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The Names of the NOBILITY, GENTRY, and CLERGY immediately follow this List, forming a separate one
Alphabetical order. For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, $c., see list
at end of Classification of Trades.
ABBREVIATIONS.— W.S. signifies Writer to tub Signet; S.S.C. Solicitor in the Supreme Courts; C.S. Clerk
to the Signet; N.P. Notary Public; C.A. Chartered Accountant; and C.E. Civil Engineer.
— The Initial L signifies Leitii.
ABBEY Court House and Abbey, Holyrood
David Y. session clerk, 41 Pitt st. Bonnington
David Y. lime, brick and coal agent, Leith Walk station
Abbott k Co. corn factors and commission agents, 20 Baltic st.
W. J- C. corn factor (Abbott & Co.), 36 Pilrig st
Abel, Lloyd & Co. emigration agents, 3 East Register at
Abercrombie John B. artist, 17 Torphichen st
Aberdeen, Banff & Kincardine Edinburgh. Association, 8 South
Charlotte st—W. G. L. Winchester, secretary
Heritable Securities Investment Co. Limited, 34 St. Andrew
square — William Spink, secretary
Abernethy John, spirit dealer, 10 West Richmond st ; res. 32 Hill
â–  Peter, farmer, 7 East Preston at
Abrams Henry, dealer in jewellery, precious stones. &C 2 & 4 Vic-
toria st ; res; 14 Frederick st
Academies— See Educational Directory at end of Trades List
Aeaster George, eating-house keeper, 15a Catherine at
Accident Insurance Co. Limited— /br list of Agents, see Fire, Life,
#c, Offices, in Classification of Trades
Accommodation Loan Co. 21 St.. John st— John Mackie, manager
Accountant in Bankruptcy Office, New Register House, Princes st
of the Court- of Sessions Office, New Register House, Princes st
Acton Janet, apartments, 12 Alva st
Acturial Society of Edinburgh, 9 St. Andrew aq — Wm. Evans, sec
Adair Alexander, cabinet maker, 3 Antiguast
& Co. tailors and clothiers, University House, 74 & 75 South
bridge, 32 & 33 North bridge, and 50 Princes st
David R. writer, 3a Eildon st
Hugh Wylie, aecretary to the Conservative Asaociation. 4
Hampton terrace
John, clothier (Adair & Co.). Arthur Lee, Craigmillar park
Adair John, Dunedin Temperance Hotel, 219 High
Adair Peter, S.S.C. & N.P. 1 Charlotte square
Adam Alexander, wool broker (Adam, Sons & Co.), 6 Windsor st
Alexander, registrar of births, deaths & marriages for St. An-
drew's district, 3a North St. David st ; res. 42 Drummond
Alexander, Lothian Arms, 80 South Back Canongate
- & Sang, S.S.C. 12 Howe st
& Winchester, S.S.C. 4 York buildings [Norton place
George, grocer and wine merchant, 1 Roslin st ; res. 11 South
George, trimming manufacturer (Henderson & Adam), 10
Claremont terrace
J. & A. F., W.S. & N.P. 9 South Charlotte st
J. Denovan, artist, 45 Northumberland st
James, evangelist, 9 Buccleuch place
James Bruce, drysalter (Craig and Rose), 42 Drummond place
James S. treasurer, Edinburgh Street Tramways Co. 54 North
bridge ; res. 2 Woodburn place
â–  John, wood engraver, 15 Meadow place
Margaret H. baby linen, &c. warehouse, 22 South bridge ; res.
