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Campbell John, revolving shutter maker, 353 St. Vincent st
- John, newsagent, 42 Green st. C
John, police inspector, 168 Great George Bt. Hillhead
John, master mariner, 32 Minerva st
John, eating house, 27 Anderston quay
John, brassfounder (Campbell & Hattan), Lome Villa, 49 St.
Andrew's drive, Pollokshields
John, commission agent, 125 Buchanan st ; res. Cambnslang
John, merchant, 3 Montgomery drive, Kelvinside
— — ■ John, stationer, 509 Govan rd
John, flour merchant, 27 Hope st; res. Cathcart [Stirling rd
John, grain merchant (John Campbell & Co.), 7 Hopetoun pi.
John, yarn merchant (John Campbell & Co.), 37 Derby 8t
John, joiner, 83 Renfield st
John, bootmaker, 235 Cowoaddens st ; res. 45 Buccleuch st
John, coppersmith (Irwin & Campbell), 119 Blain st
John, wholesale cabinet maker (Campbell, Barr & Peddie), 18
Carrington st [avenue
John, baker, 137 Gairbraid st. Maryhill ; res. 69 Kelvinside
John, portmanteau maker, Glassford st ; res. 196 Sandyford st
John, tobacconist, 449 St. George's rd
John, hairdresser, 26 Cowcaddens st
John, warehouseman (Ogg & Hodge), 14 Apsley pi
John, tobacconist, 71 Elderslie st
John, hardware dealer, 227 Main st. Bridgeton
John, cabinet maker, 239 Govan st. H ; res. Camden st
John, furniture dealer, Howard st ; res. 18 Carrington st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 232 Dumbarton rd. P [bungo
John, seed merchant (Lindsay & Campbell), Bute ter. Strath-
John, warehouseman (Aitken, Campbell & Co.) SpriughiU,
Clarkston, Busby
John, provision dealer, 394 Govan st; res. 11 Stonefield ter. H
John, draper, 573 Springburn rd ; res. 1 North Montrose st
John, musical instrument maker, 90 Argyle St. & 103 Trongate ;
res. Auchendarracb, Kilcreggan
John, flesher, 77 North st. A
John, bank teller, 21 Hayburn cres. P
John, writer, 95 Bath st ; res. 257 Corunna st
John, grocer (Crawford & Campbell), 18 Great Hamilton st
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 153 Great Western rd. Hillhead;
res. 4 AilBa ter. Vinicombe St. Hillhead
John, spirit dealer, 227 Cowcaddens st; res. 16 Scotia st
â–  John A. agent, 13 Hayburn cres. P
John & Co. yarn merchants, silk throwsters & gold plate
manufacturers, 85 Queen st
John & Co. grain merchants, 17 Robertson st
John & Son, glass bottle makers, Claythorn st. C
John G. S. woollen warehouseman, 161 Trongate ; res. 4
Osborne villa, Gn
John L. warehouseman, 23 Langside rd. Govanhill
John M'A. commission agent, 103 West Regent st ; res. 9 Vale
View ter. Langside
John P. watchmaker, 855 Govan rd. Gn [Crossbill
â–  John S. die sinker, &c. 55 Charlotte lane ; res. 63 Dixon avenue,
Jonathan, measurer, 146 West Regent st ; res. 228 Dumbarton rd
Joseph, engineer (Campbell, Smart & Co.), 7 Radnor ter. Dum-
barton rd
Joseph C. engineer, 6 Radnor st. Sandyford
Kennedy, slater, Vallance Dl. Crossmyloof [Cumberland st
â–  Lochlan, cabinet maker, 97 West Campbell st ; res. 60 West
M. grocer, 11 Elderslie st; res. 51 Grant st [Crookston st. S S
, M'Donald & Co. ship carpenters, block makers & smiths, 53
Malcolm, grocer, 249 St. George's rd. & 11 Elderslie st; res, 51
Grant st
Malcolm, fruiterer, 18 Gordon st. 2 West Nile st. 149 & 241
New City rd. 66 Maitland St. & 816 Duke st. & Japanese
goods importer, 25b Renfield st ; res. 39 Scott st. Garnethill
Marcus, spirit dealer, 299 Argyle st ; res. 95 Douglas st
Margaret, confectioner, 37 Hvndland St. P
Margaret, householder, 10 West Princes st
Margaret, spirit dealer, 35 North Albion st
Margaret, toy dealer, 206 Dumbarton rd
â–  Marion, householder, 9 Albert drive, Crosshill
Mary, tool dealer, 274 New City rd
Mary, dressmaker, New City rd ; res. 26 Stanley st. Woodlands rd
â–  -Mary, dairy, 29 Shamrock st. West
Mary, householder, 56 Langside rd. Crosshill
Mary, dairy, 266 Saracen st. Possilpark
Mary, hardware dealer, 43 Princes st
Mary, dairykeeper, 147 Dalmarnock rd
Matthew P. warehouseman (J. & W. Campbell), 9 Lynedoch cres
N. customs officer, 19 Langside rd. Govanhill
â–  Neil, brassfounder, 207 Rutherglen rd ; res. 16 Camden st
Neil, hatter, 38 Trongate ; res. 71 Forth st. Pollokshields
Norman, bootmaker, 39 Plautatiou st. Plantation
P. & A. Wrights, Campbell st. Gn
P. & P. (Perth), dyers, 86 Sauchiehall st
Peter, spirit dealer, 536 Duke st
Peter, wright (P. & A. Campbell), Murrowpark Cottage, Gn
Peter, ironmonger, 270 Dumbarton rd [Mount Florida
Peter, coal merchant (M'Donald & Campbell), 2 Victoria ter.
