a Peacock Alex, it Son, 133 Great Western rd
"Phillips & Wallace, 44 Dundas st
Phillips Robert, 274 George st
Philp Alexander, 4 Brunswick lane
aPorter Thomas, 16 Stanley st. K P
Porter Thomas, 1 Harvie st. Paisley rd. West
Porter William, 524 New City rd "
aRae Alexander, 143 George st
Raeside James, 873 Gallowgate
Raoside James, 20 Bright st
a.Rattray John & Son, 94 Renfield st
Reid William, 117 West George st
aReid William & Co. 315Byarsrd. Kelvinside
Ritchie David, 26 Westmuir st. Parkhead
Ritchie David, 673 Great Eastern rd
aRobertson & Reid, 23 Bath st
aRobertson Thomas & Co. 182 Bothwell st
aRussell Lewis, 342 St. Vincent st
aRussell Robert, 13 Grosvenor pi. Byars rd.
Sanderson Thomas, 26 John Knox st
aSaunders James, 22U Great Western rd
Scott James, 15 Peel st. B
Sievwright William. 93 Abercromby St. C
aShaw Hugh, 803 New City rd
aSibbald Archibald, 15 Victoria st, Gn
Sim Thomas, 81 Govan rd
SimThoni.i , â–  id. West,
Sim William,
Simpson Willi a i st. P
aSmall John, 59 Waterloo st
Smith A. & R. 58 Anderston quay
Smith David, 205 Loudon rd
aSmith J. & W. B. 12 Kirkst. G
aSmith John, 52 & 54 West Campbell st
Smith John & Co. 6S Gloucester st. S S
Smyth Peter R. 40 Allison st. Govanhill
aSmith Robert, 744 Govan rd. Gn
aSpeirs John, 39 & 41 Bothwell pi. Hillhead,
& Hyndland rd. Kelvinside
aSpeirs Moses & Sons, 178 & 175 Bothwell st
Spronl William, 33 Hutcheson st
Stark William, 7 Bothwell ter. Shawlands
Stewart Duncan, 115 Main st. B
aStewart James, 19 Garscube lane
aSummers John, 174 West Nile st
Sutherland David, 20 Moir st
aSutherland Thomas, 198 Parliamentary rd
Symington James, 76 Cathcart rd. Govanhill
Telfer James, 54 Renfrew st
Tennant David, 358 Crowu St. S 8
Terrace John A. 51 Bridge St. G
aThomson Robert, 281 Duke st
aThomson Robert M. 3 Kelvinside avenue
Thomson William, 55 Copeland rd. Gn
Thomson William & Co. 200 Claythorn st. C
aTrotter James, 104 Great Western rd.
aTwaddle Hugh & Son, 179 Gallowgate
aTwaddle John, 503 Gallowgate
Ure Thomas, 288 New City rd
aUrquhart A. & D. 636 Gallowgate
Walker George, 306 Scotland st. S S
Wallace & Connell, 38 St. Enoch sq. 190
North st. A, 165 Sandringharu ter. Hillhead,
& M' Alpine st
aWallace Robert, 7 Sydney st. Gallowgate
Walter & M'Lintock, 28 North Albion st
Waters William, 122Sauchieliall st
Watson Archibald & Co. (plumbers,
brassfounders & gasfitters), 36
George st
Watson John, 101^ Main st. A
Watson John, 11 IVMntvre Bt. A
Watson John, 27 Albert rd. Pollokshields
Watson John, 419^ Argyle st
Watson T. & G. 5 South Portland st
Watson Thomas, lllona pi. Mount Florida
Watson Thomas, 109 Surrey st
Waugh Andrew, Oxford st
Weir William, jun. 18 Portugal st
White Andrew, 14 Smith st. K P
Wilson David, 79 Watt s». S S
aWilson Hugh, 4 Kersland st. Hillhead
aWil8on Robert, jun. 24 Great Western rd.
Workman Lloyd W. & Co. 103 Dundas st
Young J. & W. 51 North st. Whiteinch, & 2
Galbraith st. Finnieston
aYoung John, 6 Balmore st. Possilpark
Younger James, 6 Woodside pi. Crossmyloof
Younger John, 25 Centre st. T
Brown Robert, 75 Jamaica st
Falconer & Co. 20 Dixon st
Houston Hugh, 8 Buchanan st
Kirkpatrick Adam & Co. 24 Buchanan Bt
Kirkpatrick Hugh, 14 Queen st
Marr, Downie & Co. (purse & pocket
book), 36 Ingram st
Fulton James, jun. 31 North Hanover st
Gibson John, Eglinton lane, & Queen
Street station
Graham W. & A. 7a Killermontst
Gray James, 12 Jackson st
Greenlees — , 316 Buchanan st
Jackson Archibald, 24 Eglinton st
Lyburn James & Sons, 10 Germiston st
M'Lachlin A. 48 Port Dundas rd
Neilson & Greenleos, Buchanan Street station
Paterson James, Buchanan Street station
Paton R. & G. 46 North Hanover st
Paul & Weir, 16 Caithness st. Garscube rd
Reid & Spence, 31 North Hanover st
Robertson Andrew, 6 Meadowpark st. D
Strang John, 32 Annette St. Govanhill
Strong William, 100 Rose st
Walker Matthew, 159 Eglinton st
Watson George, 1 Salkeld st. T
Wotherspoon & Donald, 46 North Hanover st
(See also Teira-Cotta Makers, Brick, d-c.
