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Harper A. & J. 16 & 37 Heurietta st
Linn William & Son, 292 Argylo st. and 79
John st. Bridgeton
M'Lean John, -T North Albion st
M'Lelland & Dickson, city cabinet makers,
65 Kennedy st. Port Dundas
O'Neill William, 5 Thistle St. Hutchesontown
Piukerton Robert, 10 George st
Stratford &■ 'Wark (caae.'Windsor
office, &, library cbairs), Steam
Factory, 108 3'olinst
Stratford Benjamin, 194 Main st. Gorbals
See under the head Accountants.
Allan A. & J. 108 & 114 Candleriggs, and 16
^Canon st
Allan John & Co. 31 Wilson st
Baillie James & Sons, 51 Ingram st. East
Buchanan Joshua & Son, 71 and 73 Candle-
Clements Andrew, Bazaar, Candleriggs
Dnnlop Robert & Co. 47 & 49 Erunswick at
Fulton & Weir, 60 and 62 Wilson st
Fulton James & Co, 47 Argyle st
Gall Jamea, 123 Candleriggs
Gillespie Hugh, 47 Glassford st
Houston & Brown, 22 Ropework lane
Houston Brothers, 13 Ingram st. lilast
M'Lean Duncan, 29 <St 31 Wilson st
Naismyth J. t'e Co. 106 Candleriggs
Nicol Adam, 140 Main st. Bridgeton
Osborne A. & R.12 & 14 Wilson st
Osborne Alexander, 45 Candleriggs
Osborne Hugh & Co. 60 Candleriggs
Osborne Robert & Sons, 109 Candleriggs
Paton James, 9 and 11 Wilson st
Pollock John & James, 59 & 61 Candleriggs
Sinclair James & Co. 61 Oswald st
Veitch.Bolden & Co. 74 Trongate
Young J. & W. 74 Trongate
Young Robert, 257 Argyle at
Sonlton &. Co. (makers of stone-
xrsLTG vessels to resist the
stronirest acids— medals at all
tlie cblef exhibitions) , Iiambeth,
Xiondon, S.E.
Clark John, 2 Westfleld ten-ace
Machattie A. T. 18 West Regent st
Sieburg T. C. 118 West st. Southsido
Smith Richard, 114 West st. South side— See
WaUace, Tatlock & Clark, 140 Bath st
Wallace WilUam, 188 Bath st
(See also Brnggrst^ — Wholesale.)
Acton Aubrey, 237 Main st. Bridgeton
Adam Thomas, 440 St. Vincent st
Anderson James W.601 Duke st.Dennistonn
Barker John, 15 Main st. Gorbals
Barrett William H. 305 New City rd
Barrie John, 107 Eglinton st.
Beattie George, 109 Rotten row
Bow Mav, 141 Garngad rd
Bray William, 3 it 4 Sedan place. Paisley rd
Broilie Robert, 253 Crown st. Gorbals
Brown Brothers & Co. 110 & 112 Trongate
Brnce Charles F. 861 Duke st
Buchanan James, 469 West St. Vincent st. A
Buchanan James, 48 Parliamentary rd
Buchanan Robert, 6 Wellington arcade
Buchauan Thomas, 14 Dumbarton Old rd
Buchanan Thomas D. 222 Dumbarton rd
Campbell James. 127 Main St. A
OampbeU John, jun. 39 Hutcheson St. and
83 Stobcross st. Anderston
Carr William. 180 Cumberland st
Chalmers WiiUam, 12 Glassford st
Christie Jobu, 1 13 Stobcross st
Christie John, 356 Dumbarton rd
Chalmers William, 23 Queen st
Clark Joseph, 132 London st. &133Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Clark Simon P. 230 Maiu st. Auderston, and
410 & 48 Rutherglen rd [Parson at
Clews Alexander, 49 Glebe st. and 69& 71a
Cluckie N. G. 230 IMain st. Anderston
Gouper Robert, 176 Castle st
Cowan Robert, 379 Gallowgate
Ci'oslier Josepb (& herbalist), 53 Green st. C
Cucrie John, 311 Saucbiehall st. and 298
Dumbarton rd
Currie John, 84 Eglinton st. 64 Crown st. &
4 Eglinton terrace, Orosshill
Davison Thomas. 126 Buchanan st
Dick James, 10 London dt
Dickie James, 19 Struau terrace, Victoria rd.
and 7 Hampden place. Mount Florida
poran Robert, 37(5 Argyle st. & 140 NewCityrd
Duncan Joseph, 34 Gibson st. Hillhead
Dunlop John, 118 Stobcross st
Epps James & Co. {London), Morrison's
coui"t, 108 Argyle st — G. Wright, agent
Fairlie James W^. (<&, unfermepted
wine manufacturer), 17 St.