P6ter, manager, 10 Kenmnre st. Pollokshaws
Peter, spirit dealer, 196 Broomielaw ; res. 3 Brown st
Quentiu, agent, Morrison's court, 108 Argyle st ; res. 375
Sauchiehall ^t
Campbell K. & A. wool brokers and merchants. 40
Hydepark st. Anderston
Campbe 1 Rachel, householder, 339 Sauchiehall st
Kebecca, householder, 285 West Campbell st
Richard, dairyman, 3 Harmony row. Gn
, Rivers & Co. merchants, 58 Renfield st
Robert, grain store keeper, Caledonian Railway station ; res.
108 N orth Hanover st
Robert, writer (Todd & Campbell), 90 Finlav drive, D
Robert, master mariner, 2 Park 'Jrovo ter. West
Robert, china, &c. dealer, 171 Maiu st. A
Robert, flesher, 22 Dalmarnock rd
Robert, brassfounder (Robert Campbell & Co.), 340 Cathcart rd
Campbell G. Robert, glass bottle maker (John Campbell & Son), 20
Monteith row
Robert, coal dealer, 32 Gourlay st. Springburn
Robert, warehouseman, 10 Queen Mary avenue, Crosshill
- — Robert, joiner, 12 Buccleuch st [George's rd
-Robert, publisher, 18 Stanhope st ; res. 23 Windsor ter. St.
Robert, watchmaker, 1 Pollok st. S S
Robert, plumber & gasfitter, 138 Kent rd ; res. 104 Berkeley st
Robert, steward, 24 West End Park st
Robert & Co. brassfounders, Melville pi. 132 Trongate
Robert H. watchmaker, 65 Jamaica st [28 Gardner st
Roderick, bootmaker, 7 Charing cross & 531 Sauchiehall st ; res.
Samuel, manufacturing chemist (Campbell & Ferguson), 63
Bain st. O
, Smart & Co. engineers, machine & tool makers, Artizan
Works, 212 Old Dumbarton rd — See advertisement
T. B. & Sons, iron & metal merchants, lead manufacturers &
tinplate merchants, 29 Wellington st— T N 575-1,537—
Cash day, first Wednesday [Busby
Thomas, fruiterer, 131 Eglinton st ; res. Woodside Cottage,
Thomas, coal dealer, 150 Cumberland st. S S [cres
Thomas B. iron merchant (T. B. Campbell & Sons), 13 Woodside
Thomas M. metal merchant (John Smith & Co.), 152 Dumbar-
ton road
Thomas R. watchmaker (Campbell Brothers), 5 Devon st. S S
W. D. & Co. slaters, 42 Bothwell st
W. Lawrence & Co. merchants & manufacturers, 59 Union st
Walter, sheriff officer, Rosehall st
William, furniture broker, 648 Govan rd. Gn
William, newsagent, 324 Argyle st
William, oil & colour dealer, 43 Main st. Plantation
William, householder, 5 Broomhill ter. P
William, slater, 119 Plantation St. Plantation
William, house factor, 12 Binnie pi. C ; res. 32 Monteith row
William, stationer, 63 Great Hamilton st
William, manager, 5 Victoria ter. Mount Florida
William, cutler, 66 Charlotte lane
William, cooper, 92 Centre st. Tradeston
William, cabinet maker, 47 Dale st ; res. 53 Clarence st
William, tailor, 9 Hutcheson sq. S S
William, shirt manufacturer, 88 Glassford st ; res. SO Steven st
William, cotton yarn merchant (M'Nicol, Kilpatrick & Co.), 22
Salisbury pi. Hillhead [das st
William, carver & gilder, 72 Stockwell st ; res. 131 North Dun-
William, hardware dealer, 118 Norfolk st. Gorbals
William, cabinet maker, 62 West Graham st
William, spirit dealer, 7 Dundas st ; res. 32 Monteith row
William, spirit dealer, 48 Rose st- H ; res. 119 Caledonia rd
William A. warehouseman (J. & W. Campbell & Co.), 16 Wood-
side crescent
William & Co. coopers, 92 Centre st Tradeston [Hillhead
William L. watchmaker, 5 St. George's rd; res. 29 Gibson st
William L. agent, 12 West Garden st [Lynedoch cres
Wiliam Pearce, warehouseman (J. & W. Campbell &â–  Co.), 9
William S. confectioner, 53 Paisley rd. West
Campbellfield (The) Pottery Co. Limited, earthenware and stoneware
manufacturers, Flemington st. Spriugburn, & Rochester st.