Makers, <£• also Crucible Makers.)
Balfour Alexander & Co. 295 Dobbie's loan
Bell J. & M. P. A Co. Limited, Glasgow
Pottery, Stafford Bt. P D
Brown James, Montblue Pottery, Camlachie
Campbellfield (The) Pottery Co. Limited,
Flemington st. Springburn, & Rochester st.
Cochran Robert, 119 Finnieston st
Cochran Robert & Co. Britannia Pottery,
Glebe st. St. Rollox
Craig J. & M. Longpark Pottery, & Hill
head & Perceton Fire Clay Works, Kilmar-
nock (every description of sanitary and
plumbers' earthenware and toilet ware, sole
makers of Armstrong's patent automatic
urinals, and the Shields patent flush-out
closets] — Agent for Glasgow, Alexander
Murray, 98 Commerce Bt. S S
Grosvenor Frederick. 60 Boden st. B
Kennedy Hy.Barrowtield Potteries, London rd
Murray & Co. Caledonian Pottery, Ruther-
glen — Sec advertisement
Port Dundas Pottery Co. 68 Bishop st. P D
Purvis Charles & Co. Graigton rd. Gu
Saracen Pottery Co. Denmark st. Possilpark
Wardlaw Johnston, jun. Star Plumbago
Crucible Works, Wardlaw st. Keppoehhill—
See advertisement
Williamson Adam C. Wellington Pottery,
Westeyan st
Clark & Co. 95 St. Vincent st
Carrick Jas. G. & Co. (trunk), Calderwood st—
See advertisement
Dick James, 27 Great Western rd [rose st
Frankecberg J. (fancy leather bags), 18 Mout-
Handley John & Sons. 101 Argyle st
Irving Brothers, 86 Renfield st. & 48
to SO Bath st
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116 Union st-
export factory, Newport st. Wal-
sall, & 12 St. Mary Axe, London,
M'Farlane & Co. 235 Ingram st
Paterson James & Co. 43 Woodlands rd
Reid & Todd (manufacturers of
overland trunks, dress baskets,
? and J? travelling bags, &c>, 48
to 56 Glassford st. 73 Wilson st. &
8 Renfield st
Wilkie Robert & Co. 207 Cowcaddeus st. an 1
69 Candleriggs
Wright Joseph, 48 Argyle arcade
Armstrong John, Robert st. Gn
Armstrong Robert, Helen st. Gn
Barr Alexander, 31 North Hanover st
Brown & Pettigrew, 10 Renfrew la
Alexander William, 219 Dumbarton rd
Allan Isabella, 68 Bazaar, Candleriggs
Allan & Son, 160 Sauchiehall st
Allan Isabella, 283 George st
Allan Mary, 221 New City rd
Allan Mary, 65 Bazaar, Candleriggs
Anderson Thomas, 58 & 60 West Nile st
Colquhoun John, 119 West George st
Colquhoun Mary, 878 Duke st
Colquhoun W. & R. 493 Sauchiehall st. and 2
Buckingham buildings, Hillhead
Corsan & Currie, 11 to 15 lioward st
Currie Alexander & Co. 73 Jamaica st
Donaldson James, 82 Woodlands rd. 295 New
Cityrd. &9 Ashtou pi. Byars rd. Maryhill
Duff Alex. 21 Priuco of Wales ter. Hillhead,
and 231 North st
Duff Eliz. 1 Widnsor pi. Byars rd. Kelvinside
Galloway John, 282 Duke st
Gilmore A. & Son, 83 and 85 St. George's pi.
17 Grosvenor pi. Byars rd. and Bazaar,
Graham James, 411 Dumbarton rd. P
Graham James, jun. 389 Dumbarton rd. P
Henderson James, 5 Stockwell st
Imrie Alexander, Bazaar, and 62 Candleriggs
Kilpatrick Andrew, 87 St. George's pi
M'Callum Catherine, 105 West George st
M'Fadyen Daniel, 235 North st
M-iiregor Jane, 389 Paisley rd
M'Kinney Annie, 64 Bazaar, Candleriggs
M'Millan Alex. 315 Byars rd. Kelvinside
M'Niven James & Sons, 133 Main st
Melross S. & M. 85 Victoria rd. Crossbill
Mercer & Marshall, 17 St. Andrew st
Mercer James, 70 Bazaar, Candleriggs
Millar T. 66 Bazaar, Candleriggs
Paterson Peter, 2! Great Western rd
Paul J. & A. 217 Great Western rd
Ralph John, 279 New City rd. & 15S}i Cow-
caddens st
Ralston William, 2D3 Paisley rd
Ryder John, 160 Now City rd
Sawers J. & X. 7 Buckingham buildings,
Hillhead, and 16 and la Howard st
Stewart David, 8 Dumbarton rd
Walker John, 81 Gibson st. Hillhead, and 4
Ruthven pi. Byars rd
Walker Thomas, 103 West George st

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