Oeorgre's rd — See advertisement
Pairlie John E. 569 Gallowgate
Fenwick John, 17 Bute terrace,Queen's park,
and 4 Doon terrace, Partick
Fenwick William, 17 Bute ter. Strathbungo
Fleming John, 23 Howard st
Flint Charles B. Albi<ju place, Partick .
Findlay William, 67 George et
Forman A. M. 311 High st
Foster & Murdoch, 57 Eglinton st
Frazer & Green, 113 Buchanan st.SOS Sauch-
iehall st. and 1 Belmont pi. Gt. Western rd
Galbraith Walter S. 7 Caprera pi. Paisley rd
Garry George, 82 Elderslie st. Anderston
Glasgow Apothecaries' Co. (and wholesale),
82 and 34 Virginia st — Robert M'Adam,
manager; branches, 71 St. Vincent st—
W. Wallace, manager; and 401 Sauchiehall
st — Alexander Rose, manager
Glasgow New Apothecaries' Co. 57 and 69
Glassford st
Gorbals Apothecaries' Co. 98 Main st. G
Halley Alexander, 2 Cathedral st
Halley J. B. 12 Dumbarton rd [park
Hamilton Brothers, 249 Saracen st. Possil
Hardie John. 328 and 354 Argyle st
narrower Peter, 136 Cowcaddens st
Hart Hugh, 567 Duke st. Dennlstoun
Hart Thomas, 8 Kensington ter. Paisley rd
Hatrick W. & R. & Co. (wholesale & export),
7 and 9 Bothwell circus
Henderson Alexander, 471 Dumbarton rd. P
Henderson John, 104 Cathedral st
Henderson John, 125 Gairbraid st. Maryhill
Hill James, 288 Argyle st [st
Huggins & Co. (homo5pathic),289'SauchiehaU
Hunter John C. 99 Great Western rd
Jaap 7olin, (p'-armiceutit-al chemis', ^
manufacturer of quintessences from spices),
268 Buchanan st — See advertisement
Jack John, 24 Stobcross st. Anderston
Jamieson Alexander, 81 Gilmour st. and 381
Govau St. Hutchesoutowu
Johnston Alexander E. 33S St. Vincent st
Johnston Robert, 212 New City td
Johnston Robert, 353 Garscube rd
Johnston Robert E. 1 Minerva st
Joues Thomas D. 29 Eglinton ter. Crosshill
Kennedy William, 59 Trongate, and 1 Can-
ning St. Calton
Kinninmont Alesauder, 69 South
Portland st. &, 2,Z Bridgre st
Kirk James, 405 Gallowgate
Lambie Hugh, 83 Stirling rd
Lawrie James, 270 Garscube rd
LaM'rie Robert, 150 Govan rd. Govan
Leiper Alexander, 101 Parliamentary rd
Lochhead James, 32 Elderslie st
Lockhart John, 154 Main st. Maryhill
Logan Archil)ald, 184 Main st, Anderston
M'Anarney John, 104 Abercromby st
Macarthur C. B. 52 Dumbarton rd. A
Maccanu James, 50 and 52 Scotia st
M'Connocbie .James, 1S.S>^ Cowcaddens st
M'Couuochio James, 42*3 Argyle st
M'Conville .John, 12 Dumbarton rd, A
M'Donald Marion, 136 London rd. B
M'Farlane Hugh, 149 Gloucester st. K
M'Farlane James, 70 Caledonia rd
M'Farlane PatricI;, 70 Great Western rd
M'Devitt Philip, 16 Rutberglen rd
M'Donald Hugh S. 51 Lnndon st
M'Donald Rubert, 150 Trongate
Mathie John, 49 Stevenson st. Calton
M'Laren John, 177 Stirling rd ; house, 108
Montrose st
M'Leod Thomas, 154 BroomJelaw st
M'BIillan John, 17 Great Western rd. & 8
Buckingham buildings, Hutchesontown
M'Millan Thomas, 332 Nuneaton st. B
M'Neill M. Y. 4 AbLTcromby st
M'Rae Alexander, Crossmyloof
Martin Ann, 25 Rutberglen rd
Medical Hall, 118 Woodland rd
Miller Alexander, 14 London rd. Bridgeton
Miller John, 689 Gallowgate
Miller Matthew, 183 Castle st
Moflfat Thomas D. 3 Union st
Moir James, 365 Crown st. Gorbals
