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Municipal, Parochial, &c, Directory— continued.
Commission of the Peace (City), &c— continued.
Carter Frederick H., c.a. 8 Eton terrace
Christisou John, 40 Moray place
Clapperton John, G-ilsland, Spylaw rd
CJapperton John, 2 John st. Portobello
Clapperton W. R. 59 Princes st
Clark 'lhomas, 11 Melville crescent
Colston James, 23 Regent terrace
Cousin George, 140 Princes st
Cowan Charles, 38 West Register st
Cowan James, 35 Royal terrace
Craig James, 24 Manor place
Craig James T. G-ihson, 5 Thistle st
Cranston Robert, 43 Princes st
Crawford Donald, advocate. 18 Melville st
Crighton H. S.s.c, 13 Nelson st
Crighton James, 1 Kerr st
Currie James, 16 Bernard st. Leith
Curror D. s.s.c. 25 Northumberland st
Davidson Archibald, 9 Chester st
*Davidson David
Davidson Henry, Muirhouse, Davidson's Mains
Dickson David, 10 South St. Andrew st
Donald John, Bristo Port
Douglas A. H. m.jd., 30 Melville st
Douglas C. w.s., 13 Atholl crescent
Douglas Francis Brown, 21 Moray place
Drybrnugh Thomas, 31 Royal terrace
Duncan William James, 29 Abercrombie place
Duncan William, s.s.c, 1 Heriot row
Dundas Ralph, w.s., 1(5 St. Andrew square
Edmondson Thomas, 110 West Bow
Edwards W. P. s.s.c, 17 Belgrave crescent
Essom G. Auldjo, 14 Bruntsfield place
Falshaw Sir James, Bart. 14 Belgrave crescent
Findlay J. R. 3 Rothesay terrace
Fleming James S. 16 Grosvenor crescent
Ford William, Holyrond Glassworks, South back of Canongate
Foulis Robert, m.d. 3 Newbattle terrace
Fraser Alexander M. 8 Walker st
Fraser Arthur
Gordon Robert, 5 Heriot bridge
Gowans James, Rockville, Napier rd
Gray Alexander, 4 Royal terrace
Greenhill James.. Clydesdale Bank
Greig John, 17 Arniston place
Hnldane James, c.a. 1 Grosvenor crescent
Haudyside William, 11 Claremont crescent ' piridge
Harrison Sir Geo. ll.d. Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 36 North
Hay Robert, 7 Huntly st
Henry Alexander, 10 Bellevue crescent
Herdman Robert, r.s.a. 12 Bruntsfield crescent
Howe Alexander, w.s. 17 Moray place
Huie D. R. W. secretary, Royal Bank. St. Andrew's square
Ivory William, St. Roque, Grange loan
Jack David, 1 Moston terrace
Jamieson J. T. s.s.c 15 Hanover st
Jamieson James Anldjo, w s. 6i5 Queen st
Jenner Charles, Duddingston
Johnston Sir William, Kirk hill, Gorebridge
Keir James, advocate, 7 Great Stuart st
Kinnear Lord, 2 Moray place
Kirk John, w r .s. 12 Claremont crescent
Landale Thomas, 6 Chalmers crescent
Law Robert, 31 St. Andrew square
Leekie William, 11 Carlton terrace
Lee Lord, 22 Charlotte square
Lewis David, 32 Findhorn place
Livingston Josiah, 4 Minto st
M'Candlish J. M. 27 Diumsheugri gardens
Macdonald J. H. A. Q.c, ll.d. 15 Aberc.on.by place
Macdonnell E. R. Morar
Mackenzie A. K. 19 Grosvenor crescent
Mackintosh William, advocate. 6 Randolph crescent
M'Lachlan William B. Carnanan villa, Fountainhall rd. Grange
M'Laren Lord, 26 Moray place
M'Laren David
M'Laren Duncan, Newington House
M'Laren Duncan, jun., 323 High st
Maclaren John, 6 Chamberlain*road!|
Maun William, s.s.c. 119 Princes st
Marshall Archibald, 41 Minto st
Meikle Christopher, Savings Bank, North Bank st
Miller Peter, 8 Bellevue terrace
Milne John, Trinity grove
Moir John, m.d, 52 Castle st
MonerpifT William, 46 Castle st
Moncrieff D. Scott, w s. 17 Dukest
Morham Robert, 13 Lauder road
Morton Charles. "W.s. Broadlands Lodge. Palmerston road
Muirhefld John James, Ramsay Lodge, Ramsay gardens
Murdock J. B. Greenhill Lodge
Murray T. G. 11 Randolph crescent
Napier A.J. w.s. 23 Albany st
*Nel?on William. Salisbury green
Nicolson J. B. advocate. Edinburgh
Norie Henry Hay, w.s. Union Bank, George st
Oliver J. S. 8 Greenhill park