15 South Clark st
Patrick W. a.r.s.a. artist, 12 Melville terrace
â–  Robert, city chamberlain & accountant, 1 City chambers, 10
Royal Exchange ; res. Brae Moray, Gillsland rd [st
â–  Robert S. wool broker (Adam, Sons & Co.), 11 East Claremont
, Sons & Co. wool brokers & merchants, 131 Constitution st. L
â–  Thomas, printer, 22 St. Giles st
â–  Mr. Stephen, 11 Millside crescent
William, S.S.C. (Adam & Winchester), 9 Greenhill gardena
Adams Mrs. — , dreasmaker. 31 India place
Mrs. — , temperance hotel, 21 Leith st
David B. & Co. plasterers, 9 Dairy rd
David Laird, m.a., b.d. Professor of Hebrew and Oriental
Languages in the University, Primrose Villa, Trinity
Adams Henry, ironmonger, 84 Fountain bridge
James, engineer, 92 Hillhouae field
James, dairyman, 62 Haymarket terrace
James, grocer, 188 & 190 Cowgate
James, ironmonger (R. Adams & Son), 14a Maitland st
James D. printer, 40 Kirkgate
John, architect. 15 Buccleuch place
John, plumber, 30 Nicolson st ; res. 36 Buccleuch place
John, grocer and spirit dealer, Ji ck's Lodge
Robert, bootmaker, 2a East Thomas st
Robert & Son, ironmongers, 14a Maitland st
Samuel, tea importer fClarke, Clarke & Co.), 17 Bernard terrace
Adams William, antique and general house fur-
nisher, 7 & 8 Queensferry street ; res. 13 Stafford
Adamson Alexander, wright and house agent, 62 Dean st
fe Gulland, W.S. 28 South Frederick st
Andrew, plasterer, 92 Buccleuch st ; res. 40 Mayfield rd.
David, coach proprietor, 4 Argyle place, 16 West Newington
and 19 Causeway -side ; res. Cameron House, Dalkeith rd
David, builder, Blackford terrace ; res. 42 Morningside rd
David, greengrocer, 19 Fountain bridge
J. M. managing director (Caldwell Brothers, Limited),
Balgregan, Christian bank, Trinity
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 15 King st. Leith
Jamas, baker & confectioner, 47 Lady Menzies place
James, spirit dealer, 379 & 381 Leith walk ; res. 24 Greenside
James, butter merchant (William H.Todd & Co.), 11 Gladstone
place, Leith
Jessie G. teacher of music & French, 2 Stafford st
Richard W. hosier, glover & draper, 11 Clerk st ; res. 6 War-
render Park terrace
William (G.P.O.), 25 Waverley place
William, grocer & wine merchant. 24 Admiralty st. Leith
William, designer & lithographic draughtsman, 1 St. James's
square; res. 19 Oxford st
Adcock Francis A. waste paper merchant (Gilbert Adcock & Co.),
18 Picirdy place
Adcock Gilbert & Co. wholesale waste paper mer-
chants for exportation, Catherine Street court-
See advertisement
Addle Charles, bootmaker, 109 Pleasance
Addis Thomas, inland revenue officer. 6 Rochester terrace
Addison A. plumber (J. & A. Addison), 6 Tarvit st
J. plumber (J. & A. Addison). 6 Marchmont st
J. & A. plumbers & gaslitters, 23 & 36 Wright's houses
Adie & Wedderburn, opticians, 17 Hanover st
Clementina, spirit dealer. 227 Great Junction st. Leith
Adjutant General's Office, 1 Castle terrace
Admiral & Bailie Courts, Leith
Advocates' Library, Parliament square
Widows' Fund, Advocates Library [Vincent at
Affleck George, hosier, stay maker, &c. 39 Queen st; res. 1 St.
George, spirit dealer, ?5 Broughton st ; res. 2 St. James st
James O. M.D, surgeon, 38 Hcriot row
Jessie, milliner, 39 Queen st ; res. 1 St. Vincent st
â–  John, dairyman, 124 Salamander st. Leith
John, dairyman, Montgomery st
William, hatter, 101 Pleasance
William, dairy, 5 Montague st
Agen James, fishmonger, 75 East Crosscauaeway
Agnew Stair, registrar general of Scotland, 22 Buckingham terrace
Agra Bank Limited (Branch), 17 St. Andrew square—Robert
Hunter, manager
Agricultural Savings and Loan Co (of London, Ontario), 60 Princes
st— Thomas Miller & Sons, agents

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