Gallowgate— T A " Ravenna," Glasgow— Cash day, last
Tuesday or Friday — William Webster, secretary and
manager [ciunlop
Campbeltown Steam Packet Office, 22 Anderston quay— R. M.
Canada & Glasgow Steam Packet Office, 30 Jamaica st — G. & J.
Burns [agents
■ Shipping Co. Limited, 23 Hope st — Peter Rintoul, Son & Co.
Canadian Government Office, 40 St. Enoch sq— Thos. Grahame, agent
Stfamship Office, 165 St. Vincent st— Donaldson Brothers
Steamshio Office, 70 Gt. Clyde st— J. & A. Alian
Canavan John", victualler, 25 Villiers st [Bridge of Weir
Candlish George, measurer, 147 West Regent st ; res. Den Vue Villa,
Cannan John, agent, 133 St. Vincent st ; res. 20 Lawrence pi. P
Canning George, clothes dealer & furniture broker, 13 Villiers St.
Garngad rd
Peter, coal dealer, 115 North Frederick st
Cannington, Shaw & Co. bottle manufacturers, Charles st. St. Rollox
Cant & White, measurers & contractors, Yorkhill wharf & 190 Dum-
barton rd
David, plumber, gasfitter, &a. 88 Batli st. & 193 Byars rd. Hill-
head ; res. 88 Steven st. New City rd
William, coal dealer, 301 North Woodside rd
William, journalist, 37 Annette St. Govauhill
Cantrell & Cochrane, mineral water manufacturers, 53 Surrey st
Cape of Good Hope, Natal, &c. Steamship Office, 40 St. Enoch sq—
Donald Currie & Co.
Cape Mail Steamers (Union Steamship Co.), 15 Gordon
st— F. W. Allan & Co. agents
Capes Wm. J. agent for Ind, Coone & Co. brewers (Burton-on-Trent),
172 Highst; res. Kvle Park, Uddingston
Capetown Steamship Office, 109 Hope st— Cayzer, Irvine & Co.
Capper Thomas C. Turkish bath proprietor, 72 Sauchiehall St. and
agent, 83 Rentid 1 st [hill
Carbarns Elhn, milliner, 227 Sauchiehall st ; res. 4 Royal ter. Cross,-
James, slater (John Carbarns & Sous), 4 Royal ter. Crosshill
John, slater (John Carbarns & Sons), 4 Royal ter. Crossbill
John & Sons, slaters, 113 Barrack st. & 128 Hunter st
Carbon (The) Cement Co. Limited, makers of Stanford's patent
carbon cement for covering boilers, pipes, &c. Stanford's
patent algin boiler fluid for preventing incrustations in
boilers, &c. 20 Carlton pi. G
Card Mary S. fruiterer, 111 Main st. B
Cardwtll J. & A. Venetian blind makers, 265 Eglinton st
Thomas, spirit dealer, 66 Broomielaw ; res. 26 Robertson st
Cardy Edward, finisher (Bryson, Cardy & Co.), 10 Roselea drive, O
Carey Agnes, clothes dealer, 373 >outh York st. S S
Andrew, newsagent, 107 Duke st
C. & R. grocers, 605 Duke s*,
Patrick, rag merchant, 32 M'Intyre st. A
Carfin Coal Co. co;d masters, 7 York st
Coal Co. 6 Dixon st— Peter Stewart, agcut

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