Ormiston William, architect, 140 Princes st
Paterson David A. 49 Constitution st. Leith
Pearson Adam
Peddie James, w.s. 43 Chalmers st
Pringle James, 7 Claremont park, Leith
Reid John James, advocate, 15 Belgrave place
Richardson Robert, 16 Bruntsfield place
Roberts George, 2 Coates gardens
Robertson G. w.s. 17 Royal circus
Robertson Thomas, 17 E'ndsleigh gardens, London, N W
Rollo Hugh J. w.s. 14 Young st
Rose Hugh, 3 Hillside crescent
Skinner W. w.s. 35 George square
Smith Adam Gillies, 64 Princes st
Smith Major-General F. Nepean, 10 Eton terrace
Smith George B. s.s.c 37 Charlotte square
Smith T. Hector, National Bank of Scotland
Somerville Robert, 10 Spring gardens, Stockbridgc
Steel James, 2 Torphichen st
8yme James, British Linen Company Bank
Tawse John, w.s. 11 Royal terrace
Taylor James, Starley Hall, Burntisland
Taylor William, 8 Dick place
Thomson James G. 14 York place
Thomson Spencer C. 10 Chester st
Thomson William, 23 Great King st
Tod James, 16 Royal terrace
Turnbull Robert, 10 Mayfield terrace
Tytler George M. Keith Marischal, West Salton
Walker John, 10 Chalmers crescent
Walls John, s.s.c 33 Heriot row
Watherston William, 23 Grosvenor st
Watson James. 45 Charlotte square
Weir John, 3 Minto st
Wenley James A. 5 Drumsheugh gardens
White Robert, 4 Abercromby place
Whyte Alexander, 4 Brunton place
Wieland George B. 4 Princes st
Wilson John, 31 Drummond place
Wood William, 4 Oxford terrace
Wright John, w.s. 18 Inverleith row
Young Col. A. G. 3 Greenhill park
Young JamesR. 17 North bridge
Younger Robert, 15 Carlton terrace
Clerk — Archibald Campbell
Procurator -Fiscal — R. Bruce Johnston
Officers and Constables tlie City Officers— Daniel Mackay, James
Hunter, W. Fuller. Alexander M'Donald, H. Carter, Jas.
Coutts, and J. Fuller
One of the Justices attends daily in the Council Chamber, Royal
Exchange, at 11 o'clock, for the despatch of business
Those marked thus f have qualified.
Dated July 6, 1878.
Abercorn Duke of, K.G.
tBuccleuch Duke of, K.T.
tLothian Marquis of, K.T.
Bucban Earl of
tDalhousie Earl of, K.T.
Moray Earl of
tMorton Earl of
Rosebery Right Hon. Earl of
Rosslvn Earl of
1 Stair Earl of , K.T.
Wemyss and March Earl of
Elcho Lord
t El ph in stone Lord
Melville Viscount
Aberdour Lord
Eskdaill Lord
Hamilton Lord Claud, M.P.
Lamington Lord
tRight Hon. the Lord Justice General
Moncrieff Right Hon. Lord
Scott Lord Henry, M.P.
Reay Lord
Torphichen Lord
tDalrymple Viscount
Baird Sir David, of Newbyth, Bart.
fEaird Sir James Gardiner, of Saughton Hall, Bart.
Carmichael Sir W. Gibson, of Hailes, Bart.
tClark Sir George Douglas, of Penicuik. Bart.
tCunyngham Sir Robert K. A. Dick, of Prentonfield, Bart.
Deas Sir George, of Pittendreich, one of the senators of the
College of Justice
Dick-Lauder Sir Thomas North of Fountainhall, Bart.
Drummond Sir James H. William, of Hawthornden, Bart.
tForrest Sir John, of Comiston, Bart.
tF'Uvlis Sir James Liston, of Colinton, Bart.
tGibson-Craig Sir James H. of Riccarton, Bart.
tGillespie Sir J^hn, w.s.
tHopeSir John D. of Craig Hall, Bart.
t Johnston Sir William, of Kirkhill
Lochart Sir Simon Macdonald, of Lee, Bart.
Maitland Sir James Ramsay Gibson, of Barnton & Clifton Hall, Bt.
Maxwell Sir William, of Calderwood. Bart.
Milne Admiral Sir Alexander, Bart. G.C.B.
Murray Sir Patrick Keith, of Ravelston, Bart.
Warrender Sir George, of Lochend, Bart.
tWaucbope Sir John Don, of Edmonstone, Bart.
tAdam Steph'-n, Leith
tAnslie David, of Costerion
tAitchison, William, of Drnmore
tAlison Thomas, Bosehill, Eskbank
tAnderson Major- General J. R. CE. of Whiteburgh
tBaird William J. Gardiner, of Saughton Hall
Balfour, David, of Overgogar

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