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platers I
United Kingdom Temperance& Provident Assur-
ance Office, 46 Reform st
'Ure Alexander, agent, 29 Cowgate
Ure George, wine merchant (Dalgalrns&Co.); house,
Rose bank
Ure Win. brewer and maltster, Hawkhill Brewery,
185 Hawkhill
Urquhart Alexander, hair dresser, 220 Overgate
Urquhart Ann, milliner, 85 Hilltown
Urquhart William, sheriff clerk depute, Sheriff Court,
Constitution road*
Urquhart William & Sons, nurserymen, 16 Nethergate
VALENTINE David, quarry master, Iuvergowrie quarry
Valentine James, lithographic printer, engraver, whole-
sale and retail stationer, envelope and account-book
manufacturer, and photographic artist, 23 High st;
house, 146 Perth road
Vass John, spirit dealer, 107 Bucklemaker wynd
Vass John, potato dealer, 49 Dock st
Victoria Life Assurance Office, 13 Castle st
"Victoria Model Lodging. House, 97 Overgate
"Virtue James S. bookseller and stationer, 2 High st
WAGNER Thomas, blacksmith, Bell st
Waldie John, manager, Isle's lane
Walker & Gloag, writers, 19 High st {Ferry
Walker Daniel, sub-inspector of factories, Broughty-
Walker David, lodging house, 38 Castle st
Walker George, furniture broker, 27 Rose bank
Walker James, commission agent, 31 Reform st
Walker James, corn mei chant, 17 Duck st
Walker James, tailor, 73 High st
Walker James, flax dresser, Park entry
Walker James 8f Harry, merchants,13 Murravgate
Walker John, confectioner, Wilkie's lane, Hawkhill
Walker John, coal merchant, Cowden knowes
Walker John, tailor, Park wynd, Hawkhill
Walker Mis. &f Misses — , boarding school, 31 Tay st
Walker Peter, tailor, Ramsay st
Walker Robert, piovision dealer, 53 King st
Walker Thomas, writer, 116 Seagate
Walker Win., timber merchant, Trades lane
Walker Wm., furniture broker, 107 Hilltown
Wallace Alexr.. teacher of music, 19 Hiah st
Wallace § Forbes, iron and steel merchants,and whole-
sale dealers in smiths' coals, bellows, anvils, vices,
grindstones, and patent India rubber belting, Mea-
Wallace James, Wright, 7 William st, Scouriugburn
Wallace John, iron merchant, (Wallace &. Forbes)—
house, 10 Somerviile place
Wallace John & Alexander, flax dressers, Wishait
court, Coweate
*ViUace William, merchant, 16 Tra.Ies lane
'■ • ills Bernard, grocer, Lily bank
W Yden Alexr. J. accountant, 31 Meadow side
n-den Andrew.spirit maker, Union st, M.ixwelltown
Waidrobe Elizabeth, fruiterer, 18 Wellgate
Warner Andrew, George Hotel, 8 Castle st
Waruock Eliza, clothier, 15 Green market
Warren (iye, professor of music, 41 Reform st
Warren Joseph, piano-forte tuner, 41 Reform St
Water Company's Office, Ward st
Watson Catherine, lodging house, 15 Bell st
Watson David, shopkeeper, 52 Princes st
Watson Ebenezer, spirit dealer, 12 Black's croft ^
Watsou Isabella, milliner, 44 High st
Watson James, tailor, 9 Hilltown
Watson James, spirit merchant, 76 Seagate
Watson James, stone cutter, Ward road
Watson James, hoot and shoe maker, 44 Westport
Watson John, librarian, Watt Institution, 17 North
Lindsay street
Watson John, gun maker, 114 Murravgate
Watson John, blacksmith, 42 Con-table st
Watson John, ironmonger, 21 High st
Watson John, market gardener, Blackness r
Watson John, shopkeeper, 21 Fleuchar ciaig
Watson John, tobacco manufacturer, 17 Murraygate
Watson Margaret, milliner, 44 Seagate
Watson Mary, milliner, 59 Perth road
Watson Patrick, silk mercer and ship_ owner, and trea-
surer to the Industrial School Society, 66 High at—
house, 162 Nethergate