Montgomery Mrs. J. 121 Dumbarton rd
Muir A. M. 79 Reid st. Bridgeton
Muir William, 164 James st. Bridgeton
Muir William L. 686 Gallowgate
Murdoch Brothers, 249 Sauchiehall st
Murdoch James H. 357 Paisley rd
Murdoch John & Co. 225 SauciiiehaU st
New Apothecaries' Co. 59 Glassford st
Nicol Jobn, 4 Dowanhill place, Partick
Nivan Jobn, 317 Paisley rd
Paterson Archihald, 358 Govan rd. Govan, &
6 Camden place, Govan rd
Paterson Robert, 556 St. Vincent st
Paul A. & A. 598b & 712 Gallowgate
Pearson Archibald, 5 Park Grove placet
Paisley rd
Pettigrew John W. 145 St. Goorge's rd. 2
West Princes st. & 413 New City rd
Pinkerton John S. 248 London rd. B
Porter Michael R. 95 Main st. Bridgeton
Pottage John C. (homceopatluc), 134
Buchauan st
Purdie James, Albion place, Partick
Rait Robert 0. 332 & 126 Dumbai-ton rd. P
Reid Hugh, 423 Argyle st
Reid Wilham L.258 Dumbarton rd
Richmond Thomas, 387 New City rd
Robertson Andrew M. 2 Washington fit. A
Rodman John & Robert, 287 Duke st
Shannon John, 148 Gallowgate
Shearer Brothers. 156 New City rd
Sloan Archibald, 155 Garscube rd
Skinner John, 178 Govou rd. Govan
Smellie James, 198 Duke st [well %i
Smith George, 112 Renfield st. & 163 Stock-
Smith James, 526 Springburn rd
Smith Robert F. Gordon pi. Dumbarton rd.P
Speirs John, 4 Elderslie st. Anderston
Steele John C.4 Harmony pi. Cathcart rd
Talbot Andrew, 5 Victoria ter. Crosshill
Taylor Brothers, 74 Nelson st. Tradeston
Taylor Hugh C. 104 Crown st
Taylor William, 85 Paisley rd
Tennant Thomas H. 11 West Milton st
Thomson "William, 105 Great
■Western rd
Turner Hugh, 483 Gallowgate
Twaddle Robert, 34 Maitland st. & 149 Gah--
braid st. Maryhill
Walker David P. 112 New City rd
Weir William, 12 Bridgeton cross
White J. & J. 471 Paisley rd. & IS Morrison
st. Kingston
White James W. 119 Govan rd. Govan
Whitelaw James, 364 St. George's rd
Wyllie Andrew. 287 High st
Young David, 70 Great Eastern rd
Young William, 274 Great Eastern rd
Alum & Ammonia Co. Limited. West st. T
Barbour Oliver R. 3 Canning st. Calton
Ban- William & Co. 2 Miller st
Brown Matthew 0. manure and
animal charcoal manufacturer] t
28 Sta Bnoch square, and Carn-
tyne Chemical Vi''orks, Park-
head— Price li^f forwarded on
Campbell Alexander, jun. & Co. 83 Pitt at
Campbell & Cameron, Parkhead Chemical
Works, Parkhead
Campbell &. Co. (iron and red
liquor, B.S. lead, wood charcoal,
and naptha), 17 John st. and ft7
Cochrane st
Cantrell & Cochrane (Dublin & Belfast}, 147
Stockweil st— J. J. Anderson, agent— See
Chadwick H. 83 West st. Tradeston
Chapelside Chemical CQ.Chapelside, Maryhill
Chapman, Gavin, & Co. (indigo extract;, 42
North Wallace st
Cochrane & Cox, Firhill Chemical Works,
Cross Alexander & Son, Hope st. & 20 Canal
bank, Port Dundas
Cuthbertson Jobu Neilson(brokerJ,29 Bath st
Eglinton Chemical Co. 31 St. Vincent place
— W. J. A. Donald, secretary
Fairlie James M. (unfermented wine), 17 St.
George's rd — See advertisement
Faulds James & Co. 48 French st. B
Fleming Jobn, 23 Howard st
Frew John & Co. Slid wharf
Galloway & Co. PoUokshaws

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