Watson Peter, flax spinners, 16 St. Andrew st
Watson Robert B. shipmaster, 6 Victoria square
Watson Thomas, cabinet maker, 162 Perth road
Watson William, shopkeeper, 32 Smithfield
Watson William, watchmaker, 5 Castle st
Watson William N., teacher of music, 31 Reform st
Watt & Stewart, sail cloth manufacturers, 48 Lower
pleasance [Charles Roger, librarian
Watt Institution Library, 17 North Lindsay st—
Watt James, ship broker, 101 Scouriugburn
Watt James, junr. merchant, 13 Dock st
Watt Robert, hairdresser, 71 King st
Watt Thomas, furniture broker, 14 Hunter st
Wear Francis, shopkeeper, 165 Hilltown
Wears John, vintner, 14 Fish st
Webster Alexr. physician, 10 Shore terrace
Webster David, coal merchant, 228 Hilltown
Webster Geo.sheriff clerk, Sheriff conrt,Conslitution id
Webster James, brickmaker. Dudhope brickyard
Webster James, coal meichant, Scouriugburn
Webster James, furnituie broker, 20 Lower pleasance
Webster James, saddler, 14 & 37 Castle st
Webster Jane, milliner, 72 Black's croft
Webster Margaret, tobacconist, 111 Nethergate
Webster Robert, merchant, 40 Castie st
Webster William, agent, 29 Cowgate
Webster William, dairyman; Well road
Weekly News Newspaper Office, New Inn entry,
High st
Wehrle Daniel, clock maker, 36 Union st
Welch 8f Jack, ship cliandlers and ship agents, and
general merchants, 45 Dock st
Welch George, agent to the Tay Whale Fishing Com-
pany, Whale lane
Wellgate Mission School, Dudhope st
Wesley an and General AssuRANC£OrFiCE,46Well~
West of England Insurance Office., Royal Ex-
change buildings
West Robert, hay, salt and coal dealer, and public
weit'h house, Green market
Westminster Assurance Office, 31 Meadow side
Westwood & Third, cabinet makers, 77 Nethergate
Westwood Christina, grocer, 6 Scouriugburn
Westwood John, teacher of music, Dudhope crescent
Westwood Jos. cabinet maker, Long wynd, Nethergate
Whamond Alexr. china dealer, 54 Blackness road
Wheaten Bread Society, 8 Brown st
White Elizabeth, lodging house, 20 Reform st
White James, shipbroker, Tay port _
White John, spirit dealer, 4 Hawkhill
White John, ship broker, Tay port
White William, grocer, 8 William st
White William, 2 Fleuchar craig
Whitehurst Francis, furnituie broker, 36 Tay st
Whitlaw James, woollen draper, 36 Reform st
Whitlaw James, tailor, 16 Lowden's lane, Hawkhill
Whitney John, fruiterer, 120 Overgate
Whitton Alex, furnishing warehouse, 177 Hilltown
Whitton Alexander, flesher, 107 Perth road
Whitton David, wright, 15 Princes st. ty- Constable st
Whition Elizabeth, lodging house, 4 South Tay st
Whitton Francis, contracting carter, 71 Bell st
Whitton Francis, b acksmith & machine maker, Hen-
derson's wynd, West port, house, Moucur's land,
Whitton George, brewer, 26 King st
Whitton James, lath render, Bellst
Whitton Jamesjgoods manager, for the Dundee &Perth
Railwav Co. 123 Morgan's bldgs. Nethergate
Whittbn John, sail cloth maKufactuier, 35 Hill town
Whitton John H. C. 185 Scourinaburn
WhittonThomas, spirit dealer, 158 Hawk hill
Whitton William, vintner,80 Overgate
Whvte Alexander, furniture broker, 79 Overgate
Whyte & Clark, cabinetmakers, Long wyud, Nethergate
Whvte George D. wiight, Ward road
Whyte Thomas, spirit dealer, 26 Wellgate
Whyte William, baker, 31 Constitution road
Whymck & Sons, watch makers, silversmiths ana
jewellers, 46 High st and 108 Overgate
Whytock George, watchmaker (Whytock & Sons),
house, 3 Victoria st
Whvtock John, watch maker (, Whytock # Sous), house,
4 "Wellington st

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